Saturday 11 December 2021

Short days and Twinkly Lights

Hello Lovelies, 
I do hope you have had a good week with not too many worries and lots of happy moments. We have started to receive a few Christmas cards. They are all really nice but this one stood out to me as I adore all the detail and humour

It's sold in support of the British Hedgehog preservation society too....perfect.

 We haven't had any more snow or much frost this week. It's been largely grey and often rainy. Nevertheless I've been doing well with my walking and haven't missed a day. This weeks walks range from 1 to 6 miles. Yesterday I did 4 miles on a lovely sunny afternoon.

It's all local paths I'm very familiar with but the light changes with the seasons and when the trees loose their leaves.

The cold weather encourages the birds to come straight down for the food I leave too. This always makes me smile.

As of today I have 46 miles left to reach my 800 outdoor miles goal for 2021. It's not the 1000 miles I easily reached last year but I'm still counting it as a win. 
 Life is much busier this year.

 I'm very happy youngest is now working from home for a while as I'm not that keen on driving after sunset on unlit roads these days. Plus taking him to work and fetching him home every day was costing a small fortune in petrol and eating even more into my outdoor time.
Though I must add I'm super proud of the way he has quickly adapted to the world of work.

Yesterday was Christmas jumper day in the UK, did you join in? These days it's Christmas jumper day for the whole month of December for me. We have 3 jumpers the boys had for wearing at school on Christmas jumper days. They still try and squeeze in them if one is required for work but I wear them daily as they are a nice loose fit on me and so cosy 😊

I think it's fair to say I'm not into fashion and  there's no fast fashion in this house. The boys even buy second hand clothing on occasion, frequenting vintage and retro shops. Something I never did in my late teens, early twenties

By 3pm yesterday the moon was clearly visible, as the sun, which never got very far above the horizon, was rapidly descending.

This was 3.20pm

And as I heard the school bell ring for the end of the day at the boys old school, the sun set at 3.30pm. 

As we are quite close to the school I have our Christmas lights on a timer so they are illuminated for both school runs. Yesterday, as I didn't have to take youngest to work, I was around to hear a little one saying this is his favourite window...Yesss....that made my day 😊

Indoors we have reached maximum Christmasification too. I love walking under this garland.

As always it's full of all my red and white makes. Like these Scotty dogs....Pattern HERE

And Lucy's snowflakes.....Pattern HERE

Today, as usual on a winter's Saturday, I did some baking. Using up some more of my mincemeat.

These days I use THIS recipe for the works well for me. 

I've already eaten two, with some squirty cream, they were yummy! I don't feel too guilty as I tend to only eat homemade ones at home and this year, as I'm not really going visiting friends, or to cafes at the moment, I haven't had any bought ones at all.

Thank goodness I'm happy at home, now more than ever.

Wishing you a happy rest of the weekend lovelies and some quiet moments to notice the sunset and the twinkly lights next week.

Jacquie x


  1. Your room and tree look lovely. I have been making Lucy's snowflakes too. Ilove the little doves on top of your mince pies!

  2. Everything looks very pretty at your house, the fireplace is quite spectacular!

  3. I just love your Christmas tree! Full of joy!! The cakes looks just yummy :)
    Have a great sunday and take care...

  4. I had forgotten how much I enjoy visiting your blog, lovely pics , xxx

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed visiting again Jacquie 🎄❤ May you all enjoy a fabulous festive time xoxox

  6. You sound so happy and it all looks so happy. Well done on reaching such a hilltop Nivarna. When you stop work you realise how much stress you carry around each and every day even when you keep going and think you are doing well. You deserve to enjoy it all. Jo x

  7. Your home is looking wonderfully festive in red and white with all the things you have made over the years.
    That hedgehog card is adorable :)

  8. We finally broke up from school and I can at last start to get into the Christmas Spirit, I love your decorations, and now we are past the Winter Solstice we can look forward to longer days. xxx

  9. Hello Iacquie, your Christmas house is very beautiful, really cozy. I live in northern Italy I am 55 years old but I have no children, only a cat and a husband. And I also have a blog being a lover of crochet, knitting, embroidery, photography, but in the past I have also painted on porcelain.
    I really enjoyed your blog and will come to see you again. good 2022, see you soon

  10. Come back Bunny Mummy ... You are missed!!

  11. I enjoyed your post.

    This is my first visit (I got here via "Between the Gateposts"), and am worried about you because you stopped blogging suddenly although blogging seemed to mean a lot to you. I live in Oregon, USA, but my two best friends live in England, one in Manchester and the other in Grimsby.

  12. I'm so sorry if this comment is a repeat, but I couldn't tell if my original one went through. This is my first visit (I came via "Between the Gateposts"), and am worried about you because you suddenly stopped blogging despite the fact that blogging seemed important to you. I live in Oregon, USA, but have two good friends in England, one in Manchester and the other in Grimsby.


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