Monday 12 April 2010

Weekend happenings

Hello ,
Hope you had a good weekend .The weather was kind here ,and on Friday, we finally got round to planting some veg....

Also potatoes and beetroot.

When we had finished we came inside to find Mr postie had delivered a parcel gorgeous new Russian Doll keyring I ordered from Ruby Red's tiny shop.It's so adorable ...much too nice to be stuck inside my I've attached it to the outside instead.How lovely is this ?

Loving the weather on Saturday too....Flinging open the windows and getting out in the sunshine.....

Bunnies soaking up the rays...

lung wort,such a pretty plant ,shame about the name....

Osteospermum already looking lovely ....

and bleeding heart getting bigger....

I also got out and about on this.....

My trusty old bike.I bought this new in 1990 so we've got a long history together now .I still love this classic style , her lovely blue colour and white wall tyres.Here's what it says on the frame....


Those were the days!!!! Last year she had a new gel saddle cover(for added comfort!)and a new wire basket but I'm now thinking I should have gone with wicker.

Sunday was definitely cooler so some more crochet was in order.This is the second side of my mini hexagon cushion on the right. ...

It's slightly darker than the first side so I can ring the changes.It's actually my second attempt at this.The first did NOT go well ...

Pitty I got this far before I decided I couldn't live with it !!!I think it's the baby blue and pink together that spoils it for me.I don't like the ordered design either ,though I really thought it would work.Does this happen to other people too ?
An idea you think will be stunning turns out all wrong .Arrrgh!

Today I have been playing around making these adorable flowers...

I found this pattern here via Crochet pattern central,which is a great source of version has the last round left off as I felt they were big enough without it.
I'm thinking these will make great teacher presents...No that's a bit scaryly organised for me !! I will need 6or 7 for teachers,helpers etc.Luckily they fun to do.I'm planning to add a fabric covered button in the centre and a pin on the back ..

By the way I haven't forgotten about my offer to post my mini hexagon pattern...should be later this week :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Your Bicycle is wonderful ((off to Ebay)) I'm also loving your floral pins as a gift for the Teachers. We went to see Nanny McPhee on the first Saturday of our Easter Break. It was fabulous...I was giggling like a Child from start to end. Looking forward to your Hexagon Tutorial. Andie xx.

  2. LOVE the bag AND the keyring! Both so pretty. Cx

  3. Oohh I love everything about this post!
    Your floral brooches are gorgeous! I'm sure the teachers would love them!
    Love your colourful crochet bag. The little Russian doll looks quite happy nesting there!Your cushion is coming along nicely too!
    Your plants are so pretty, you've been a busy little bee!
    Rachel x

  4. Hi Jacquie - I stumbled upon your blog the other day and have been enjoying reading your posts and seeing the goodies you crochet - I LOVE the deisgn of the squares in your crochet blanket from your very first post and wondered if you'd mind sharing the pattern? I've made a couple of blankets with the standard granny square but I'm about to start a new one and I'd love to use that lovely more flowery pattern. (My crochet skill are *definately* not up to deductive pattern assesment!!)

  5. What a fantastic little crochet bag ~ I love it! Did you make it yourself? Also love that little hexagon too :O) x

  6. I love the flowers girly they are beautiful. So glad you were able to take full advantage of the weather and get some gardening in. Don't you just love bright weekends when you can be outside but also appreciate all the colours of your crochet efforts as the sunshine shows them off?
    P.S I have design setbacks all the time, so glad I am learning more and more every day xxxx

  7. lovely blog - you share my love of crochet and flowers!

  8. I have been admiring the wonderful crochet on your blog - I am a beginner and have just made a dangly bird!

  9. Hi!

    I love crochet!
    I love your bike with the basket, I just got a wicker basket myself and love it!

    I'm your newest follower!

    come by and see me too sometime...I have two blogs...

    creative carmelina was here!

  10. I loooooove your bike. I used to have one like that. A few years ago my husband and I got 10 speeds and I just can't get into it. I like my brakes on the pedals and I don't even want to think about messing with gears. My next bike will be back to this style if I can find it but that won't be for a looooong time. We keep our bikes in the garage so they stay in good shape and don't get rusty.


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