Friday 8 October 2010

Joining the Circles

Hello , hope your Friday wasn't too hectic.

My day was bliss. No clock watching except for the school runs.

No trailing round the supermarket. Just a friendly Sainsbury's man dropping my shopping off .

I even found motivation to go for a run, then it was crochet ,crochet ,crochet for the rest of the day. I don't know about you but I like my own company some days . After being sociable all week at work I was so ready for some peace and solitude.

Reading back yesterdays post I had to smile about my Housework comment. Anyone who visits our home knows it is far from a show home. Do you want to see.....

Every thing in here is pretty old. I can't lie , I would love to replace all this , but for now it's livable and I'm not too stressed when something else gets spilt . As I type 4 boys (my 3 plus a friend) are playing a pretty rough game in here, nothing nasty ,just you know, how boys play .
I guess there will be time, to have a neater, newly furnished home in the future :0)

Any way back to something prettier.Did you spot my crochet on the rug?.....

Twenty squares were finished by lunchtime, Here is my creative space, and where I blog. It's in the dining part of our lounge diner and I like that it's not tucked away, but easy to supervise boys games!...........

In the afternoon I finished my first ball of white, you were right Victoria , it does use more than you think. I'm also thinking I'll need more circles too.
I got the dull weather I had wished for , which made it hard to take decent photos !
Here's my afternoon snack, A cup of tea and a toasted teacake, yummy .....

And here is where I'm up to right now.........

40 squares, I think it's looking pretty good so far.Hopefully I'll manage to add a few more over the weekend.
Have a good one.
Jacquie x


  1. Your blanket is going to be so beautiful when it's finished - so lovely and colourful. And, yes, my house isn't exactly ideal home either - no point even trying with small children!! One day, in my dreams, I'm going to have a house like Yvestown's!

  2. looking good! i was silly and only brought a few balls of cream colour...ran out and will now have to travel 2 hours and HOPE they have more. i love these blankets!!

  3. Lucky you, I am so glad you have enjoyed your day, it sounded perfect. I think your room looks really cosy. x

  4. Yes, I agree that everything looks comfy and cosy and the blanket is looking just fine.

  5. Sounds like you had sparks coming of that hook :)
    it looks great
    Cate x

  6. Such a beeootiful looking blanket already and you haven't even finished it.

  7. It is looking beautiful! x

  8. Oh Jacquie, I LOVE that blanket! My favourite so far and you know how much I loved the last one! I also love your sitting room. I can imagine you sitting there, all cosy in the winter, with the fire on and crochet in hand. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  9. Hey who needs a show house, comfort is what you need and your home looks very inviting. enjoy your weekend. Amanda.....x

  10. Your house is lovely and comfy and looks very welcoming which is what homes are all about I think. Your crochet work is gorgeous. Love the colours and look forward to seeing more.

  11. Your house looks lovely, stop worrying, as you say, there are years in the future when you can get different 'posh' stuff, enjoy all the scuff marks and chips, you'll miss them like crazy when the boys 'grow up'.

    I am just trying to put Josie's blanket together, boy it is taking me ages!!

  12. Comfort and homeliness win everytime for me!
    Your crochet looks lush.
    Em xxx

  13. Your crochet looks great!!! And your house looks exactly as a home should look!!!

  14. Your blanket is looking amazing, can't wait to see it finished.

  15. Blanket is looking great!Very jealous! Its so colourful!

  16. Gorgeous blanket! Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog (I did notice before but your blog address didn't come up when I clicked on your icon, found you through a different blog!!), love your blog and will be coming back to visit soon! :) x

  17. blanket looks fabulous - i SO want to have a go myself. And I would be very happy to curl up in that chair and natter the the afternoon away over a pot or two of tea, anytime!! X

  18. Love the look of your blanket and can see only more inspiration as it grows

  19. Hello Jaquie,
    Your house is a "HOME" very cosy and soo beautiful with all the memories you've had there...I love old houses and old furniture, very charming :)
    and your blanket is wonderful, really...
    I used 5 balls of white while doing mine (145x100cm) so yes, it takes a lot of white!!

  20. Hello Jacquie,
    Your crocheting is wonderful. So colourful.Its coming along really nicely.
    Your home is lovely too, so cozy. I love sitting by the fire.
    Love to you

  21. I LOVE this post. My whole house needs 'modernising' I will say this but really want it 'vintagised' (make my own word up there!!!) but I have 3 boys who as you know 'play' in a never very neat way. Your lounge is spotless, I must say I am a mini bit jealous. I am so glad you got to have your crochet time it sounds heavenly. Now my husband is not going to work this week I plan on at least getting some me time in.
    I am loving your blanket. I love this style of blanket they are gorgeous, yours looks wonderful draped over your chair with your Union Jack bag(which I am also loving)
    Hope you had a fabulous weekend
    Emma xxx

  22. Your home looks so cozy. I would love to sit in the chair by the fireplace. Your afghan is very pretty.


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