Monday 4 October 2010

Squashes, Piles and Pies

Ummm, that's about the weirdest post title I've come up with so far!

Hope your week has got off to a good start. I've got loads I want to share ,again, but not much time so I'll get on with it ,shall I ?

The squashes in the title of this post is actually one squash, this one....

Picked up with my shopping , I think it looks lovely with the sunflowers rescued from our rainy garden..........

Here's a close up of the sunflower, got to love these too .......

Next to piles......piles of brightly coloured circles.........

I've got 120 now. I've been making them in groups of three similar colours over the weekend. Meet Blues and purples.....

Orange and greens..........


Yellows and greens.....

and my personal favourite Pinks and turquoise.........

I'm thinking I may have made enough now, no maths involved , just guess work :0)

I want to add a wide border like I did for this smaller blanket I made earlier this year.....

This is my favourite thing of all time that I have made,it's inspired by Lucy at Attic 24.

As you can see from the picture it's not big enough to cover our bed , I wish it was. So these lovely piles are destined to become a double bed sized blanket.
I've used brighter colours this time and I'm planning to join them with white.....

Now quickly onto the pies. Another misleading title, as there are no pies yet !
Just several jars of this .......

Homemade mincemeat. I followed this recipe . It was very simple, the boys did a lot of the work.......

I'm hopeing it makes some great pies when the time comes. Maybe it will become a BM household tradition. Speaking of the Festive season, I've also joined my first swap !
Yes Hooking with La La's secret santa swap was just too tempting.......

Have a great week, speak again soon .
Jacquie x


  1. MMmmm can smell the cognac,
    The blankie is lovely, I have 4inch done of mine and that's taken weeks :)
    Cate x

  2. Love your blanket. I am umming and ahhing about my new one that I have just started as I am a bit unsure of it but I really love yours. I am doing an autumn one - i wasnt going to have a border at first - now I am thinking a yellow border. hmmm... need to think. x

  3. Ah ha thats what the children are for, excellent. I adore the blanket, can't wait for the spotty one.

  4. The blanket is amazing, I must get to it and at least start one. I am looking forward to seeing how your new one grows from that pile.
    Kandi x

  5. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket. The colours are beeeooootiful!

  6. I'm loving the blanket! It is my resolution to crochet a double sized blanket next year. xx

  7. Lots of work ahead but it will all be worthwhile. It's so fun in the interim being able to whip up the little circles.

  8. Lovely blanket and you've just inspired me to make the mincemeat. Just finished making chutney, so sounds like a good idea to do next. Thanks for passing on the recipe.

  9. Loving the blanket and all the circles, I'm still struggling along with my ripple blanket,it's not growing very fast I keep getting side tracked. I to have joined la la's santa swap, my first swap how exciting!!x

  10. ooooo I have basically put all these ingredients together(apart from the apple) and they are sitting in a bowl right now lol! Was thinking of making my own mincemeat but with only my eldest and me liking it, it didn't seem worth it...I will just rely on Mr Kipling once more :)
    I am loving your circles, So much patience. I am dying to make a circles blanket but it does take so much time, but looking at your small one well worth it in the end xx

  11. Ur blanket is very beautiful :) thanks for ur comment on my blog...I am waiting to see if u're gonna join us for the crazy adventure of the granny monster...hope u'll make it;)
    big kisses!

  12. Love the colours, and your blanket is striking. The aroma from the fruit mince is one I always associate with Christmas..:)) Thanks for the link .Mr Kipling's goodies are so yummy too Emma Kate.
    I keep adding fruit to my mix all year ,and adding the good elixier..:))

  13. Lovely colours, gorgeous blanket. Your mince looks yummy! ... :0)

    Shirl x

  14. I must admit that I got a wee bit concerned when I read your title post, the piles in particular. Thankfully you meant piles of crochet. Very lovely crochet with great colours. I can't wait to see it finished.
    Your sunflowers are blooming lovely too.

  15. Love your crochet and your bunnies!

  16. Ooh the blanket-in-process already looks so lovely. I'm also busy with one similar for my little girl, as I now have only a few bits of yarn stash with me, before our big move next week. It's going to be a looonnnnnggggg 3 months until we get our shipment, but I'll keep myself busy. Will never sit without a little project over Christmas. Have a good week. Cx

  17. I like the blues and purples best! And I'm hungry and now I want mince pies - can't go out and get any as I'm home alone with the children this evening....damn!

  18. Oh my... that blanket is amazing!

  19. Hola, soy Reme, de Sevilla, que manta tan preciosa, yo también estoy haciendo una, aunque la aplicación es diferente, tan solo me falta unirlas... me gustaría que la vieras cuando la termine y te pasaras por mi blog; también quería decirte, que me he comprado una cámara de fotos igual a la tuya, a ver si así subo fotos nuevas para mi blog. Un saludo.

  20. Impresionante tu manta, es preciosa, yo también estoy haciendo una, pero la aplicación es diferente, aún no la he terminado, pero me gustaría que el echaras un vistazo y te pasaras por mi blog. Un saludo


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