Sunday 26 December 2010

Christmas - part 1

Hello Lovelies ,I hope Christmas went well for you all.

Christmas eve in our house was a busy day of baking with the boys,this included gingerbread biscuits made with our new cutters..........

and mince pies made with the last of my homemade mincemeat. I treated myself to a mincemeat pasty for lunch made with the last little bit. I will definitely be making this again next year :0)..........

It was a ridiculously late night on Christmas eve , due to a family party,over excited children and some last minute wrapping , I took this picture at 3am! oops...

Back in November my Lovely sister in law gave me an Amaryllis bulb. I've never had one of these before and wondered if it would actually grow , let alone flower .Thankfully ,within a week it had started to grow , this is what it looked like on the first of December.....

By the start of Christmas week it looked like this ......

I started to talk to it at this stage, telling it to just hold on a little longer, as I was hoping against hope ,that it would start to flower on Christmas day.

Imagine my delight when I came downstairs yesterday morning ( after 5 hours sleep ) to be greeted by this stunning sight...

Isn't it just gorgeous , and such perfect timing :0)

We are fortunate enough to be invited to relatives for most of the day and spent a very enjoyable time, with our family around us.

Loving the cute napkin rings, made by my nieces, on the table at dinner.........

The boys had a great time with their cousins ,playing board games and getting more prezzies. .....

Whilst I indulged in a couple ( or more !) of these .......

Happy times . It was such a special day.My crochet robin now has a new home on their tree, by way of a very small but, heartfelt THANKYOU.
I'll do another post about the outdoor bit of our day and my swap parcel next time.

Love and seasonal greetings to you all
Jacquie x


  1. Pleased you all had a fab time :0)
    Warmest wishes of the season..
    Love Donna x

  2. That looks lovely all the best Jaquie

  3. Those biscuits look yummy and the amaryllis is gorgeous :)

  4. What a clever way to "decorate" cut out cookies. Love it. =) We played Monopoly Christmas afternoon, too.



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