Wednesday 8 December 2010

A Splash of Crochet Colour

Hello Lovelies ,
Pull up a seat , I've got some great crochet to share with you today :0)

First can you indulge me in a few outdoor pics, Thanks.

The temperature was a balmy -2 today , Ha .

Actually, I'm loving this weather .... if you hadn't noticed ! It's just so great to look at and the bright days really lift my spirits. So much better than the "dark days before Christmas" we usually have to endure at this time of year.

The hoar frost from yesterday was hanging on in places.....

The sheep looked sweet in the snow covered fields...

I felt a little bad when these guys obviously thought I had brought them food ( they did have some hay already).....

Moving along I was looking for some bright colours ....

Ummm Holly is nice and festive .Is there anything else I can share with my lovely bloggy friends .... Uhh I know , my hat !...

I made sure no one was around whilst I took this pic . In fact it was surprisingly difficult to do and I took loads before I ended up with this :0)

I made this hat last year , It's from this pattern and I love it .

That's the first crochet of today's post, Next up we have......

It's a cute Star Decoration from Lucy's great tutorial . I really enjoyed working with cotton ,as Lucy recommended, for a change. I had most of the colours already but bought the red especially for this project .........

Pretty isn't it , thank you so much for the tutorial Lucy .Being creative types we also love making up our own projects, using such inspiring blogs as Lucy's to feed our imagination

Well I adored the long single crochet stitch in Lucy's design (that's the turquoise spikes in my version) so I tried to made a bigger circle using this stitch, something cotton, as it's such a great yarn..but it went all wobbly , ummm.

So I resorted to a pattern. This one ,to make .....a doily.....

What do you think ? I must say I think this pattern is great, and it turned out so happy and starry .Changing colours every round, to make it a bit different .

I'm not always keen on doily's but I love the way this one cheers up my rather dark coffee table.......

And these few simple chrysanthemums ,still flowering after the rest of the bunch has long since wilted, look even better with some colourful cotton crochet goodness :0)...

It could actually do with blocking but that will have to wait till another day.
Hope my makes have inspired you, and of course, I'd LOVE to here your comments :0)

Jacquie x


  1. I love your decoration with the lovely starry edging :)
    That doily is pretty too. I've just finished one of them as well, and I've put mine on a wood table that I thought needed cheering up too:0)
    I love your 'triangle/starry' border, I'm going to have to try that.
    You always take such stunning photos by the way.
    Enjoy the rest of the week,
    Kind regards,

  2. I was thinking those sheep look cold. No snow here in the desert, so I like looking at the pictures.

    Your ornament is pretty and your doily too, very cheery and festive.

  3. I am still loving your snowy photo's and your red woolly hat looks very cosy against the white snow. Your doily is like a colourful mandala that is so bright and cheery.

    It's lovely that you can have snow and the sun at the same time, I guess it makes winter a lot more bearable.

    Keep warm!


  4. I would love a white Christmas..
    The colours you have chosen are so cheery, and yes you have inspired me to crochet those triagle grannies....... Thanks for sharing your work i love to see what you are making :))
    keep warm :))

  5. Hello Jacquie,

    I love ur pics and ur hat and most of all the doily :) It is lovely on the table and it made me wanna make one :) Did you use the ricco creative cotton? Isn't it thick for a doily?
    Have a perfect day!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! Love the hat, thanks for the link....I have been wanting to find a good hat pattern and might give that one a go.

    The Christmas decoration is lovely and the doily, just what lovely colours to see this morning!

    Lovely post!

    Have a great day!

    Vanessa xxx

  7. Lots of lovely colour - love the hat, the star & the doily :) Wish I could crochet :(

    No snow here anymore - thank goodness.

  8. Wow! Full of colour. I especially love the hat. You must be very bendy to have taken that!!! I am Dying to have a go at the Lucy decstoo.

  9. Hi, I love the doily and the little dec, the colours are so cheery. I'm loving crochet in general at the moment but have no idea how to do it so it's really nice to see all the things you've been making, so clever xx

  10. Hi, Jacquie!
    I love your crochet star, your doily, your hat... and the gorgeous photos you´ve been taken!!

  11. Lovely, colourful photos! I adore that crochet star, will have to go look at the pattern, they would look fantastic on my Christmas tree! :) x

  12. Great photos and BRILLIANT crochet! Love it. xxxx

  13. Lots of lovely finishes here. Love your decoration. xx

  14. I really enjoyed the makes and the snowy photos, I laughed imagining you taking photos of your hat out in the snow !!!
    love Louise x

  15. I 've been admiring Lucy's latest tutorial too, but don't have any festive colours in my cotton yarn bag. Hmm, perhaps I should buy some!
    Lovely hat!

  16. I have one of those pretty puff hats - didn't check my tension though and it's not very slouchy! I really like the doily too.

    psp: my verifcation word is 'boing'! Made me smile!

  17. All just beautiful, I love your hat, such a warm vibrant colour and the frost is soooo beautiful and sparkly and just magic at this time of the year. I think your doily is perfect for your table and I am hoping to get round to making one or two of Lucy's decs too.... your post is burstng with inspiration....just need TIME now xox

  18. I love your hat, what a gorgeous fiery colour.

    Gorgeous tree decoration x

  19. Such great photos once again, love the hat, love the decs and adore the doily. Like you I've never thought to do a doily but after seeing your bright cheerful one I think I need one on my dining table. xx

  20. Love your outdoor photos. Beautiful hat! And your ornament and doily are so pretty and colorful! I want to try making some stuff from cotton yarn too, I need to find some online though, the stores around here don't have many color choices in the cotton yarn.

  21. Love the doily but want to make that hat! Thanks for sharing! Love the photos of the sheep.

  22. I love that doily! I'm going to pop over to the pattern link and check it out. Might see a few on my blog soon too! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great week! Julie x

  23. ooh and how glad was I to open your post today!!! Beautiful colours and love the Xmas decoration! So glad to be pack in blogland! Have a lovely week. Cx

  24. Your snowy photos make me smile. I grew up in a town with lots of snow, and now I am in a town with no snow at all. I love snow!! Keep the pics coming!

  25. A very Stylish splash of colour me thinks!! Lovely.
    Jane X

  26. love the decoration and your hat. The colour's lovely x

  27. So much colors, so much inspiration! Thanks.

  28. Oh what a wonderful, colourful post Jacquie. It's so lovely to have some gorgeous crochet in the splash of colour project. Yours is seriously cheering -thankyou! (plus the little decoration is in one of my mosaics today!)


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