Sunday 9 January 2011

Crochet this weekend

Hello lovelies , hope your weekend has gone well. Mine's just flown,as usual.
At least we saw the sun :0)

After I posted about my new books on Friday I was determined to make something from them to share with you all.

I was particularly keen to make the Gazania from my"Crochet Bouquet" book....

Things didn't go well ! Do you get days like that, when you really struggle with something that's not that difficult?

I must have pulled that flippin flower back about half a dozen times. I'm sure it wasn't the pattern , just my brain !! That didn't stop me wishing I had a nice photo tutorial though (a picture's worth a thousand words, and all that :0))

On days like this, it's best to walk away and leave it till you're more rested, except that's not what I did. I just kept going , determined to have something to show for what seemed like hours of work !
Would you like to see what I ended up with ?? This .....

I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out in the end. The centre is all wrong , hence the little flowers to hide my mistakes ...

It's in my conservatory and looks O.K. with my embroidery hoop picture. I like the fact they are on the same backing material.....

I'm pleased to say things got better on Saturday. Determined to enjoy making something from one of my new books, I made a little Pansy...

That took quite a bit of concentration but I love how it turned out and I've made three so far.

Some other crochet on my coffee table is a couple of squares for Sue. The fantastic SIBOL project (run by the lovely Sue )is a great cause. You crochet 6" squares and Sue crochets them together into blankets for the elderly. It's been ages since I sent my first few.

These days SIBOL has lots of challenges , so one of my squares( the striped one ) is for a Jan Eaton blanket, which uses only squares from her" 200 crochet blocks" book. The other lovely pattern is" circle of friends "and that's an online pattern , available here. .....

Sue was my first follower and also helped my with the technical aspects of blogging , so it's great to be able to send her these.

I'll leave you lovelies with a picture of todays sunset. This was taken at 4pm and it didn't get dark till about 4.30. The days are getting longer , yaaaay :0).....

Hope you have a good week and time for some crafting.
Jacquie x


  1. Love those embroidery hoops!!
    I just couldn't get the pansy right but yours looks brilliant!!
    Em xxxx

  2. You have been busy!! Your flowers have come out lovely, I love the way you are using your crochet as art. xx

  3. I think your Gazania looks great and the SIBOL squares are fab too. I keep meaning to do some myself.
    I am in two minds about the step-by-step photo tutorials. I think they're great when you're starting out, but on the whole I think it's a good idea for people to get used to reading and interpreting written patterns if they want to progress their crochet past the basic!
    I'm grateful for the lengthening days too - we just need some lighter mornings now!

  4. Great ideas, love the way they turned out!

  5. Your flowers are beautiful, I love the pansy very much indeed, I definately need that book now! I love the squares to form a blanket for the elderley ide I will have to look into that one.
    Kandi x

  6. Hello Jacquie, your flowers look so beautiful! Especially that Pansy which is my favorite flower! There is in deed sometimes days that we struggle with some stupid easy things and then next day 'it's a piece of cake'! I have that often with the computer...
    Have a lovely week! Teje

  7. Their lovely :0)
    I love the way you have them displayed in the embroidery hoops, that pansy must of taken some concentration. There is a blog award waiting for you over on my blog when your ready x

  8. You made some beautifull flowers and squares

  9. Yay, you did it, knew you would. The Gazania looks fab in it's little hoopy frame. i love that you have personalised it, colours are gorgeous.
    Your Pansy is so sweet, it looks real.
    I had a little flowery crochet sesh over the weekend some hits mostly misses but still learnt something.
    SIBOL project is a great idea, your squares look great,nice to be part of the project and spread the love.
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend......

  10. I think the hoops look fantastic! Such a brilliant way to display your work.

  11. I have definitely had days like that, very recently in fact! Good for you for soldiering through and ending up with such a lovely flower. It does look good next to the embroidery hoop picture. I foresee quite a collection growing there!

  12. The flowers look so pretty. In fact I love them so much that I just went and bought "Crochet Bouquet" now all I need to do is learn now to read a crochet pattern properly.

  13. OK? It looks lovely, It really is pretty and the pansy is so sweet. I am embarrassed to say I have had the books ages and not made a single flower! How shocking is that. I love your squares for Sue. I have been meaning to get some more made and now there is the Jan Eaton Blanket I might just have to dig my book out :) glad you had a productive weekend xxx

  14. Gorgeous flowers Jacquie. I've looked at books from the library on making crochet flowers but as I'm still a novice, I think a little more practice is needed.
    Your squares for Sue are lovely. I sent some simple granny squares to Sue for the Christmas themed blankets (I love the SIBOL programme) and I hope there are some more themed challenges this year that will allow for simple crochet.
    Looking forward to seeing more flowers.
    Anne xx

  15. I think they have both turned out beautifully. Love the little flower in the middle even if it is a cover up.

  16. The gazania looks great displayed next to the little house hoop. I really love the pansy, it's so lifelike.

  17. Hello Jacquie!
    I really think your gazania is much prettier than in the book! Very cute display also!
    Thank you for visiting ;)
    Have a great week!

  18. Your flower looks lovelier with the little flower in the middle:0)

  19. Ooh, I love the circle square~!

    I I get the crochet-blues to sometimes, not often but when I haveit I feel so bad, why can't I make this work??! Usually putting it away and picking it up another day works. :)

  20. I really love your idea of sewing your crochet onto cloth, then displaying it in an embroidery frame, that is great!
    I love your crochet work, your very talented :) xxx

  21. Oh it's gorgeous and looks wonderful in the frame!Just popped by to thank you for the brilliant bunting tutorial, I love it, so clear and easy to do! You are such a star Jacquie!
    Rachel x

  22. I love your flowers and glad its not the book as I'm about to order one!! xx

  23. The crochet flowers are beautiful, especially the pansy, I've only dared doing basic flowers so far. Love the frame idea!

  24. I'm just like you Jacquie when I am determined to master a new pattern I can spend (or waste!) hours on trying to conquer it! Enought to drive one potty but in your case I must say that your perseverance certainly paid off and all your flowers are very happy and spring-like.
    I MUST get round to doing some squares for SIBOL a very worthy cause indeed. Have a fab week xox

  25. Good for you not giving up. The flower turned out really well. Matches perfect with your teeny tiny house. Looks like my house a bit. I like it. I have seen many people using those embroidery rings (o whatever they are called) to apply some color to their home. I might just go treasure hunting on my local market Thursday. Maybe I'll find some for myself. Such a neat idea. Glad you enjoyed Pink Friday. I adore her blog. I couldn't have THAT much color in my home (just not my style) but maybe my daughter's room could be a place for this type of pastel-going nuts-theme...

  26. Great flowers! I'm glad that you persisted. I once tried to do the Pansy but it didn't work out. I guess we all have days like that, hee hee.


  28. Those flowers look lovely, I have that book but I'm a bit scared of patterns, seeing your sweet pics make me think I should definately have a go :) have a lovely week x x x x x Jane

  29. I've just found your blog and I have to say, your work is gorgeous! I love that crocheted flower in the hoop with the appliqued house, they work so well together... hum, where in my house could I put a wall of hoops with stuff in them...? And your bunnies are beautiful, such tiny little ears. I have nethie dwarves, but none of them have ears that small!

  30. Oh goodness your work is lovely. Its a pleasure to see the squares your end, now I have them 'my end' I can say that they are more beautiful in the 'flesh' so to speak. The colours are just lovely, and everyone loves them over on Flickr.
    Its so nice you have mentioned my cause thank you Jacquie!
    Hugs Suex


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