Monday 18 July 2011

Holiday thoughts and crochet question

Hello Lovelies ,
As we enter the last week of term my thoughts are turning to our Holidays. This year , as every year since the boys were born, we will be holidaying in a static caravan. We have tried other types of a tent ( great when the weather is kind )....a log cabin ( lovely but so expensive ) ....and cottage (nice, but not popular with the boys).No ,caravans are just right for us :0)
As a child we had a touring caravan....I can remember it with great affection , though my poor Dad did not like towing it and some years we would take the tent instead.
The caravan was so cozy and Mum used to bake before we went so there were always biscuits and cakes in the little cupboards to enjoy en route and on arrival.
On its tiny shelves we had games like dominoes and cards as well as little observer books on sea birds and other sea sidey things.There was also a cute little sewing kit in a brightly coloured tin.
The plastic and melamine crockery seemed special because we only got to use them once a year and when the upholstery became shabby and the curtains faded Mum and I sewed replacements  :0)
Nowadays I would love to have a little touring van....if we had somewhere at home to store it and I could use it for a bit of quiet crochet I would buy one in a flash...nothing new ...just a basic van I could makeover like this .

Sadly we don't have much parking space and I do like the static caravans we get to stay in .The one at the top of this post was last years, on the Isle of Wight, which was in a particularly nice position. They tend to be a bit beige inside so I like to take some colour and comfort . This was last years makeover :0).....

A little home from home

This year I'll definitely be taking my granny square blanket and hopefully my giant granny will be finished too. I'm up to 50 rounds . I recon another 8 or 9 will be enough :0).........

Now I'm looking at this picture I think I'll have to order more of the orange I've run out of.

It will be another lap blanket rather than a bed cover but that's ideal for in the car and warming your legs in the daytime. Because lets face it ...who knows what the English summer will bring. This was Saturday morning ( the forecast was spot on ! ).....

Lets hope the wet weather is short lived .Our holidays are still a while away but wet days at home with three boys are not always easy !!

Jacquie x

P.S. I was just wondering about the different ways to make granny squares. I only use 2 chains on the corners and none between the three double crochet ( u.k. treble  crochet ) groups as I like the slightly denser effect this gives as my tension is quite loose. I've noticed others like Sucrette put a chain between each cluster and only one chain in the corners. I'd love to hear what you do and why :0)


  1. like you i just love to crochet. Its so nice to see crocheting becoming fashionable again. I learn't to crochet in my teens some 45 years ago.....xx

  2. Hi Jacqui,
    I prefer to make my granny squares without the chain in between the shells and perhaps 2 chains at the corner. My daughter is making a giant granny square and has had difficulty keeping it from "warping" or twisting, so she turns every third row. What do you do to keep yours nice and straight. Do you turn every row?

    We really enjoy your blog and your wonderful photos, keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Jacquie,

    The way I originally learned the granny was one chain in between shells and three chain at the corners. This giant granny blanket I am following sucrette's way. Where do you start your new round? I just recently started doing one shell in a corner and then going all the way around and then putting the second shell into the first corner. Before I used to start at the corner by doing a complete shell ch 3 shell but I didn't like how it looked when joining and having to slip stitch thru the first three double crochet stitches. My tension is the exact opposite of yours!!


  4. I put 3 chain in the corner and none between the 3 treble - There is no right way just your own way!

  5. Love your big granny square! I crochet one chain between each shell and three chains in the corner between the two shells. I've been making ripples lately so I had to think how I did my grannies. LOL!

  6. Hi Jaquie,

    Love your granny blanket, you have inspired me and I started one of my own, it's just pink and green for now, who knows, maybe it will stay that way. I'm making it for my granddaughter to cuddle with so it won't be gigantic like yours.
    Last week I made covers for my kitchen stools. I will be posting picks before weeks end, you are welcome to visit if you like, at

    As far as chains on grannys go, ( that doesnt sound too nice :-/. )
    I usually chain two at the corners and one between clusters, that way everything lays nice and flat with no curly edges.

    Have yourself a great rest of your evening.


  7. I learned to put one chain between the clusters, and one in the corner, but I have changed to one in the corner, and none between clusters.

    Love your little caravan makeover! Makes a big difference, doesn't it!

  8. HI Jacquie,
    Beautiful blanket and also your blanket with blue and green stripes is beautiful! I just finished a blanket with all kinds of blue stripes. I'm also making a granny square and still figuring out how to keep my blanket from twisting and getting it al flat. For the blanket with stripes I think I made to much stitches on the side. I think I have to try to make less stitches between the three dc's and I have to crochet none in the corners in the granny square. I'm still learning! It's like Rie said, there's no right way!
    Thank you for asking this question!

  9. I like that moving caravan / van. :-)


  10. Hi Jacquie,
    I hope your holiday is fun! You pieces of home with the grany stripe and bunting were a great idea for bringing a bit of "home". Your granny looks great. I still have a ways to go. I put a chain between the clusters and three chains in the corners. I always do 3 chains in the corners but sometimes no chain between clusters. I wish I didn't start with chains between the clusters because I like a denser look too. When I first learned to crochet the granny square pattern was one of the first things I learned. The pattern I was taught from said 3 chains in the corner but I could never remember if it said to chain between the clusters or not, so I tend to do the extra chain sometimes and not others and just stay consistent for the project!
    xo Susan

  11. Jacquie,

    The static caravan (mobile home in SA) reminded me immediately of ou own little holliday house here at the coast, looks much the same. And I saw you cushions - I just completed the fronts parts parts of ours in much the same pattern, and now I can see that it will look great! Your crocheted blankets there is a good idea and the mroe I see people joining upo for the giant granny blanket, the more I think it's something to try. Your's is going to look so nice - juicy colours!

  12. UK Summers can be beautiful... they *can* be, but they sometimes let you down. :-) Hope you have a lovely holiday this year. I love what you do to your temporary home each year.

    With granny squares, I always chain one between each cluster, and chain 3 in the corners. I find chaining 3 (rather than 2) in the corners helps them lie flat and also makes joining-as-you-go much easier.

  13. Oh! Forgot to say:
    But I don't chain 1 between clusters in granny stripes (I chain 0). Something about not needing to fall into a square shape, I guess.
    Caz :)

  14. Hello Jacquie!
    I love ur granny! Love how the white color brighten the others! I should definitely add some white to my projects ;)
    I'm thinking of stopping at 50 or 55 rounds too...Mine is becoming sooo big and I want it like yours as a lap blanket...(The yarn I'm using is much thicker than the stylecraft special dk )
    Hope the weather will be sunny again :)
    Have a beautiful day!

  15. HI

    I put one chain between each treble, just to give a bit of definition between each, and 2 chains in each corner, I find 3 is too floppy and 1 is not enough.

  16. sweet holiday memories and forecast you have outlined here! That little home from home picture is Amazing, I will remember that when I get to a caravan. So easy to take with you, so much fun!

    About the granny technique: I do as you do. The only exception is I sometimes use 3 chains in the corners to make them stand out more. I mostly do that in the last row.

    Enjoy and I wish you a sunny day!

    Love, Maaike

  17. Caravan holidays were always a staple when I was a kid and we loved it too!
    I'm always reminded of Fray Bentos pies (those ones in tins) which mum would take with us!
    Love that blanket, but I can't tell you what I do, as I've never made one (it's on my list of to dos.)

  18. I have not done a traditional granny square since I was a child - but my nana taught me 1 chain in between the clusters and 2 on the corners. She used to always call the corners - the "Fish Bone" I have no idea why? Though I guess it kinda does look like a fish bone?

  19. Static works well for us too. I prefer to have home comforts like a toilet in the middle of the night especially with kids. My husband recently bought a tent though and has taken the kids on little overnighters which they thoroughly enjoyed. They keep trying to persuade me but I won't go.

    I prefer to make two or three corner chains. One observation I made when I looked at the giant granny gallery was that some of them are noticeably twisted in the centre. I don't know if this happens when only one chain is left for the corners because I haven't started mine yet but I know that if it happened to mine it would annoy the life out of me everytime I looked at it.

  20. My first boyf's family had a static, such fun! We are off to a friends place in Spain again, but it's just too hot for me. Each year I say I'd rather not go again, but I get out voted.

    I change my grannies depending on how they are crocheting up, or I do what the pattern says. My theory is if it looks fine then it's right!


  21. We are going on a caravan holiday this Thursday and are staying at a Haven Holiday site near to Filey and Scarborough - very excited - expecting rain but ain't too bothered as will still be lots of fun anyway.

    Love the crochet blankets you have done x

    Leah x

  22. çok güzel resimler...ben çok beğendim...*-*.

  23. Hi Jacqui! I mostly crochet with cottons so do the 'no chain between clusters and 2 extras in each corner' method as you do. On a hexagons blanket I am doing the pattern from an old-ish book (The Harmony Guide to Crochet Stitches)suggested each cluster should be 'tr3tog' (or dc3tog for USA),which gives a lovely definition to each cluster without the chain between. The same book advises 1 chain between each 3 treble clusters and 2 chain in each corner for a basic granny. I prefer to see what each yarn gives and go from there! :)

  24. I do 1 chain between each cluster and 2 chains in the corners. I guess it all depends on your tension. I love caravans too but hubby is not into them so it is cottages for us. xx

  25. I LOVE caravans! We never had one as a child but I would stay with a schoolfriend and her family in theirs and I loved it! Like playing house. The boy and me would love one but the Mr is far ;) Your granny looks fantastic....I do the same as you. I find that adding a chain btween each cluster makes it looser and I like it more dense...also, my crochet is quite loose xxx

  26. I love that you take a few home comforts to your holiday static!
    I am hankering after a campervan (husband hates caravans in a Top Gear type way) but we have nowhere to keep one either.

  27. I usually do add the one chain in between the clusters but still add the two chains (not one) in the corner.

  28. I tend to do 3ch in the corners and 1ch between the side clusters. I couldn't tell you why though!

  29. I LOVE your granny blanket. I vary mine, sometimes I put no sts between the three DC's and only one SC in the corners, other times I put 1 SC between and 2 sc's in the corners. Depends on the mood !!! xxx

  30. Hi, I do 1 chain between clusters and 2 chain on the corners. Always have. When I start a new round I start with 1 cluster on a corner then go all the way round finishing with the second corner cluster. If I'm keeping to the same colour I chain 1 then dc into the first cluster, chain 3, 2 trebles then off round again. Hope this makes sense.
    Love from Mum

  31. Hi, back again. Just seen this link posted on ahavenforvee.blogspot. It shows a different way to do the corners of a square.
    Love from Mum

  32. What a lovely idea, to take some home comforts to cheer up your caravan.

    I granny square the same as you *nods*

    S x

  33. I'm a huge fan of caravans as I've holidayed in them all my life, so I especially loved this post, and I love how you prettied up the caravan with your crochet and bunting! :) I'm really looking forward to seeing your completed giant granny too btw!

  34. I love how you took along your bunting and crochet to the holiday caravan.

  35. Hope you have a great static to move and shelter from the rain if there is any and of course some where to snuggle with wool and hook!
    No chain between 3DC on sides and 2 chain in the corners..but l will try the side addition always up for something differnet
    Hugs x

  36. My heart was going pitter patter as I read your words of the memories from your childhood and how your Mother kept your vacation home supplied. Don't those memories give you "warm fuzzies" when you think of them? It's the oh so small things in life that stay with us as adults and give us big feelings! I LOVE that you decorate your home away from home with all your loving touches! If (or when) you have a moment, would you mind having a look at my recent post (Learn from your mistakes) as it is a photo of the pillow I made, using the square joining method you so kindly shared, however, I had those pesky troubles with the corners. Would love to hear your thoughts, if you don't mind. x&o, Annette (P.S.) Have a wonderful time away from home!)

  37. I could so identify with your own holiday memories, such similar to my own, and why is it a smell can always take you right back to last years holiday sas soon as you enter the caravan! I love that you take some crochet goodies to decorate and make it more homely, will have to remember that.

  38. I love that you take your crochet blanket & cushions on holiday to brighten the place up - I'm sure the crochet enjoys the holiday too!

    I'm reading with interest all the different ways of doing the granny square - I can't remember what I do - usually what the pattern says cos I'm not very good without a pattern!

    Jones x

  39. One between and one at corners, but I like the idea of none between shells.
    I'm gonna try it and see.

  40. I love that you take bunting on holiday, I do now after staying in a dreary cottage one year..
    Home from home :)
    as for crochet..3 round a corner and none in between

    x x x x x x

  41. I love that you gave your holiday caravan a makeover! <3

  42. great planket.

    I love your colors.

    hugs Conny

  43. Hi, I'am on my 3rd granny square blanket.They have all puckered in the center which is terribly annoying. Which is how I ended up reading this.I have tried everything to stop it from happening.I even switched hooks. I was taught chain between clusters and 2 on the corners.Don't like the way they come out.Will be trying some suggestions from here.


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