Friday 1 July 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt, June

Hello Lovelies , here I am a day late with my scavenger hunt photos for June. To be honest I nearly gave up this month...some of the items were tricky ...I'm still not happy with my wheel trim (!!!???)
I like by blog to be a place of prettiness and don't want to post what I would consider boring pictures but some possibly boring pictures turn out to be the best and I love to see what others have come up with.
Enough waffle . Here are my pictures for June........

1. Something with your towns name on it ......

Not my current town but the village where I grew up and revisited this year in this post. I've had this T.shirt at the bottom of my Drawer for years ( sorry about the creases) and I couldn't throw it away :0)
Behind it is my square add the aforementioned prettiness. I still think this is my favourite make of all time .

2. An Elephant......

An Elephant ornament of mine smelling the first posy of sweet peas from my garden this year. I wish you could smell them too.

3.A wheel trim......

On one of the boys playmobil lorries. Not very happy with this but I didn't seen anything more inspiring this month.

4. Architectural Detail........

coincidentally the date on this Carnegie Library is the same year as the book I shared in my previous post.The detail is astounding don't you think ?


Anther category where my heart sank initially ...but in the end I was pretty pleased with this Greek salad of Feta and tomato drizzled with olive oil.So many lovely holiday memories :0) and very yummy.


I took this snap on Tuesday. I went into the garden at 11pm to check the rabbits and was amazed to see some light still remaining on the western horizon.I dashed back in to get my camera and took this at 11.02pm exactly. I know there is a street light but the sky was defiinately lit by the disappearing  sun, you can see the orange glow in the middle horizon. The following day,Wednesday I was awoken by the dawn chorus at 3.50 am . That's less than 5 hours of complete Darkness. Wonderful .Shame we have to endure the other extreme in the winter

7.Tree Branches...

In the grounds of a  Stately home we visited this month.


Another toughie.Went for colour as usual :0) My latest crochet project is peeping out from beneath the plate.

9.A Childhood Memory

Patchwork Hexagons I made as a child , still waiting for completion. The stitching is so neat...not sure I could do as well today.

10. A farm Animal......

Some pretty cows and some calves hiding under the tree.

11.Something Beginning with Z.....

Another cheat...gaZania....well it's stunning don't you think?

12. and Finally....The View Right out side your Door...........

Our neighbours stunning acer tree against a blue Sky...lovely.
Right. I'm off to see what the others have come up with :0)
Jacquie x


  1. I love the elephant smelling the sweet peas and the patchwork hexagon photo is gorgeous!

  2. Love the Scavenger Hunt Photos and will defo join up. Are you going to complete the pretty patchwork?

  3. I love your photos Jacquie, not boring at all. That flower is amazing and I also love the elephant smelling the flowers in the vase.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    Anne xx

  4. Lots of really beautiful photos here! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like your pics - despite there only being 12 things its great how many different interpretations I've seen :)

    BTW the sweetpeas look gorgeous - I am missing having them in my garden this year.

  6. I like your pictures too. I actually like the wheel trim you used, I only thought of my truck. Creative using the wheel trim on a toy vehicle.
    I love the pic of your sweet peas and the gaZania, I was going to take a pic of zinnias but didn't fancy the idea of the bugs biting me again, so chose an indoor z picture.
    So excited by your wip, glad you joined us :)
    Thanks for the comments you left me on my blog.

  7. I loved looking at this and was trying to imagine what i would have done if it was me,a couple of things would have stumped me.Just great thanks for sharing.

  8. Great pics! I love the little glimpses of your lovely crochet too xx

  9. I know I'm not the first to say it, but I just had to say I love the elephant delicately sniffing the flowers :)
    Love Jane x

  10. Güzel bir hafta sonu diliyorum arkadaşıma..

  11. A great set of photos!

    At this time of year, the sun doesn't dip very far below the horizon so there is always a bit of light near the horizon - I know these things because my dad is very into astronomy! I've just got back (at 1am) from some night nature walking and was surprised at how light it was even in the woods!

    The gazania is very pretty and I love the last photo!

  12. I think your wheel trim is great!
    Sweet peas are gorgeous.
    Is that Denby I spy under the tomatoes?
    Lisa x

  13. Hi Jacquie, I think these are great photos - favourites are the elephant and the sweet peas (he's a particularly handsome elephant!) and OMG the patchwork - I have one in a bag in my blanket chest that I started when I was 7 after seeing a lady doing patchwork at a craft fair all those years ago and it is in much the same state as yours (except I suspect my stitching is nowhere near so neat!!!)...I really should finish it one of these days...x

  14. I struggled with the wheel trim as well.

  15. GaZania...great idea...even greater picture! And Sweet Peas...oh my, they are my all-time favorite fragrance! When I was a child, my mother had numerous plants each year. She would cut a bouquet each morning of their bloom season, putting them in a lovely pitcher and placing the in the center of the table where we ate breakfast. I don't think I appreciated that simple gesture back then, but I have certainly grown to appreciate the memories! And what a powerful memory. I can conjure up their fragrance just by looking at your photo! When I saw it, I was immediately thrilled! They don't survive where I live now, much to my chagrin! I also love your cheese and tomatoes...hmmmm, yummy! And your colorful cutlery image...great colors all together! Thanks for your comment on my first scavenger hunt pics! x&o, Annette

  16. Love the elefunk. :-) The quilt is gonna be great (I don't have the patience for it, haha).

  17. Oh drat! I was going to take part this month and completely forgot! I thought your photos were lovely - particularly liked the elephants with the sweet peas (jealous, mine haven't grown at all since planting in the garden) and the cows!
    Jones x

  18. Great photos,. The elephant smelling the sweet peas is great.

    Looking forward to net months.



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