Thursday 27 October 2011

Autumnal sights and projects

Hello Lovelies, this week I have been lucky enough to get the half term off to spend relaxing with my boys. The weather has mostly been great .....sunny with blue skys and we have been making the most of our time off. There has been bike riding with lots of photo stops for me . .......

I'm loving the light and gentle heat of the sun this week........

There has also been extra crochet time to enjoy........

These pictures were taken on Monday and I'm even further on with this fun project now.........

Yesterday I had a minor panic when I realised I had run  out of Saffron yarn. It's the lovely warm Yellow you can see in the picture above.  I quickly reordered some more  online but was sad to stop rippling.I needed something quick and simple for my hook to do .

Surfing Flickr  I was extremely happy to stumble upon these cuties :0)  Aren't they great , If you don't know Dawns work I can thoroughly recommend her blog.....Fiddlesticks. where she has also posted about her Owlies.

I had to make my own . Would you like to see how they turned out ??

I do hope so .........

This is my first attempt.I love the chunky look Dawn's have so I held 2 strands of double knitting yarn together and used a 5mm hook for mine. In fact for the "daddy" owl I held 3 strands together and used a 6mm hook . ....

If you fancy making your own Dawn has promised to share her pattern soon....mine were just improvised as I went but I think they turned out pretty cute too .......

I love the tufty "ears" on Mummy owl .........

And on the wet grey day that today has turned out to be I enjoyed playing around creating a seasonal background for them with our pumpkins waiting to be carved and a few faded blooms from the drippy garden............

As I have now been blogging for over a year I can see that this week last year also had an owl and pumpkin theme :0)

Hope you are enjoying saying goodbye/hello to the suns heat........depending which part of the world you live . I love the changing seasons and know that though I don't look forward to the cold , wet , short days  it will make the spring such a joy when it arrives again.
Jacquie x


  1. Oh your Owlies turned out so cute!!!!!!!!! Love your blog btW!!!!

  2. Lovely sweet owls! and the colour wool is lovely too ;0)...great crochet colours too. Love the Autumnal picys! x

  3. I love your owls
    kisses ♥♥♥

  4. I love the autumnal photos and those owls are so cute! :)

  5. Those owls are SO cute! I'm going to send the link to my friend who loves them. Your ripple is looking lovely too. x

  6. Really lovely ,love your ripple colours too.

  7. Lovely crochet projects - those owls are just too cute for words!


  8. My Mum would go bananas for those owls, such a fan is she. If Dawn doesn't do a pattern, do you think you might? That's a bit cheeky of me.

    Lovely ripple. I've been rippling too. I've made a snood/cowl. Soon to be revealed.


  9. Your little owls are just gorgeousssssssssss...xx

  10. Those owls are soooo sooo cute. I am thinking that I would like to try to make one of those babies. Also love the ripple. I am also rippling and am excited to say that I am on the boarder - should be ready to tada tomorrow or Saturday! Hip hip!

  11. Love your owls,I so wish I could crochet youre very clever,I'm now a follower of your lovely blog XX manda XX

  12. Those owls are hysterical Jacquie! I love them, isn't flickr a great place to find inspiration.
    Loving your ripple blanket too, I've just started my first ever ripple and am enjoying the pattern sooo much!

  13. Lovely photos and cute owls!!

    I wouldn't mind winter so much if only we had beautiful, cold, crisp, silver ones instead of dreary, damp ones.

    S x

  14. The owls are ridiculously cute! I might make one for my brother for Christmas. He'd think I was bonkers but I don't care :)

  15. Beautiful photos Jacquie, as always! :) I LOVE owls and yours are just too cute for words. I do love those tufty ears on mummy owl too. Gorgeous.
    Your ripple is looking lovely. What a bother to run out of wool, but good news that you were able to order some more.
    Have a fab weekend,
    Anne xx

  16. I love the owls!! I think I'll give these a try.
    Owls and pumpkins..... Hmmmm
    Bye for now, Have a great tomorrow. :0)

  17. What a lovely post. I love this season to and the sunshine has been lovely well at the start of the week for the past 2 days we have had nothing but rain but its a good excuse to stay inside and craft. I love your new blanket the colours and the wavy lines are stunning you are so very clever. And how cute are those owls ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  18. What an adorable owl family

  19. I love your owls they look fab in your autumn picture. The mummy one is gorgeous. Your ripple looks lovely, I really want to start one.

  20. Wow you have been busy!! I am loving your Autumn photography, such brilliant colours - but your goodness, that blanket looks wonderful! I know how annoying it is to have to stop when you're on a roll with something to get new supplies, but thankfully it seems to have resulted in some fab crochet projects that have me delighted!! Love those wee owls, very clever *goes off to write 'owls' on Things To Make List.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Julia x x x

  21. Hi Jacquie! Firstly, wanted to let you know that your goodies have safely arrived at my home in the U.S. What a fun package to open. I absolutely ADORE that beautiful note card! Yankee Candle products are my all time fave! I've laughed for years...if I were to pass away and my family and friends had to go through my stuff, they would be SHOCKED to find my stash of Yankee candles! LOL And the cinnamon scent...mmmmm, YES! The notepad and sachet will get great use! Love them both! And the basket...soooo cute! Love the look achieved with the double yarn colors! I will always think of you when I gaze upon it!

    Your owls here...they are so cute. I've been watching Dawn's blog posts as she developed these...they're so clever. She is one of my great inspirations!

    Enjoy your weekend and thank you SO MUCH for the goodies. This land of blog connects us all in so many wonderful ways and I SO enjoyed your kindness! Hugs, Annette

  22. 'Gentle heat' what a lovely way to describe your Autumn, we are in Spring now and have gone from 30deg to 12deg in one day, not a gentle heat at all. Your owls are so sweet, my granddaughter would love them. Your ripple looks lovely, mine is coming along slowly, will have to look at my stash to see if mine needs topping up before I run out as it takes about 4 weeks for the yarn to get here (Australia)
    x Sandi

  23. I love the ripple, gorgeous colours! Im so tempted to make a ripple, Ive never made one before. But I'm trying to restrain mysef as I have far too many WIPs right now! & the owls are so sweet. xx

  24. Lovely photos, that first one is really beautiful. And very cute owls! xx

  25. The owls are so cool! :) And your ripple is really coming along nicely, good job!

  26. Awwww - those owls are sooo cute! I love them. And your ripple is looking fab too :o)

  27. That first picture made my heart flutter - I love the colours of Autumn. Your owlies are cute! x

  28. Oh my GOODNESS! These owls are a m a z i n g ! I am so in love with owls, these are brilliant, ooh I so want to have a go! Will be looking out for the pattern, I'm not clever enough to work out my own.

    Hope you are enjoying Autumn Jacquie, and I'm looking forward to your pumpkins this year - I seem to remember last year saw the use of power tools, I was most impressed :)

    Jones x

  29. Adorable! I love owls and I love that you've used lovely chunky yarns in such fab autumn colours.


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