Tuesday 4 October 2011

September Nature Notes

Hello lovelies,
here we are at my ninth nature notes post. It's hard to believe we are three quaters of the way through 2011 already!!

As usual I will start by sharing the monthly illustrations from this wonderful book .......

Ediths illustrations are just beautiful .Do click on these images to enlarge..........

I love the golden glow the low sun has cast on these photos of the books pages.There really is something special about the light at this time of year.

I couldn't find any September quotes in the book this month...so here is one I found elsewhere.....

"September, dries up ditches or breaks down bridges "

We have had a dry September this year. This poem is from the book and I thought a few of you lovelies might be interested in this as I think we all know the first line :0)

My own images from this month are mostly landscapes....

I was determined to get a picture of the hay bales this month . These huge round creations are SUCH a contrast to the Ediths illustuation of haymaking in her "September" painting. Modern farming methods have long since replaced the sights she came across 106 years ago.

By the second week of September most of the crops had been gathered in and farmers were out ploughing in readiness for the next crop, turning the landscape brown............

 Rather smelly manure was also spread liberally on these fields !!

The roadside verges were pretty devoid of flowers . Sun bleached tall grass was the most dominant feature.........

Along with thistles..........

By the end of the month the heat of summer had returned and the trees had begun their wonderful Autumn display..........

Some fields  used for grazing were very "blond" and looked amazing with the intensly blue skys we were blessed with........

Crab apples lay on the ground.......

And bees seemed very attracted to the ,as yet unopened, flower heads on the ivy.........

As I sit here in my sandals and sundress at the begining of October I wonder what this month will have in store for us after the record breaking begining to Autumn we have just enjoyed ??

Jacquie x


  1. i really love that book, i have it too and its very detailed and the illustrations so wonderful- a really good seasons book ;0) my father said Essex has been so dry- not much rain, so the ground and grass so brittle. in the west country it still has been quite a damp summer despite some beautiful sun at times and the last week. So Autumn here is still quite lush and green and with the obvious change to colour of the leaves. yesterday we had a sea mist- so thick more like fog- the whole park looked magical- leaves falling like snow...it didnt clear til the school run. so the air was damp. your photography could be from a july day ;0) as the ground looks like was is left from the summer heat. I found a beautiful December plate with Edith holden's beautiful nature note on...good old Oxfam- my birthday's in december as well- an early treat ;0)

    beautiful post x

  2. Oooh, how wonderful! If the weather is not too horrible, I just love this season.

  3. That book is wonderful - I have that and the Ladybird seasons books - just wonderful illustrations.

    Have a feeling by this weekend - the summer clothes will go away and the warmer things will be needed.

  4. Your photos are beautiful and really capture the light and colours of early autumn. I love seeing your photos of the countryside and flowers etc - thank you for sharing!

  5. OOH how I enjoy these nature posts,wonderful piccies,thanks for sharing,lovely,juliexxx

  6. Hi Jacquie.. lovely photos.. and the book is a true classic isn't it... I wish I could illustrate.. I do miss good old square bales though... and my hubby would like to see 'Stooks' (Suffolk word for the propped up piles of hay in the book) revived... but no one is going to do the HUGE fields we have now by hand... That poem is my favourite by Keats.. thanks for reminding me :)x

  7. Lovely post Jacquie. I did see that book in a charity shop book I didn't get it as it was rather dirty looking. I bet my mum has it tbh! x

  8. i saw this lovely blog of nature drawings... you might already know it, but i thought of you

  9. Jacquie that book brings back such lovely memories for me as I was given it as a gift when I was about 14. I read it month by month and loved it very much, don't know what happened to it sadly.
    Your autumn photos really capture the mood of the season too!

  10. Hey Jacquie, these nature posts are just lovely ........ a look back in time through the book and then your beautiful photographs.
    I love the pic of the hay bales, they remind me of a break fast cereal that was about when I was young. I remember it being as dry as the hay bales look, hehehe......

    Love the sunbleached grass contrasting with the greenery around it.
    Autumn, love it almost as much as Springtime here, if not more.
    Enjoy the late warm spell,

    Claire :}

  11. I love these nature posts, the illustrations from the book are lovely.
    I can't understand the bees; the ivy round here has been smothered in them lately but like you say the flowers don't look to be open.
    The photo with the intensely blue sky is gorgeous!

    I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, but those are bales of straw not hay. I don't know if you're like me and are just using that as a general description, like I refer to all vacuum cleaners as 'Hoovers' no matter what make they are; or if you weren't aware. If the latter, hay is grass and straw is the stalks of wheat, barley or oats. :)

  12. Lovely post, I Love the colours of the leaves on the tree against the blue sky!
    That book is also one of my favourites, I love to refer to it as each month passes.


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