Monday 12 March 2012

Al-Fresco Happiness

Hello again lovelies,
thank you so much for the kind words.They really cheered me up.
Just a quick post today. First crochet......... my first outdoor crochet of the year happened yesterday :0)......

I joined the last few squares to my "elmer"baby blanket sitting in the garden,enjoying the warm sun and the birdsong . I'm starting the edge tonight so hopefully there will be a ta-dah pretty soon :0)

Next spring . Did you know how much I love spring?! I spotted this scene yesterday and had to capture it to share here.......

Ahhhhh spring :0)

Lastly a little link. Has anybody seen this wonderful Al-Fresco knitting on the news ? Thanks for telling me about it Mum .Love it !!! and what a gorgeous looking place too.

have a great week
Jacquie x


  1. Yes, it's warming up here in the Louisiana, US too. Lots of rough storms coming through.

    Ah yes, to get outside with the warm sun shining on your shoulders. Such a lovely photo of flowers in bloom. Your blanket is wonderful too....many many colors! It's very sweet indeed!

  2. Elmer blankie is coming along a treat.
    Love the outdoor knitting on the pier, we had some in our city tby urban knitters to launch the Comedy Festival sponsored by the TV channe Dave., it was fantastic, but unfortunately got stolen :-(

  3. Spring is just round the corner isn't it? Yipppppeeeeee! I C A N N O T W A I T !! My house is literally filled with daffs at the moment, desperately trying to hurry Spring along a bit!

    Your blanket is looking wonderful - as always can't wait for the Big Reveal!

    Jones x

  4. Me too, how brilliant!

    I don't want it to rain all over it in case it goes soggy!! All that hard work.

    Thank you for the link Jacqui, it really made me smile.

    Fleur xx

  5. Lovely :) I was crocheting in the sun yesterday - however it was an indoor sunbeam as I was watching the rugby!! Crochet & rugby not two things you'd think go together so well!!

  6. Yes I saw the al fresco knitting - amazing! I think i need to take a leaf out of your book and take my camera with me everywhere - I missed the most beautiful carpet of crocuses today :-(

  7. It has been a lovely weekend the weather has been so mild and sunny here to its a real joy. Look forward to seeing your little blanket, lovely photo with the daffs it captures spring perfect. dee x

  8. the elmer blanket looks very promising Jacquie! I am curious for the tadaaa :)
    Spring came here in Canada too this weekend, it seemed like Everybody was outside, enjoying it. So perfect!

    Enjoy your new week,

  9. Oh no! You have really lit a spark now! I have a friend who has just told me she is expecting, I made her daughter a Granny Stripe, I was thinking of a baby ripple, but now I know I need to make an Elmer Blanket! Jeesh! All those ends. I guess if I 'al-fresco' it as often as possible, it should be a pleasure. :) x

  10. Digging the AL Fresco Knitting... So cool! :D Spring is here too, but the wind is strong. No outdoor crochet yet... More indoor activity actually. And yes, busy walking... Loving your new blankie. Can't wait for the show off!:D Annette

  11. Hey Jacquie, beautiful garden pic......Spring at it's best, showery, flowery, bowery.
    Nice to sit outside and soak up the vitamin D while crocheting.

    Love the link, what a hoot. I wonder if op shops were scoured for little knitted people to be part of the project?

    Claire x

  12. The al fresco knitting is brilliant!!!!!! Nice when you can craft outside.

    Luv Jane XX

  13. Hi Jacquie your new baby blanket is beautiful, and it is fabulous to see spring again and the longer daylight, loving all the knitting on the pier ohh'' I wonder if they will ever find who the knitter is!!!
    Hugs Sarah x

  14. Beautiful, your garden and your blanket! And I'm glad you're feeling better. Hooray for spring! :)

  15. you're so lucky to be able to enjoy spring here.... just love your lovely granny squares blanket.... absolutely gorgeous... cheers

  16. Yup Spring is definitely in the air! No outdoor crochet for me yet, but plenty of tea and garden pottering! I saw that item on the news the other day, absolutely fabulous!

  17. I love Spring too, although this last week has been lovely (Autumn)warm, not hot, so nice to be out in the garden doing what you love. Your blanket is lovely and you are so good joining as you go, I am finishing off my mums blanket and have a thousand ends to weave in :(
    xx Sandi

  18. Your Elmer blanket is looking beautiful.
    I love spring, it just makes me feel so happy seeing all the bulbs and the garden trying to spring into life.
    That knitting on the pier is fabulous. I wouldn't like to be the one who is sewing it on through the night. They must have to have miners lights on their heads to see anything!!!

  19. Ahhh alfresco crochet, how lovely! Haven't managed to do any yet myself this year, but I was enjoying the scent of the blossoms on my walk home today. Spring is definately in the air!
    Loving your Elma blanket, yummy yummy!!

  20. Maravillosa te va aquedar ésta manta!! y las fotos super bonitas! viva la primavera!
    un abrazo

  21. The Elmer blanket is gorgeous :D

    Thanks for the link, I have a friend in that neck of the woods who has been complaining that her stash is too big ... maybe I should send her down there ;D

  22. As ever, I love seeing what you're making, the colour just jumps off the screen xx

  23. Spring is simply wonderful and really perks the spirits. I love your Elmer blanket I had the same idea recently after reading the book to my little man but haven't had any time at all. Just about getting one blanket on the go. Simply gorgeous :)

  24. I love your Elmer blanket, I am hopefully going to start one soon - can't wait to see yours finished! In fact, might just pootle off to do a bit of yarn shopping right now! x

  25. I am loving that blanket, and the flowers in your garden!

  26. i am wondering, how you join all your pieces, especially since they are all different colors. i see you are joining as you go.

  27. Great job again, Jacquie!!
    It´s gorgeous: vivid and strong! I love it and love the border even more! Perfect combination!!
    And very inspirational! :)


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