Tuesday 20 March 2012

Spring Equinox ....and some more Crochet

Hello Lovelies,

It's  the first official day of spring (for those of us in the the northern hemisphere) ....after today day there will be more daylight than dark ...hurray !!

I went for a little walk with my camera this morning...looking for spring things and found these.......

Such spring prettiness makes me very happy.

When I got back I felt inspired to tidy our conservatory. It's not a space that gets lived in much in the winter and it tends to get cluttered up with stuff.Now the weather is warming up we will be using it more......

On my tumble dryer side table I popped my latest crochet to show you . Did you notice it ? Here's a closer picture.......

Cute baby hats !!!
 The first of these (the stripy one )came about because I'm currently working with a really lovely young lady who is expecting her first baby in a few weeks. When I finished my Elmer blanket I was very tempted to wrap it up and give it to her . But I have to remember I'm trying to raise funds for charity with my crochet this year so giving away a project that took two and a half weeks to complete was not really a good idea. So to compromise I decided to make a small something instead. One evenings crochet and I ended up with this......

I'm really pleased with how it turned out.It's newborn size and on the other side I made a feature of the colour changes and I like this effect too.......

It's my own , very simple pattern.
I'm not good at choosing gifts and began to wonder if this design , with all it's colours and tufty bits was a bit over the top for most peoples taste.
Thinking more about what I liked for my own babies ( it's quite a long time ago now ! ) I remembered a favourite snow suit that my youngest had, it was cream and had little ears on the hood, yes a hat with bears ears is cute I think. I've adapted Ali's pattern ...adding more increases as they were making up very small and using two strands of double knitting weight yarn together because I did not have any chunky yarn. I love how these turned out too.........

These are super fast to make ....I made both of these on Monday evening and I started another ,using chunky yarn this time, while sitting in the spring sunshine and enjoying a tasty treat this afternoon.....

I'm planing on giving one to the Mum to be and I'll be putting the others in my (yet to be opened ) on line shop.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on my Elmer blanket ,you are all too kind ,
Jacquie x
P.S anybody notice the unusual fruit in my bowl.......boys :0)


  1. All the pictures are lovely. And I think people would like the stripey hat. I know my girls would love them!

  2. HAppy Spring!!! Love the baby hats, Too cute!!!!

  3. Gorgeous pictures and I just love the hats, especially the striped one! Your Elmer blanket (last post) is wonderful too!

  4. And we are welcoming autumn, yeay! Summer as been extremely hot, and I love the ccooler, crisp mornings.
    I like the baby hats, also looking for a pattern like this, there are a few babies coming!

  5. Cute hats - all of them - just wish my boys were smaller!

    Like you our conservatory isn't used in the winter months and needs a good spring clean - one day very soon I think.

  6. Lovely little hat Jacquie, and gorgeous Spring photos especially the primroses so pretty. What's that something odd in your fruit bowl? D'you know It looked perfectly normal to me having lived with many boys for many years NOTHING can surprise me on the fruit bowl front LOL!

  7. I was wondering what a tennis ball tasted like...The hats are all very cute especially the ones with the ears. Two made up in an evening, can't be bad. Looking forward to seeing your shop open. Have a lovely week, we have blue skies here today...yippee. Dev x

  8. Really cute hats! I know you'd sell things like that online!

    I love your spring photos too. It feels so much better once we know there's more daylight than dark. I'm seriously considering hibernating next year...

  9. Spring is my favourite time of year, with all the new growth and now longer days, you can't beat it.

    The bear hats are so cute!

  10. A beautiful post!...i just love Spring and its Official too! yay!...x
    lovely photos of your walk and your pillow cases blowing in the Spring breeze.
    Your conservatory must be a lovely place in the warmer months x

  11. Ahhh I love the colourful baby hats! My twin grandsons would look so cute in one each..... maybe I will try some. Did I tell you this week that you are an inspiration?

  12. I'm having a love affair with hats right now too, only adult hats. I should think about little one's hats also. I love your bunnies in the cup. So cute!

  13. Oh I love those hats, so cute! I found your blog via Attic24 and added it to my blogroll, as I really love your creations! And yes, hooray for the equinox, I live right up on the north coast of Scotland and I can tell you, the extra daylight is much appreciated!

  14. What a beautiful place your conservatory is... and how lovely to have one! All your crochet looks so nice in there too! I just love those little hats with the ears ! Youre spring posting is so refreshing. I had trouble finding huge signs of spring here for my own blog... but it is all happening, albeit rather slowly!
    Those two rabbits look so perky in the jug!

  15. I love your Spring Pictures and your conservatory. I realy must learn to crochet. Did you make the pictures above the tumble drier? they are lovely too.x

  16. Spring is so cheering! The energy levels are certainly starting to rise again and I can feel the inspiration returning! I love your crochet. I have been planning to do some charity crochet of baby things and you have given me great ideas! Thanks. Cx

  17. Hooray for the spring, it's been so warm down here today, I wished I could just have sat on the beach instead of being at work ;0) Love the little bear ear hats Jacquie, those are going to look ever so sweet on little cherub's heads xox

  18. Your flower pictures are gorgeous and your bunnies are just the best and the cutest. Love the kiddies hats.
    When I wore my cell phone cover around my neck to the book club the other night I got orders from the ladies to do nook covers and cell phone covers to my surprise. My cell phone cover was made of yellow felt with a pink bird in fabric. I have to wear my Tracfone SVC for seniors around my neck for emergencies. I like the phone because of the large keys and letters on the screen for easy reading and it costs $7/mnth for service.
    It seems the ladies can't resist bright colored fabric with cute bird and animal characters on them. I love the look of genuine appreciation on people's faces when they see the finished covers.

  19. ahh how lovely :) the bear hats are adorable! I absolutely love your middle flower photo, it looks stunning! xxx

  20. My favourite time of year, Springtime is full of promise.
    Love the bear hats, too cute!
    Carol xx

  21. I love Spring and all the beautiful flowers etc. Loving all your crochet and your Elmo blanket is gorgeous, love your choice of colors.
    xx Sandi

  22. Super little hats, the bear ones in particular!

  23. Fabulous little hats, they'll be popular.
    Elder ripple is amazingly fab!

  24. I think they're wonderful! Wish I had a little one around somewhere--the bear ears are so sweeeeet! I must say, I am in love with your dryer side table. Most excellent styling. My dryer is in the basement covered in spider webs--not so nice, by a long shot. :)

  25. Gosh, you have been busy! Brilliant hats :D

  26. Très joli blog !!
    Vos créations sont superbes, j'adore ce que vous faites !
    Bravo !!

  27. I love how the Spring really does put a 'spring' in your step. So many beautiful makes, and I am so glad I found your crochet obsessed blog.

  28. Lovely post. I love your photos. Maggie xx


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