Thursday 29 March 2012

Out and About

Hello Lovelies,
Everywhere I turn this week there is something floral and pretty asking to be photographed so I hope you don't mind another outdoors post :0)

Yesterday was really warm with not a cloud in the sky. The daffodils looked radiant in the sunshine....

Further along the street I'm loving the pink blossom paired with the bright red Telephone box ( and of course the wonderfully blue sky ).........

Purple aubrietia cascading down a wall........

In town I have to take a break from the shopping to visit the park, and I'm so happy to find wonderful primulas and more frothy blossom..........

In the countryside the tree buds are opening up at last.........

Isn't this an amazing zingy green.

Sorry but more Daffodils, such a happy flower, they always make me smile.........

Another favorite spring flower of mine, grape hyacinths are growing in the verge. They look wonderful in a natural setting .........

Back home I've been making spring flowers of my own :0)........

This is very much a work in progress, Inspired by Lucy's post . I know it will not compare to  Caroline's wonderful collages but I'm so enjoying the thinking and planning ,drawing and cutting. It feels fun to create with paper for a change :0)
The weekend is nearly here ...yay.
Jacquie x


  1. Your photos are lovely. Looks like a fab day

  2. Can't beat daffs against a blue sky to make you feel happy.

    That reminds me - must treat myself to a bunch tomorrow :)

  3. Que lindas fotos.
    Venha ver minha ripple e comentar.

  4. I don't a bit about all the photo's of pretty flowers... that purple flower, aubrietia I think.. is beautiful! I've written in down right away to see if I can get myself something similar. Lovely!

    Ashley xxx

  5. I've also been inspired by the Attic 24 post!! In fact I've ordered one of the prints, and have been thinking that maybe I could try to make something similar myself! It's very inspiring! (I don't think my version would come close, though!) Your jug of flowers looks lovely!
    Maria x

  6. What beautiful colours! I especially love your pic with the phone box. It's lovely to know what the names of all the flowers are, I must get a book here as I still don't know what many of the Aussie plants/trees/flowers are.
    Hope this weekend is just as balmy!
    Sandra x

  7. Jacquie, how could a person not be happy when they see all the beauty that Spring bestows upon the countryside.........

    Never apologise for the floral bounty that you share, it's wonderful and has really cheered me up, ( not that I was down, but a boost was needed!!)
    I love Autumn and all it's glorious colours but Spring in the UK is just stunning.........
    I am soooo tempted to grab my passport and leave a note for the boys saying I'll be back in a few weeks!!

    Have just read Lucy's post, wow, I am unplugging the machine, putting the crochet away and dragging out my limited selection of papers.......... love your jug of Tulips, fun and colourful.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire x

  8. The days have been so beautiful this week, and such a beautiful week to capture all of natures beauty! Lovely photographs, it will be so nice if this weather lasts a bit longer!

    Have a super weekend!

    Vanesa xxxxxxx

  9. Such beautiful colourful pictures. I think this weather is helping a lot to snap the wonderful colours of spring.

  10. What a wonderful spring flower post! I just love that zingy green poking out of the bud, though I don't know what it could be! Your spring is so advanced already this year - even the aubrietia is out too! My favourite has to be the sweet grape hyacinths, they are one of my favourites. My daughter recently gave me a pot and they are just opening!
    I love your white jug with the blue stripes and tulips. You are handy with your cutter and the scissors too!
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. I particularly love your first picture of the daffodil - look at that blue sky!

    What a great idea to create your own collage, it looks super. The perfect Easter holidays project I'm thinking ...

    Have a fabulous weekend.


  12. OH! Your images are gorgeous! Spring has definitely taken over in your part of the world. Here in Canada my daffs are up, and the tulips are on the brink, but the 5cm of snow they are calling for tonight might send them screaming back into the ground! I'll have to stare at your pretty pictures all day instead!!

  13. Never apologise for outdoor flower shots Jacquie, they are beautiful!
    Enjoy the weekend think the sunshine is on it's way out!

  14. What gorgeous flowers Jacquie, such a happy post. Enjoy your weekend. ♥

  15. Just what I needed to see now the grey skies are back ... well they are here anywhere. Pretty flowers and blue skies ... heart lifting :D

  16. What gorgeous pictures! Sadly the sun has gone here now and it's much colder this morning..brr!
    I love your collage.I also saw Lucy's and thought I might have a go at one too.
    Have a happy weekend! :0)

  17. Such beautiful photos and I love your collage :-)

  18. Hello Jacquie, I found your lovely blog and cant help loving the photos you share of your nice country, I love England and hope to be able one day to visit your country, I have some friends that live in Leeds, and it´s been a long time since I lust went there, live and family that takes all a mothers time.
    I also like to do crochet and Like a lot all you share, I´m shure I´ll be back to this lovely blog.

  19. I love your bright photos, even more so as today it's been raining and sleeting all morning.


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