Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Retro Crochet

Hello Lovelies,
It's been a bit quiet around here lately hasn't it.
 I have been busy with my hook, finishing a project for my brother in law. When he asked me to make him a "seventies style stripy tank top"  I was not really that  keen.

He wanted it in  bright ,retro colours to wear for a  fancy dress event. As he offered to buy the yarn  I couldn't really say no.
The yarn he got was not nice but I managed. I worked up from the bottom ,shaping the arm and neck holes by  getting him to try it on and adjusting things as I went along.
I  worked with two strands of yarn held together and a 6mm hook to make it grow more quickly ( this is a large item )

And here's the finished garment........

Ummmm, I think it shows I'm not that great a this sort of project ( don't look too closely at the neckline !!) But at least I got it done, and it fits, phew !! Now I'm looking at this photo I think it actually turned out not too bad.

It has made me really  appreciative of the yummy softness and wonderful colours in my stylecraft stash. I felt like diving into my yarn bag when I opened it yesterday.......

It's been bliss to go back to my favourite yarn again.I've been making simple circles. The same pattern I used for this blanket back in 2010.........

What am I making?......weeell , it's not a blanket , not even a baby one. It's not a cushion cover or a bag either . I can't tell you lovelies what I'm up too right now but I will reveal all soon :0)
Hope your week is going well.
Jacquie x


  1. Cant wait to see what you make!


  2. Looking forward to see what it is.Thanks for putting me onto Stylecraft Special DK.It's so soft,great range of colours and cheap.Brill.

  3. oooh! the suspense! You did a great job with the tank top!

  4. The tank top is;fab, I'm a 70's girl and remember them well, my brother had a purple brown and orange one!

  5. I have been making those circles but mine will become a blanket. I am so curious as to what you are doing with yours...

  6. That tank top is totally fab xxxx

  7. Now I' m curious!!!! I love the retro top by the way, it looks good! I'm working on a retro crochet project too, more about that on my blog in a couple of days......., bye! Marieke

  8. Oooh good job with the tank top! It kind of reminds me of Lego :) Love the cute granny circles too, intrigued as to what you are making! x

  9. Oh interesting Jaccqui, what's it going to be?

    Great tank top - he's certainly going to get noticed in that isn't he!

    Hope you have a great week.
    Fleur xx

  10. How pretty that came out..Love the granny circles good to see you around hun

  11. I think the retro vest turned out great. You did a good job.


  12. Can't wait to see what you're working on!
    And the retro vest is awesome!! Your brother in law will look groovy :)
    xoxo Debbie

  13. Well...I think its turned out very well. Your brother-in-law will certainly stand out. You've awoken my curiosity I wonder what you are going to make your crochet circles into???

    A new follower - a Brit living in Spain :-)

  14. Cool top!
    Jacqui, we don't get Stylecraft in South Africa, so I just read in envy about it. THEN mu sis came to visit from Ireland in April, and brought some of het stash to finish a little blanket for our little beach house...oh oh oh, isn't it the loveliest acrylic! I LOVED it!
    And guess what I'm waiting for...my birthday stash, to be mailed from Ireland, with which I will hook new cushions for the benches at my kitchen table! Can't wait :-) :-) :-)

  15. Lovely tank top I'm sure he'll wear it with pride, lucey x

  16. Ooo, the suspense! Groovy seventies top, too. xxx

  17. Oooo Jacquie that tank top reminds me of the ones my mum used to make for my brothers...........very stylish!!! Hmm those little circles are just gorgeous, might they become a lovely scarf? ♥

  18. You did very well to 'wing it' - its turned out well. I agree, though, its lovely to look at the soft colours. xxx

  19. I like your(not your) retro-top! Great job!

  20. I love the colors of your favorite yarn, and can I just ask please, what brand is that yarn?

    1. Yes , its Stylecraft Special Double Knitting.

  21. I think it turned out great--well done, figuring it out on the fly! I was so hoping for a modeled photo, though...I'd LOVE to see that! :D

  22. Hi Jacquie love your Tank Top you have made for your brother it is fabulous you can do more than I can but then you are a very clever lady whit your hook and yarn :) love it and I'm so looking forward to seeing your next project!!!
    can hardly wait...
    Lots Hugs Sarah x

  23. That is some tank top!!! Your brother is going to have such fun wearing it :D

  24. WoW love the tank top!! First time to comment but lurk often.
    Those colours are big wow factor.

  25. Now, I think that tank top is kinda genius!!
    I bet it kept him very warm, too!
    Really love the colours in your circles too. A wall hanging perhaps?
    Can't wait to see.


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