Thursday 17 May 2012

Yorkshire Weekend....part 3

Hello lovelies,
Here's the final Yorkshire instalment . On Sunday, while mum went off to do some painting, I spent a wonderful couple of hours in a sweet cafe chatting with Heather and Lucy :0)
We all brought along some crochet and it was lovely to share our yarny projects.

Heather was making to most adorable granny squares , using up yarn left over from her amazing ripple.
Aren't they beautiful. .....the colours are just lovely, and have a sort of vintage feel. The yarn is  so wonderfully soft. They make me really look forward to working with some luxury yarn, once I have built up my stashmerino a bit more :0) ..........

the one to the right of the front row ,yet to get it's pale border ,is my fave :0)

Lucy was also working with little bits of left over ripple blanket yarn. Creating colourful stripes for her latest wreath project. I'm dying to see how it turns out Lucy.......

Don't they look adorable rolled up like this .

Me ,well I was working on some Daisy granny squares I've been designing........what do you think? These are destined to become another baby blanket for my shop and I will share the simple pattern with you lovelies very soon......

I see I'm the only one with lots of ends not dealt with :0)

Sitting in the window of the cafe, chatting and crocheting ,was so relaxing and their food was very yummy indeed.........

soup..... roasted red pepper and hummus sandwich..... couscous and carrot salads....delicious.  

I was really hoping to be able to do a spot of yarn shopping but sadly the shop was closed so we admired to window display instead. ..........

 I loved the mini granny square bunting.

Instead we visited a wonderfully pretty shop and I'll show you what I bought in a moment . Treasure in hand it was great to explore their pretty town a little..........

the waterfall was very impressive .

and the wild garlic was at it's best

such a gorgeous place to live..........sigh.

When I got home I couldn't wait to buy a few stems to enjoy in my pretty purchase. I did spend rather a long time in the supermarket , wondering whether stocks or who's name escapes me at the moment .......would look best in my happy purchase..........

I just love this sweet little jug. It's ceramic, but made to look like enamel and it's the perfect shape to hold a small bunch of what ever lovely flower is in season .....

I think it will make quite a few appearances here :0)

In the same shop I also bought a few buttons and the prettiest embroidered ribbon trim...........

Thank you lovely ladies for making me feel so welcome and sharing the sweet places you obviously enjoy so much.

My other purchase of the weekend was a 2013 Yorkshire calendar. Really looking forward to enjoying these pictures next year......

It was certainly a weekend to remember and I'll finish by sharing the painting that mum  did whilst I was socialising.........

I love it mum. The fresh spring colours and lambs in the field are perfect :0)

Till next time , hope you are having a good week .
Jacquie x


  1. What beautiful places you brought and places you visited. Your mum is a very good painter. Im a bit down today and your blog has cheered me up.

  2. Sorry was meant to say things instead of places. I should actually read the post before I send it. Im forever doing this.

  3. Hello Jacquie,
    What fun! Great post a little of everything to look at andread. Thats just the sort of day I love;crochet,chat,cuppa and a snack.....and lots of eye fillers...lots of nice bits to admire. Your Mum's painting is very brings to mind .... England!

    Amanda :-)
    at Crafty in the Med
    a new follower....well now a few weeks old :-)

  4. Hi Jacquie, thanks for a wonderful trio of posts. My sil and I choose a different area to visit each year and Yorkshire is our choice for next spring. ( we did the Isle of Wight this coming soon). Your posts have made me even more determined now to explore. Such fabulous photographs and enough info on places of interest to really whet my appetite. We have been on day trips but never to stop. We certainly will now. Ps love your mums painting.

  5. How lovely to meet up with two crochet buddies: Lucy and Heather and what a fun time you must have had together! I love seeing all your visits and think that new daisy granny square pattern is lovely and so fresh looking! Lunch looked great and your mum's watercolour is perfect and depicts spring in England beautifully!

  6. Love your daisy granny squares.. I just finished a large blanket with the daisy grannies all in blue. Can't wait to see your baby blanket! Love your mom's painting ! Beautiful pictures !

  7. I'd seen Lucy's photos of your meet-up and I reckoned the daisies were yours. They're lovely, as are your photos, and your Mum's picture is wonderful.

  8. I'm very lucky to live in Yorkshire, God's own Country they say! Loving the daisy squares, very pretty, and your mum is so talented, really brings it all to life. x

  9. How wonderful Jacqui ... what a fantastic break you've had in the Yorkshire Dales and to meet up with Lucy & Heather must have been the icing on the cake!

    Looking forward to seeing your baby blanket .. hope the shop preparation is going well. Takes an age to get it all sorted out doesn't it?!

    Happy Crafting
    Fleur xx

  10. love the red,white,blue crochet items. all your pics are gorgeous! :) I always read your blog, just never get the chance to comment. hello from AZ, USA

  11. Hi Jacquie! What a wonderful trip!! And how wonderful to be able to share it with your mom! How I wish I could have been sitting in that cafe with you, and Lucy and Heather!!! I am just re-teaching myself how to crochet and next up is your granny square tutorial!! I am sure all three of you would have me up and crocheting in about two seconds! Your blogs are the next best thing :) Gosh this was a long comment.... :)

  12. Hi Jacquie - how lovely to meet up with Lucy and Heather. I love the little jug. I prefer to put flowers in jugs and jars than formal vases. I can't wait for the daisy square tutorial - I think it may be my next blanket project. Thanks so much for sharing your trip - its been lovely. Lily. xxx

  13. What a lovely day, lovely crochet, and a lovely painting! It was mother's day in the US and I was feeling jealous of your day, how nice to have "hooky" friends to share with! Can't wait to see pattern for your daisy granny, ADORABLE!

  14. You had such a lovely trip and your pictures make me want to visit! I love the daisy squares and can't wait for the tutorial!! Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful pictures, you could make a calendar out of your pictures!!!

  15. That truly was a lovely weekend -- and yes, your daisy granny is adorable:)

  16. Perfect day to end your little trip. Mums painting is stunning, well done mum!

  17. Looks like you had the best time Jacquie, love that little jug and no I can't remember what those flowers are called. and coincidence or what I've been making daisy granny squares for ages, building up for a blanket! My pattern is slightly different from yours but I think it means great minds think alike LOL! Have a great weekend. ♥

  18. Gerberas! I think anyway hehe.

    It was lovely to meet you and we must to it again, perhaps you would like to come back and meet baby later in the year :-)

  19. sounds like a lovely day, love the little red jug very cute. Your daisy squares are sweet - I made a rather random daisy blanket last year and although its a bit wonky its my favourite blanket so far I think and lives on my bed :-) Your Mum's painting is really beautiful - very clever x

  20. They're Gerberas :D Lovely colour! I've loved your photos of Yorkshire, thanks for sharing :D

  21. yearn for a trip back to england ...pine...pine
    thanks for sharing..

  22. I have loved the beautiful photos you have posted of Yorkshire. Such an amazing place that I can only dream of visiting one day. I love your crochet, the colours are really lovely. Your Mum's painting is very good. I would most certainly love to have it hanging in my house.
    Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  23. Such a wonderful thing to meet up with blog friends. Yes they are Gerberas, they look like they could be mini ones, they are such a happy color too.
    Your mum's painting is fantastic, she is very talented, and it obviously has passed onto you too. I love the look of your daisy squares, I wouldn't even know where to begin to make up a pattern. Thank you for more beautiful pictures.
    xx Sandi
    Must find a Yorkshire calendar for next year, am off to google:)

  24. What a lovely post, I love the daisy granny squares & would really like to give them a try. What a great trip you had & your Mum's painting is beautiful. I get my dose of England from blogs like yours. Jan in Oz

  25. All these grannies remind me to get back to my own WIPs!!! Yours are looking wonderful, and the scenery, so nice to see some more of it, thank you

  26. Such a wonderful post; thanks for sharing it, Jacquie!! I must say, however, that I am specially taken with your mum's beautiful painting. I think I asked this before, but the answer escapes me. Does she ever sell any of her watercolours? *sigh* What a blissful weekend it looks as though you had. So happy for you!

  27. I think I shall have a go at those daises when I have the time.

    BTW I blame you - I've just booked a week away in Yorkshire for us & the new toy this summer :) :) After seeing all your photos I knew we needed to visit somewhere new :)

  28. Love your Mother's painting! Awesome colors and scene. I saw the picture of the canal boats. Do they fish? Used for transport? Just curious! Enjoy your blog! Vicki

  29. It looks and sounds as though you had the most wonderful time away with your mum! Beautiful pictures in your last few posts. It's somewhere I would love to visit. Lovely buys too!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx

  30. What a perfect day with like-minded friends. :-)

  31. Your Daisy granny squares are lovely and I love the bright red jug!

  32. What a great weekend you had! Great purcheases! I love the embroidered trim, so cute. Congrats to your mum, her painting is lovely!


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