Friday 7 September 2012

Early September Sunshine

Hello Lovelies, 
what a cheerful, sunny week we have enjoyed this first week of September. Wonderful blue skys.......

It's been perfect cycling weather and I've enjoyed pedalling about and having chance to notice things like roadside produce stalls set up in peoples gateways. At one I bought these Raspberries for a few pennies.....they were delicious.........

The countryside too is looking so pretty. I love seeing the changing landscape you get with agricultural farming. At last we have harvest weather..........

I'm sure this crop will soon be gathered in . Tractors are everywhere, transporting grain and making bales of straw...........

Bright red Hawthorn berries are back too. I'm not sure if this is early or if I just did not notice them at this time last year...........

I'm sure this settled weather must be making the farmers smile after the dismal summer. ........

In my own garden  butterflies and making me smile.....

Stunning Red Admiral

And this year I was so happy to see my favourite butterfly of common in my childhood but  not so prevalent now ..........the pretty  Small Tortoiseshell

The weather is forecast to stay good here over the weekend . Hope it's good where you are too. 
Thankyou for all your comments and guesses on my chrochet thingumabob . No one has guessed what it is yet :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Its been gorgeous this week hasn't it - typical as the children are back to school.

    I can't say whether there are more berries this year than last as I was housebound this time last year. However the hedge in our garden is groaning with them much to the birds delight :)

    Last thing - snap, almost identical Red Admiral on white buddleia pics!!

  2. It's a little sad that the summer weather comes as the schools go back. Your photos look lovely especially the butterflies. Sarah

  3. gah ... another gorgeous blog discovered! So nice to meet you, Jacquie and I'm so looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Awww, it looks so lovely and golden where you are. Beautiful photos, especially the bale ones.
    Wish we had sunshine... musn't grumble and all that I know, but really!
    We get lots of small tortoiseshell butterflies but I haven't seen a red admiral at all this year, nor last year either I think.

  5. Beautiful and stunning photos, thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for taking me out for a glimpse of your world! Have a good weekend! Ada :)

  7. Those are beautiful pictures. My fave is the close up of the wheat.

  8. Oh those raspberries wouldn't have made it home, they look delicious.
    Beautiful pics of the butterflies. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  9. Mmm, what a lovely seasonal post Jacquie. Your photos of the countryside are wonderful. The contrast of the golden fields against the green hedgerows and then a wide expanse of blue sky.
    The poor farmers have had a tough season, so it's great to see some fine weather for a while.
    Love the Butterflies and don't they love Buddleia?
    Those Raspberries, looks so fresh and yummy. I hope we get a good crop this Summer........

    Claire X

  10. I love seeing fields of hay bales. I always called them swiss rolls as a child and I still do actually! Rachel x

  11. Que saudades que me deu de ver essas fotos de fardos de feno no campo.
    Meu marido trabalhava com cavalos e sempre morei em fazenda (haras), isso antes dele falecer.
    Lindas fotos.

  12. Making hay while the sun the colours in those photos! We're enjoying sunny weather here too.

  13. How beautiful your picture are. It's always so difficult to chose a favourite season as they're all so wonderful. Enjoy the autumn days.

  14. wonderful photography!!!!! such a beautiful landscape...i do love this time of year- it never fails in my eyes, keeps warm, colours are spectacular and all-in-all there's so much beauty out there at the moment x

  15. love harvest time!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  16. they have just completed the harvest where we live, lots of activity and tractors. I did love walking though the fields all summer and the Sept sunshine is bringing out lots of cyclists and dog walkers. Amanda x

  17. Yesterday I posted some photos of a hay field near our home by Mt. Hood in the Portland, Oregon area. It is so interesting to see the common beauty we share so many miles apart, Jacquie. Thanks for your lovely blogging :)
    xx from Gracie

  18. The year is turning. I think this time of abundance has to be the best part of the year. Gorgeous photos Jacquie :)

  19. I have given you "The Sunshine" Award. Head on over to my blog and check it out! Thank you for adding "sunshine" to my day! Penny :)

  20. I do love your pictures of bales - great images. I've been deep in thought about your crochet item - I love a challenge... It looks like a ball cover or something for a kiddies toy? Or a cute little purse for a little girl? Tell us soon please?!! Thanks!! J9 x

  21. Crochet and beautiful landscapes, your blog is very nice to look at :-)

  22. Gorgeous photos, I love seeing fields of round bales.

    I'm wondering if your crochet thingumabob is going to be a padded cover for a door knob to stop it banging into the wall.

  23. Those raspberries look amazing! I love this time of year. There is something about those agricultural scenes that are so nostalgic. :-)

  24. You take such beautiful pictures I especially love the one of the raspberries.Thank you for walking me through your days,very inspiring

  25. Wonderful photography. I can almost smell all those hay bails and the raspberries . . . delicious!



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