Tuesday 30 October 2012

A Week of Sunshine

Hello Lovelies ,
its' good to be back. We have been away on a long anticipated , special treat.......a week of hot sunshine in October.  We really enjoy our summer holidays in Britain and have only taken the boys on an aeroplane once previously ( to Majorca 5 years ago ) but this relaxing half term week in the warm sunshine  was bliss.

We left home in thick fog and after four hours in the air touched down in sunny Lanzarote. The boys and their cousins were keen to find the beach so we wandered down to the sea in the early evening. The light was really beautiful at this time of day and knowing that it would already be cold and dark at home made this first dip in the Atlantic Ocean extra special..........

The landscape on this volcanic island , less that eighty miles off the coast of Africa, is so very different from home ............

No grass to be seen but stunning cacti and palms. And thankfully lots of beautiful flowers......

Wonderful Hibiscus .

Bougainvillea , which reminded me of my first Mediterranean holidays in my teens and early twenties...........

We were happy to potter about the resort of Costa Teguise  and every day we visited one of it's  beaches.....this one was our favourite ..........

And particularly this spot on the right of this sheltered bay, you could find us here most days enjoying the soft warm sand .......

And snorkeling with the little fishes........

Ohhhhhhh I wish I had an underwater camera to capture this world amongst the fish that we all loved.

It's so quiet and effortless floating in the buoyant seawater once you put your face below the surface . I was enchanted by the other-worldliness of the pretty fish and the dancing patterns made by sunlight shining through the waves.

The fish were very brave and would eat bread from your hand as well, the children loved that..........

Yes the beach life was great but above all it was the luxurious  feeling of beautiful sunny weather at a time of year when cold dark days are beginning that was so wonderful. Just to wander about in light summer clothes ( and factor 50 sun cream .........I don't tan well and hate getting burnt ) when our summer is really over felt so lovely and special. Especially after the poor summer we have had in the U.K. this year.

There was not much time for crochet ( as I didn't want to take it to the beach....see above comment on sun cream :0)  ) , just a little time on our sunny balcony before our evening meal ( which I didn't have to cook  , yay ! )..........

Watching the moon rise in the brilliant blue sky and listening to the birds in this tree.......I know you can't see them but there were loads of little finches hopping about and chirping away.........

Here's where my blanket is up to now........sixty four well traveled squares .......

Yes , we had a wonderful holiday that I hope the boys will remember for a long time. I feel so fortunate we were able to go  also very lucky to have this space to record my feelings and share moments with you lovelies. I'll stop now but I hope you will join me for another holiday post or two soon.
Jacquie x


  1. What a wonderful break! Lovely pictures looks like you had an amazing time and a great break from the very cold Britain :-)

  2. What lovely photos of your holiday in Lanzarote! That hibiscus is gorgeous and the Bougainvillea so intense in colour... great colours to think of for a crochet project this winter! I love it that you took your latest crochet project with you. It's coming on so nicely too. I love the fresh colours so reminiscent of seaside holidays!

  3. It is the colours that strike me - after our rather drab summer here, the vivacity of the sky and the brightness of the painted buildings are a real shot in the arm - lovely!

  4. Enjoyed this holiday post. I've never been to Mallorca and your photos are lovely.

  5. Couldn't you have smuggled me into your suitcase?....I would love a bit of warm sunshine! :) Looks fab, what a lovely time you all must have had....bliss! xx

  6. Lovely bit of sunshine-lucky you! Ada :)

  7. It looks lovely! I could do with a little bit of that sunshine right now as I am really feeling the cold today. I can think of nothing better than a bit of crochet in the sunshine :O)xx

  8. Jacquie, what a lovely break you and your family had. It looks like a lovely spot, and I like that you couldn't resist taking your project with you. I took a tapestry with me last year to Fiji and a stitchery to China!
    Now the summer is almost over for you and ours is threatening to begin.

  9. What a lovely treat!
    We've been very lucky and had winter sun hollibobs a few times, and every single holiday is so magical. xx

  10. I really enjoyed reading your post today. Such beautiful photos and such clear water. The Gulf is not that kind! Shari

  11. Oh ... now I want a holiday!!! Thank you for sharing yours!!!


  12. Looks like you had a beautiful time Jacquie!
    Victoria xx

  13. I love bougainvillea. It reminds me of times spent in Thailand with my husband. I love the way it just tumbles everywhere. I am glad you had such a lovely holiday. You must be chilly now you are back. They were gritting the motorways on Friday evening. Brrr. Lily. xxx

  14. That sounds wonderful! I love the Canaries and a bit of sunshine around now would be perfect!

  15. I'm showing my husband this post... I informed him that I would need to buy a plastic hook for the plane (we had a 9 hour flight) so I could crochet and he said "don't take your crochet, spend the time with me". It was his birthday week so I left the crochet at home... he then proceeded to watch FOUR films on the plane!! My hibiscus in the porch is still flowering... one pot has pink flowers and the other orange, but I would love that yellow version you pictured x

  16. Lucky you! A bit more sun would be great (we are having rain warnings in Cumbria!). The blanket is looking great - love the colours.

  17. How wonderful Jacquie, it looks like the most gorgeous week of family sunshine and fun and I'm well impressed with your pretty little squares blanket, those colours really are pleasing on the eye. You've done it again, another beauty created by the clever you xox Penelope

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful time, love those little fish so tame, amazing!

  19. It looks a lovely holiday.
    Snorkelling is just my cup of tea. I'm not a very good swimmer but snorkelling only requires floating and a bit of doggy paddle.


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