Friday 5 October 2012

Nostalgic Knitting

Hello Lovelies,
Back in August we ( Mr BM ) had to empty the loft to allow some nice men to add more insulation.
Along with the Christmas decorations and camping gear we found lots of forgotten things like the poetry book mentioned in my previous post and some unfinished craft projects I had forgotten all about :0)
 We also came across a big box of clothing labelled "Newborn ". It must have been there for nearly ten years.

Along with lots of sleep suits and vests were some hand knits..........

These were not made by me ( I can't knit ). These sweet little cardigans were made by my Nanna ( Maternal Grandmother )..........

For my first two children I did not know if they were going to be boys or girls so there are quite a few neutral items.

 By the time I got to number three I decided to find out so this well worn blue cardigan will have been made for him.
Nanna was a very keen knitter for a lot of years and I've posted about her before here.
When  she made this cardigan she will have been Ninety Four years old and sadly was not able to see well enough to carry on knitting  for much longer after this........

 I remember liking the cardigans she made as they were much easier to get on and off a floppy newborn baby than a jumper.

This sweet jumper looks unworn , probably due to this fact..........

I've already kept some of Nanna's best baby knits in the boys memory boxes. So yesterday I finally got round to  donating  these , along with the rest of the box of clothes , to a local Hospice charity shop....

But I'm glad I decided to take a few pictures of them at the last minute.
Special memories of days with tiny babies and Nanna with her clicky needles .

Jacquie x


  1. What lovely happy memories shared :-)
    A x

  2. sweet memories....!!!
    Good idea to take some photos of them, before the donation....You did a great thing!
    xxxx Alessandra

  3. So lovely f you to donate them in so some other baby (and Mama can enjoy them :)

  4. They are lovely. Such fond memories go with hand made knits and the amazement that they were ever so small.

  5. Gorgeous Daughter (currently 7mths pregnant) and I are both keen knitters, but even so this new baby has so much already from charity shops.
    Not a day goes by without one of our friends pops in with a pair of dungarees or a dress for new babygirl.
    I'll be doing a post soon about the frugal nursery project too - the only thing she will have new (apart from mattresses)is the pram, and that's down to GD's choice.
    So just think of Nanna's cardigan's now on new little wriggly babies - I bet she would love that!
    FM x

  6. Your blog is amazing. The pics, so colourful, makes my day!!

  7. I have some very similar ones! The pink ones are unworn :)

  8. They look like they're in such good condition it's terrific that they will be used again and reappreciated!

  9. How beautiful, you just can't buy clothes like that for babies. Hand Knits are the best by far for wee ones! xxx

  10. I think you just made some new Mother very happy, those are just precious.

  11. Lovely memories :) I've got the jumpers both boys came home from hospital in - I think my MIL knitted them - she was shocked I'd asked for navy for a newborn!!

    I have the most wonderful teddy jumper my Grandma made for BigSon which LittleSon wore too - brings back happy memories of them being so small.

    Whilst my Grandma is still with us - she can no longer knit due to failing eyesight/health :(

  12. Aww, aren't these cute! Never get rid of those, far too precious.

  13. Those are beautiful sweaters. Some mom will be very excited to get such lovely handknit items. I have a little sundress my Grandma made me when I was about two. It is crochet. Guess it would be called an antique by now.

  14. Lovely photos and with such happy memories associated with these little knits. I remember knitting those very patterns for my babies 40+ years ago and recognise the yarn too. The photos would make a lovely scrap page to treasure. Elizabeth

  15. Your Nana's knitting is lovely, and you are very kind to donate these tiny cardigans so that some other sweet little babies will have the pleasure of wearing these unique garments.


  16. So sweet, baby clothes make me go all gushy, these are lovely
    Karen x

  17. Very sweet and so nice that you have kept them. x

  18. What treasurers to find and so many happy memories.
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  19. Hi Jacquie Thanks for letting me know the camera you use for your photos.
    Those lovely knitted baby clothes are a real treasure and surprisingly in good condition after living in your loft for so long......xx

  20. What absolutely gorgeous little knits and so kind of you to pass them on. What a talented lady your Nanna was. Lovely!!

    Arwedd xx

  21. What a lovely post. How wonderful that you are continuing your Nanna's legacy, not only by making lovely yarny things yourself, but by passing on her knitted items to the next generation. :)

  22. How kind of you to pass them on to someone who will hopefully cherish them as much as you have.

  23. A very special post, good hand knits are always welcome. Someone's little person is going to be very snuggly in those beauties.

  24. Both my girls had cardies like these - do people still knit these or have they been overtaken by designer gear. I loved knitting for the girls - I learned to knit when I was expecting with my mum on the other end of the phone translating the pattern to me - it was a case of knit one drop one at first but I persevered and made things until they were about 11 years old by which time to do two of everything took me so long to complete they had already grown out of it! Happy memories!


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