Saturday 6 October 2012

Autumn Cycle Ride

Hello Lovelies, 
I'm currently on a break from running....well I'm just doing the odd very short run give my joints a break .  To be honest I've had a rather painful ankle/foot since the great north so I'm listening to my body and easing up for a little while longer. 
In the mean time I feel the need to try and maintain my aerobic fitness so cycling is back on the agenda . I do love getting out and about on a sunny day while the countryside is still looking so pretty......

On my precious day off in the week ( I do feel so lucky to be able to work part time ) I decided to repeat the same route I posted about here back in June. 

It wasn't long before I found some wonderful Autumnal colour to photograph.......

And Autumnal fruit to pick ..........

The tall grasses along the verges looked pretty with the low sun shining through them........

Further along the road I shop under my favourite tree and gaze up at it's impressive twisted branches. Just a few of the leaves are beginning to change colour........

Here's a picture of this wonderful Oak tree from further away........

Cycling is great for being able to pull over and notice the small pretty things just at the side of the road .......

And fields of sheep........

Further along I'm now on an even quieter road and stop again at another pretty view.......

I guess it's not that vigorous exercise, stopping regularly on  this traffic free lane but I don't really care on such a lovely day........

More stops to capture these wonderful berries growing through the hedgerow........

They were growing on a sort of vine but I don't know what they are .

These I do know .....Crab Apples ..........

Nearer home and one  final stop . The golden corn and bales of September are gone now and fields made ready for the next crop..........

I love the changing seasons and the different views  that come with them.The ever changing nature and the cycle of the farming year. I love living somewhere where it's so easy to access the wonderful countryside we have in this country. I really can't think of anywhere I would rather live ( please remind me I said that in the depths of winter ! ) .
Jacquie x

Edited to add :-
Thankyou to Chloe for informing me the mystery berries are Black Bryony and very poisonous so please don't be tempted to touch them if you do come across some yourself


  1. ..No worries, I'll remind you from down here, in JK!!!!
    happy weekend, xxx Alessandra

  2. It's a long time since I've done any 'alone' cycling. With the other half in tow and the kids, we don't do lots of stops. All the question - why are we stopping, how far have we to go, I want to be at the front, etc. your cycling looks far more relaxed, maybe I will try it. Sarah

  3. Looks a lovely way to spend part of your day off :) How lucky to get such a sunny one. I think those berries on the vine are wild hops - we have some that grow through our back garden hedge and they look the same.

    Trying not to think about deep winter today - its been gorgeous here in Suffolk - sunny, warm and washing has dried outside :)

  4. I love cycling by myself!! Do it every Friday when I have the day off. And you gotta love berries. MMmmm.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Lovely autumnal pictures of your bike ride. I especially love the 'conker' and oak leaf shot with the sun shining through the leaf. I love the shadow shot of you on your bike too with just the tip of your bike basket in the picture! You are very fortunate to live within easy access of the the countryside!

  6. What a lovely cycle ride. Its the one thing I miss now I am living in the city - not quite the same as cycling round qiet country lanes. Thanks for sharing! :-) x

  7. What a lovely bike ride. The red berries look like Black Bryony - beautiful berries and heart-shaped leaves BUT the whole plant is very poisonous and not to be touched! I need to get a seat for my toddler then I'll be able to take us off for similar jaunts round our local country lanes, bliss! x

    1. Hi Chloe , thanks for the info. I didn't touch and will add a warning to my post.
      Jacquie x

  8. Can't beat a cycle round quiet country lanes!

  9. Beautiful pictures and yes cycling around countryside can be wonderful.
    Goodness knows I need to do more of it for my health ☺☺

    Wendy from Oz

  10. Lovely Autumnal pics Jacquie.....I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a city and not have easy access to the country.
    Do you ever pop a thermos and a treat in your bike basket and have a picnic for one along the way?
    A beautiful Spring morning here after a very wet Saturday.......enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Claire x

  11. Absolutely divine photos! I loved stopping by!

  12. Jacquie, such a beautiful and varied countryside. My hometown here in Australia has a very unique climate due to its geography and topography. We have lots of English trees that grow so successfully here, but I think I do like a country lane in a rural English countryside!
    We used to be able to pluck blackberries here as well until councils decided to bomb them with herbicides, which doesn't do any good for the wild critters and insects who called them food (as well as exploring children).
    Enjoy the autumn. It is my favourite time of the year.

  13. This post was a visual feast, I was particularly interested in the tree with the twisted limbs and then just had to look up Black Bryony as it was a plant I've never heard of with such an interesting name.

  14. I love your little autumn post, and you had brambles/blackberries!! yummy :) and you found chestnuts too....a very autumn feeling this morning

  15. Just been cycling and enjoying the wonderful day . My husband has just bought me a bike for my birthday which is very similar to yours. I am so pleased with it. Around where I live it is mainly hills so even though I take my camera it is not put to much use . To busy getting my breath back when I stop!! Love your photos though.I love the freedom and how much you can see which is so often missed when driving. Thanks for your blogging it is a real pleasure to read.

  16. Thanks for taking me along on your ride, I loved the journey.

  17. I enjoy reading your blog. The Autumn bike ride was lovely. Your crochet is gorgeous and I am nominating “Bunny Mummy” for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Here are the details:

  18. What a lovely post about your ride. Your photos are all beautiful!

  19. Oh you make me jealous being out on your bike in the sunshine, it's one of my most favourite things to do! Lovely bike too although it would look fab with some bicycle basket bunting on it!!!!! x

  20. What a beautiful countryside you have!

  21. Fabulous photos!!! I do love Autumn so much and there's nothing better than autumn colours in the sunshine. And I wish I had a bike like that - it makes me nostalgic.
    Teresa x

  22. Beautiful post. Thank you. Felt like I'd ridden along with you!

  23. A quiet country lane is a great place for a bike ride on a sunny Autumn day.


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