Friday 28 December 2012

Christmas Snippets

Hello Lovelies, 
Christmas came and went in a blur of busyness and laughter .
 I love the Christmas eve feeling of anticipation. The moment before guests arrive is rather special........

Though the boys are getting older they are still happy to put out a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph before going to bed :0).........

On Christmas morning my red tulips looked stunning on the kitchen windowsill..........

      Love the little nest box, bought for me by the boys.I did drop a lot of hints :0)

I also loved this butterfly fridge magnet from Mum............

The weather remained grey and damp this Christmas day............

But one of the joys of not  cooking  is having  the time to get out for a little walk in the morning.
Love these glossy Holly berries dripping with rainwater..........

The ground is saturated and my walking companion loved wading through some very deep puddles........

We stopped of to admire some  pretty and  festive Holly and Red Carnation wreathes in the church porch....

Soon it was time for all of us to head to my brother and sister in laws, where there were more pretty Holly and Carnation displays.........

I think the whole family feels fortunate that we can all sit down together and enjoy a wonderful home cooked meal together on this special day...........

After Dinner , along with the high tech play there was also some good old fashioned fun...........

 Does anybody remember this game? .....throw a six to put on the hat,scarf and gloves then try and get some chocolate with a knife and folk. But be quick or somebody else will get a six and grab a turn. This was hilarious to watch .
It took me back to childhood parties :0)

There were also some retro presents.
My niece had an etch a sketch......... I always wanted one of those.....

 And middle son had a Stylophone ( he saw it on You Tube :0)  ).........I did have one of these........they were promoted by Rolf Harris in the seventies I remember..........

                                    Think it even came with the same songs mine did :0)

I've actually been at work a lot over the past few days (only got Christmas day off ) but it hasn't stopped me reading the whole of this book............

I saw it praised on a couple of blogs and asked for it as a present............ I wasn't disappointed............. It's a heartwarming true story and it really made me count my blessings. 

I hope you didn't mind me sharing some prezzies here.... just thought you lovelies would be interested.

Jacquie x


  1. Great Christmas.....great retro pressies, I remember them well! :) x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day. I had the same book but only managed to get halfway through so far as my cat went missing on Boxing day so when the family had gone home I spent the next day making flyers and posters and knocking doors. She came back late last night sop all relieved again.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas Jacquie. I'm glad you were able to get Christmas Day off from work. Are you a nurse?
    Anne xx

  4. Thank you so much Jacquie for sharing your Christmas Day with us. Stunning and beautiful photos.

  5. It sounds as if you had a lovely Christmas! You read the same book as me over Christmas! Bob the cat is such a lovely story how he and James found each other! I also looked him up on youtube to see several film clips of him on his street patch.

  6. My cousin had a etch a sketch and I always played with it when we went there to visit. I loved it.
    And my daughter still plays this chocolate game at her birthday parties.
    Seems there is not that much difference between the UK and Germany after all.
    Thank you for showing.
    Wishing you a happy new year.

  7. What a wonderful time you all had! I always really wanted a Stylophone but I think common sense prevailed as I would have driven everyone mad with it!!

    I work with disengaged and often troubled young people, and we play the chocolate eating game as an icebreaker with new groups - its lovely to see my students becoming kids once again as we all compete to eat the most chocolate!

    I havent been out for any walks as yet this holiday as have been a bit under the weather with the lurgy, but fortunately not so poorly as to not be able to enjoy all the fun! Have even managed a bit of me time and completed a cross stitch mini-project!

    Happy New Year, hope 2013 is a fab year for you and yours.


  8. Hi Jacquie, thanks for sharing! I have not played the choccie game for years. I think the last time I did, it was either at Youth Group at the local church, or in Girl Guides. You wouldn't play it as a Christmas game here in Australia, as the person with the knife and fork would have a better than even chance of spearing a softening choccie piece!
    I love it that your mob play games together. This is wonderful!
    Happy New Year to you and yours, and keep on taking the photos. You have a wonderful eye.

  9. How lovely Jacquie, looks like a celebratory fun family time was had and I loved all your outdoor photos on your walk. As for the retro goodness I was desperate for an etch a sketch too, they look like such fun.Memories of Rolf Harris on the telly in the 1970's made me chuckle too xox Penelope

  10. I love that chocolate game! I saw it played recently at a 6 year old's party and it went down a treat.

    It all looks and sounds lovely, Jacquie.

    Gillian x

  11. I guess we didn't play the chocolate game here in the states, at least I didn't. The etchascetch I played with a lot. Thanks for post. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pics!!

    Happy New Year!!

  12. Glad you had a lovely time. It's always the simple things that are the best! I remember playing that chocolate game at parties and it always got so competitive, even more so when we had a parents only round.
    You're the second person to recommend that book to me today and I've only been up an hour! I think it may have to go on my reading list once I've finished the books I was given for Christmas xx

  13. OK, spill the beans!

    How do you juggle kids, job, ALL this crochet, blog and a fab looking home!!?

    I never seem to get much of anything done and I want it to change in 2013 so that I don't feel like a headless chicken trying to catch the next overdue job!! I suffer with stress because of all the stuff, so for my healths sake I need to get a grip!

    Thanks so much for sharing so much of what is personal to (and Lucy at Attic24) keep me sane!


  14. Looks like you had a wonderful Crimbo. Seeing the Etch-a-Sketch and the Stylophone immediately time warped me back to the 70s. I remember very well Rolf Harris doing the TV ads.

    Wishing you a great 2013 x


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