Thursday 6 December 2012

December Sun

Hello Lovelies,
Yesterday was cold and crisp with bright sunshine and blue skys . The days are so short now, even at midday the sun is low in the sky............

The horses are getting some welcome extra fodder and you can see their hot breath as they chew.........

The sun is bright but there is only a little heat in it at this time of year and there are long shadows everywhere......................

Oh I love the bright blue sky and this little row of cottages. I often pass this spot and think "dang that would made a lovely picture if only the cars parked in front of the houses would move". And yesterday they had :o)

There are many shady spots where the low sun does not reach..........

 The land is still waterlogged after the heavy rainfall of last week and in the shadows the water is frozen............

I don't think the farmer has closed this gate for a long time :0)...........

It's tricky to take pictures as the sun gets in your eyes and the camera lens ...........

 But I'm not complaining about the's wonderful to get a chance to take pictures of the wintery landscape looking so pretty.............

By mid afternoon the clouds are building and by the look of the icy blue within them I'd guess we are possibly in for some snow.........................

Hope you are keeping warm if you are here in the U.K..........or any where it's cold right now.
Jacquie x


  1. Stunning photos with gorgeous landscapes. I love the clouds in your last picture. We have snow here in the North East.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. What stunning views you have, great weather too! Keep warm! :)

  3. beautiful pictures... i felt like i was there too, watching the scenes of quiet life... i really wish to go to such place and just feel peace.
    yea, it's cold here too, not frost though, but morning air is quiet chill.take care and keep warm too! Anna

    1. We had a bit of snow yesterday, here in the South, it didn't even stick to the ground, but it was pretty. I love this time of the year so much. Your photography is very, very good, beautiful pictures!
      Cheryl xxx

  4. Thank you for sharing your walk in the winter sunshine. I love to stroll through pretty villages this time of year. I'm sure you agree how blessed we are here in the UK with rows of 'chocolate box' cottages, that look so amazing during the festive season. Sending warm thoughts x

  5. Lovely photographs, especially the cottages. Just shows that it pays to carry your camera around with you - you never know when you'll get that shot you've been after for ages!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. I love your photos! The cottages are so sweet and timeless. I love the juxtaposition of the blue of the sky with the white. Very pretty - there's nothing like it around here. I can't believe how low the midday sun is. That's amazing.

    After experiencing temperatures this time last week that put us here in Oz in mind of bushfires and drought, after the thunderstorms that followed came a cold blast out from the Southern Ocean to bring us back to wintry weather again.
    Next week I will be in central China where the current temperature is below zero and the mercury is settled in the bottom bit of the bulb and not likely to rise much for quite a few weeks!

    I am looking forward to buying a 'real' winter coat when I'm there (I hope they have something my size - I've only ever seen the locals a head shorter than me and so tiny!). Here in Australia we don't have true cold weather clothing, although there are parts of the country that do get pretty chilly. You layer up. I want a lovely cuddly warm woolly coat.

  7. What a beautiful spot to go for a walk. I adore this cold, crisp, sunny weather - we get the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets too. x

  8. Beautiful pics and it looks warm with the bright blue sky, even though it's very cold. It's raining, blowing and extremely cold in my part of the country.
    Love from Mum

  9. Hi Jacquie - your photos are lovely. Isn't winter sunlight special. It is so welcome and soft. We have a tiny bit of snow which has frozen over here and its very chilly. Lily. xxx

  10. Oh, that last pic is beautiful Jacquie, a low, brooding sky.....good you finally got your wish and a lovely pic of the cottages it is all the chimneys. I beat their heaters are all cranked up inside.
    Nice to get out for a wander and see what's happening around you whatever the weather.
    Have a great weekend....

    Claire x

  11. What lovely pictures!
    Makes me feel like going for a wintery walk.

  12. You take such beautiful pictures. I have to say that my favorite one is the one of the overgrown fence and the big mud bog going into the field. And lucky you all the cars moved to get that lovely picture of those cottages!


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