Saturday 29 December 2012

Crochet Projects in 2012

Hello Lovelies, 
I've put together some of my favourite images of this years crochet to share with you today. It was great fun to look back at my finished makes and see what a productive crochet year I've had. Without this space it would be so easy to forget when they were made.

As well as the ta-dah moment shots I LOVE the progress images, like this stack of hexagons, way back in the January sunshine...........

 The jumble of colourful granny squares in my blog header always makes me smile, I can't see me changing it anytime soon♥

Also back in January I made the stripy tin cover ( at the moment its around this years Amaryllis pot ...did anybody spot it in my previous post :0)   )..........

By the end of January all my Hexagons had been joined and my Kaleidoscope blanket was finished......

 In February I started on another blanket...this time a baby blanket, using trusty Stylecraft yarn..........

 I started to join the squares like this .......

 But I wasn't too happy with it and then my sister in law asked me to make two blankets for twins , so I added a white border.........much happier with that (tutorial in my side bar )............

In March I dropped the white and started another baby blanket. My yarn bag full of  beautiful rainbow colours made me very happy......

The first outdoor crochet of the year occurred later in March as I worked on this happy project ......

The Elmer blanket ta-dah.........

 Love this Easter image , not only for the crochet coaster but also the Daffodils and the glimpses of my Easter "tree" and trays of seedlings on the windowsill. Ooooh , I'm feeling excited about spring now....I bit prematurely ..........

April also saw me making these colourful boats.........

My Sail Away crochet decoration is safely stored away for Christmas at the moment, but I'll be popping it back up soon ( tutorial in my side bar )...........

I'n May I worked on a favourite crochet motif........Sunburst circles...........

Turning them into hearts to string together as bunting (tutorial in my side bar).........

In May I started on another baby blanket, this time using a daisy motif in the centre of the squares ( tutorial in my side bar )........

Things then when quiet on the crochet front , while I went through a patchwork phase, but by July I was happy to have a portable project to take to the park with the boys..........

Loved my three baby blankets on the washing  line together (the ripple was made in 2011 and I've since given it to a work college )........

At the end of July the school Summer holidays were beginning and I was dreaming of the seaside........

 So I started another baby blanket in soothing coastal colours , and took it on our weekend  camping adventure...........

And then in August, to Devon.........

 I loved that holiday so much and I loved taking some crochet and patchwork to prettify our static caravan....

 At the end of August I felt the need for a burst of colour so I started a fun project........

That turned out to be my super wacky but super useful string dispenser..........

 My colour craving satisfied , I happily compleated my seaside ripples in September.........

 And stuck with the same colours to begin my first full size blanket of 2012........

Another , join as you go solid colour square blanket , this time for middle son...........

I took my "seaside patches blanket" on our Autumn sunshine holiday in October, but didn't get much done........

 This is what it looked like in November.........

In December I seem to have enjoyed quick projects, starting with these hearts..........

Which I sewed together and stuffed to decorate my wonderful "new to me" dresser........

Then I when back to Sunburst circles..........

And played around designing my own owl pattern..........

 Very happy with this , and I will be sharing the pattern soon :0)

I also make a super quick doily from this book...........

One of my owls has flown away , to live on my sister and brother in laws tree.....

As a little thank you for all the hard work on Christmas day.........

But I'm making some more . I have a Pay it forward ( from last December! oops  )  to honour and I will be including  one of these in each of the three parcels, along with other goodies.

 I've loved visiting so many wonderful blogs this year and still love being part of this inspiring space. Almost all of these projects are , at least in part, inspired by things I've seen and adapted from the wonderfully clever folks who  so generously share their projects and patterns with us. My creative life would be a much duller place without them.

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my crochet , among other things, this year. And thanks for indulging me in this review.

I'll be back with a different Bunny Mummy 2012 retrospective soon :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Wonderful, wonderful crochet projects - lovely to see them all together in one post like this!

    Cant wait for that owl tutorial...


  2. What a fabulous set of makes, each one stunning and vibrant. It's probably naughty to have a favourite but I adore your blue ripple it's very seaside which is my favourite thing! Look forward to more stunning makes of yours in 2012 and I am planning to attempt your beautiful boats for my new bathroom very soon xx

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I've just sat and completed a granny square......long way to day! :) x

  4. What a wonderful array of projects -your use of colour is so beautiful -I love visiting your blog

  5. Amazing beautiful creations each one of them.. Loved the hexagon blanket n going to make an attempt at the sail boats v soon :) looking forward to your wonderful works next year!

  6. Gorgeous crochet creations and photographs. Best wishes for 2013. xxx

  7. Just love hem all .thank you for bing so inspirational.
    Kindest regards Linda

  8. Hi Jacquie,You have achieved so much! And everything wonderful.Thankyou for Your very inspirational blog,I started making a new post last night with My makes over the last year, its a great way of keeping a record and lovely to see all that has been achieved. Heres to the coming new Year and lots more lovely crochet :o)
    Xxxxlove Juliex

  9. Wow, you have made so much and all so wonderful. Really lovely to see it here altogether :-)

  10. Wonderful projets over the year Jacquie, and THANK YOU for your inspiring blog.
    A Happy New Year to you and your Family.

  11. So lovely to see all your pics together. And the little crochet owl is just adorable!

  12. Since I am new to your blog, I loved seeing all your crochet projects together in one post. You have achieved a lot in one year! And you are very talented at crochet - I am new to it and am still definitely a beginner, although I am planning a sunburst baby blanket.

    Gillian x

  13. thanks jacquie for all the great tutorials and it was lovely to see all your projects finished . i'm really inspired by your blog i mloved making the russian doll and my russian friends at work were very impressed. here's to a happy healthy and great blogging year in 2013

  14. Lovely photos Jacquie - I particularly love the seaside ripple and your little owls - Thanks so much for sharing and for the inspiration too! :0) xx

  15. such beautiful hexi colours- love your crochet throughout the year ;0)
    it inspires me to be more creative in 2013...i want to do an art journal page at least twice a month ;0)x

  16. What an amazing year of project full of colour.
    Love the little owl. X

  17. lovely to them altogether in one post! Heather x

  18. What a lovely way to remember all your projects! I have no clue what I made when in 2012. Maybe my New Year's Resolution will be to keep track of my projects?! I especially love the 3 blankets on the washing line - all gorgeous!
    Karen x x

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  20. A great way to see them all together. I only started crocheting this year and found your blog really motivational. I just to get motivated with the running bit too! Love love love your owl and looking forward to the pattern. Thanks for all your blogging! Heather x

  21. You have done lots of wonderful projects in 2012! :) Can't wait to see what 2013 brings :)

  22. What a gorgeous, creative year you've had, Jacquie! Everything is beautiful and those little owls are looking so very enticing in their cheerful colours!

  23. Wow, Jacquie! You have been very busy this year. I only managed to get a baby blanket done. Okay, you have inspired me to get busy in 2013 and get some projects done. I'm wanting to get back to cross stitch but I'm also eager to do some more crocheting. If only there were enough hours in the day!


  24. I so enjoyed seeing all your projects. The colors just make me happy and your work is fab.

  25. I just found your blog! Your work is amazing!!! Maybe you would like to look into my own website:
    I am adicted to tricot and crochet too!

  26. Delicious! I've had to give up crochet due to RSI but the last thing I made was your daisy flower square; a blanket that is usually on my sofa - thanks for a lovely pattern.

  27. Ooo that was just gorgeous! What a feast for the eye! Happy New Year! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  28. What a great assortment of projects. I always find your colorful blog inspiring and I hope to create my own ripple in 2013. Please keep the inspiration coming! Happy New Year.

  29. I loved seeing all your projects on one post. You had a great crochet year. Love the sunburst circles. Do you have a pattern to turn them into squares?


  30. Wow! That's some work!!!!! and all for the love of crochet.......xx

  31. It's lovely to see these all in one post, you've done an amazing amount!

  32. Jacquie it's lovely to see a review of your crochet works in 2012. We do forget what we've achieved, one of the great reasons to have a blog! :)
    I love those owls and look forward to trying your pattern.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Anne xx

  33. Oh wow! How beautiful all of your crochet projects are! I'm particularly fond of the afghans in the seascape colors. Beautiful!

  34. wow - you've been so busy . you must be really pleased. Hoping 2013 is as productive for you. Thanks for sharing .

  35. Jacquie, isn't it a delight to have a look back through 2012 and see what loop over loop can create with lovely colors and textures on board?

    I enjoyed seeing all your photos, and definitely remembered seeing these project unfold month by month.

    Let's now look forward to having more fun in 2013.

    A very Happy New Year to you! xo

  36. This post is full of beautiful crochet eye candy! I love that Kaleidoscope blanket, and your owls are ADORABLE!! Seriously super cute. I can't wait to try your pattern!!

    Happy New Year!!
    Kate :}

  37. Wow, Jacquie, your fingers have been busy throughout's great to look back at all your wonderful makes, but I'm sure the boats were made later than April !!
    Love all your makes but the Kaleidescope blanket would have to be my favourite.
    Here's to a wonderfully creative 2013......

    Claire X

  38. So lovely seeing all your projects over the year together like this, each somehow fitting the season it was made in. Is that conscious or just how it happened? Either way it's very appealing. Your light, colourful style is beautifully evident seeing all your projects together - you make me want to start all sorts of things!! Happy Crocheting Days into the New Year Jacquie! E x

  39. Wow! lovely to see all your years work like that. So much colour! I'm going to try a ripple blanket this year!
    Can't wait for the owl tutorial.
    Happy New Year.

  40. Thanks Jacqui - great post! You've just reminded me of all the projects I want to do!!!!!!!! xxx ♥

  41. oh my goodness!!!! you are the crochet bomb!!!! love love love alllll of the above!!! xx

  42. wow- I'm totally inspired, and just beginning to crochet.

  43. I have loved all your makes Jacquie! You are such an inspiration!Thank you for the wonderful tutorials too, you explain things so well!
    Rachel x

  44. You are awesomely productive Jacquie ... so many lovely things here! Having said the same in 2012 and not found time I'm determined I shall learn to crochet in 2013 and I shall be making good use of your tutorials I'm sure :)

  45. Lovely, lovely, lovely!! Was it really as far back as April that you made those lovely sail boats? Wow, time has really flown! Can't wait to see what you make in 2013! Those owls are ADORABLE! xxx

  46. APRIL!!!! Can't quite believe that was even this year! In some ways it seems to have flown by and in other ways, like the boats, things seem like they happened ages ago! Funny isn't it!?

    Any chance you could show us more of the hoops on your dining room wall?

    I'm very into hoops and have just bought a load on ebay! I have a plan for flowers, trees, animal appliques, a bit of free motion embroidery and of course Crochet....maybe a mix!

    Hope 2013 is all that you want it to be...happy hooking!


  47. A great array of colourful projects. x

  48. Wow!!!! This is an amazing round-up of crochet for the year. So gorgeous : -) I;ve never made a sunburst circle so I'm off to have a go right now!

  49. You've done a lot of gorgeous crochet this year!

  50. Wow, you've done so much crochet this year, it's a real acheivement! Thankyou for inspiring me so much in my first year or blogging and blog reading and keep up the good work in the year to come. Xx

  51. What a beautiful, colorful year you have had!

  52. Wow Jacquie you've been busy, and I've really enjoyed reading all your hooky adventures this year, can't wait to see what wonderful creations you come up with in 2013!x

  53. Just wonderful, you really are a fantastic crocheter, and you make this blog a lovely place to visit and explore.
    I am trying to introduce myself in the blog's world hehe...

    Have a nice time :)


  54. Your owls are WONDERFUL! It's a joy to read your blog.

    From Cheryl - in Tennessee


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