Monday 11 March 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 10/52

Hello Lovelies,
I'm a bit late with this post .To be honest I've found it hard to take any decent pictures due to the grey weather, but there are MANY simple joys , despite the weather so here are my happy things for the last 7 days. 

1. Sitting by the fire looking a pictures of spring....the weather is freezing here at the moment.

2. Enjoying cauliflower cheese with Sunday lunch....seasonal , local and very yummy :0).......

 3.Spring bulbs battling on despite the horrid weather....just looked outside and it's snowing again...sigh.

4. Very simple comfort food is sometimes the best when temperatures plummet. Jam on skill required , it's not even homemade jam, but it tasted yummy and cheered me up after that icy dash outdoors.....

Here's hoping there will be warmer weather very soon.
Jacquie x


  1. Gorgeous pictures Jacquie. I'd stay by the fire if I were you I've just taken Jessie dog for a walk and I think my nose must have fallen off on the way - I can't feel it at all :o Jane x

  2. beautiful indeed simple things we enjoy the most...thanks for this post today i love your blog! have i said that? blessings soraya

  3. Same light here too but you look all cosy. Check out my nearly finished vest here:

  4. It's far too cold to venture out today, your toast and jam looks yummy, Lucey x

  5. Lovely fire, lovely food, seems like maybe it won't be so bad to wait inside for just a wee bit longer for that warm weather. A bit of sunshine would be nice even if it has to be cold. :)

  6. Freezing and grey here too, but that photo of the fire did warm me up! That cauliflower cheese looks delicious and you've reminded me that I've not made that for ages. I need to buy some cauliflowers this week, I think!

    Gillian x

  7. Yup, snowing here too! :-{

    I could honestly wrap my chops around that bowl of cauliflower cheese right now, it looks delicious.

    Keep toasty.

    Heather x

  8. We're sure having a really freezing spell here. Your comfort food looks lovely, just what's needed. Roll on spring! Heather x

  9. Mental weather here too Jacquie - flip flopping between blizzardy blowy snow and bright sunshine today. Still, makes a change from all that grey!
    That cauliflower cheese looks SCRUMPTIOUS!
    Roll on spring, it's surely Just Around The Corner, isn't it?!
    Jones x

  10. That cauliflower cheese looks sooooo delicious - I could really be tempted by that! As does the jam and toast. I might just go and make some jam and toast.

    Can't wait for spring!

    Nikki x

  11. It all looks so yummy! Hmmm, toast and jam along with a cappuccino sounds really good about now. It's still gray and cold and snow is every where here too! Looking forward to spring... staying by the fire and reading about spring sounds like the best thing in the world, next to the toast and jam of course, :D
    Beth P

  12. Chilly here lately too, but it's supposed to be beautiful by the end of the week. We'll see. Your spot by the fire looks so wonderfully cozy; I would like to be there right now myself.

  13. So much snow here. Very glad we work from home, and live within walking distance of school. Some friends who are about a 20 mins drive from school, are still trying to get home! Almost 4 hours and still stuck. :(

  14. Mmmmmm, cauliflower cheese, yummy!
    Angie x

  15. Nice pics as usual.

    Have a great week!

    Lluisa x

  16. I love cauliflower cheese. Snow again...oh dear! In complete contrast Melbourne has had 10 days over 30C, IN MARCH!! Today it is going to be 37C. It should be in the mid 20's this time of the year for us. Cool change coming tomorrow.
    Anne xx

  17. Snowing here too ... on top of rain on top of snow. Ugh.

    Cauliflower cheese sounds WONDERFUL. :)

  18. Loving the bulbs in the snow pic........complete contrast to our brown, crunchy grass in the paddocks.
    Sitting by the heater reading ECL? sounds perfect to me and you can't go past a slice of hot toast, although I love
    vegemite on mine, hehe....

    Great pics Jacqui....

    CLaire x

  19. Mmm, I could just eat that cauliflower cheese!

  20. Great pictures... I also have been longing for some spring time :)


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