Sunday 17 March 2013

♥ 52 weeks of happy ♥ 11/52

Hello Lovelies,
here are some of my happy things from this week.

1. Waking up to glorious sunshine, BEFORE the alarm, on my day off in the week.........

the days are so much longer now

2. Tiny tete-a-tetes flowering in the rain soaked garden......

shame the sun didn't stick around for the weekend.

 3. planting some seeds yesterday........I've been waiting quite a long time to start this years seeds off. So much promise ....I love watching seedlings emerge and grow........

4. I've got lots more jobs I would like to get on with in the garden , but with the disappointing weather  I'm happy to draw instead........

the chickens were copied from a picture in this months Country Living......then I added some forget-me-nots  and snakes head fritillary , because I like them :0) Again I've used pen and coloured pencils.....I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Today , with help from my boys, I have drawn the winners for my PIF and contacted them. So my parcels will  soon be winging their way around the globe...spreading a bit of bloggy love.
Thank you all for entering , another happy part of my life is the wonderful blog community I'm lucky to have discovered.You really are a super kind and generous lot.
Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful happy pitures Jacquie, and another wonderful drawing.

  2. It's cold and rainy here today, thanks for brightening things up! :) x

  3. Jacquie,

    You are getting better with each of your drawing. You have really inspired me to learn drawing. I try to draw the pictures you draw so I can learn how to do it. I am currently working on the kitchen window picture though I have used my flowers (that I have on my kitchen island) daffodils, primrose and crocuses. Hopefully by the end of spring here, I want to try to draw my allotment here with the lettuces peaking out and peas on their trellis.
    Lovely work and thanks for the inspiration.

  4. You know I've got a whole bunch of seeds from last year and I've been waiting for some warm weather to plant them. What was I thinking of?! Nope I'm off to do it now - thanks for the nudge! Jane x

  5. You have one of my favourite books beside your bed. I must read it again (for the 8th time!!!)

  6. Ahhh sunshine, how lovely to wake up to that beautiful glow. Seed planting is exciting, the promise of flowers is wonderful. Another lovely drawing, they are getting better and better!
    Anne xx

  7. Great happy pictures. I love your chicken drawing.
    M xxxx

  8. Love weekends and holidays when I can wake up naturally and not to the shrill tones of the alarm :-)
    Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  9. Your photos are lovely! I adore The Shell Seekers and read it each year. That book is on my happy list:-) Happy weekend!

  10. I always get alotment fever around now but started too soon one year and learnt my lesson the hard (frost) way. Patience is a virtue. Jo Xx

    Check out my drawing at

  11. Such happy things! I'm enjoying the longer days too. Your chicken picture is really nice!

  12. awwww i have loved this weekend, a few small showers but mainly bright and sunny! makes me feel skippy in my your drawings x

  13. Very pretty post! It'll be a few weeks until we can sow our seed trays, so much later a season way up here! xx

  14. Lovely happy things, Jacquie! I'm enjoying the longer days too - I'm so over winter!
    Jones x

  15. Your drawings are so lifelike - love them. It so good to see the days getting longer again - I certainly feel more energetic.
    Have a wonderful week xx

  16. Hey Jacquie, love your Light Sussex chickens drawing...... I used to have a couple years ago.....
    I might have to track down my pencils and start practising.
    Spring is about to unfold, so nice to see Daffs, I am browsing a catalogue deciding on some new varieties.
    As usual I have left it till the last minute before orders close!!
    I must get more organised with my seed planting too......
    It's quite a chilly morning here, the weather seems to have turned, mist rising off the dam this morning, jackets needed outside, but a sunny day on the way.
    Have a great week,

    CLaire x

  17. Lovely to find you Jacquie - I planted seeds today in my greenhouse - after I'd given it a good clean out!! Love your drawings. I have 13 hens but no light Sussex - they are so pretty though.

    You are a fabulous crocheter - I've been going to classes to learn - I'm addicted! Your blog is a great inspiration for me . Thanks for sharing.

    Take care

    Love Portia xxx

  18. Lots to be happy about there!
    I love snakes head fritillary, the checkerboard patterning is fascinating.

  19. Love your chookies and little eggs nestled in amongst the forget me nots, makes me want chooks again :)
    xx Sandi

  20. Waking up to sun is really wonderful. Shame it doesn't happen more! Your little chickens are adorable.

    Gillian x

  21. Waking up to sunshine would make me happy too. Does this little project make you happy? Take a peek, I was in love with it...

  22. Hello Bunny Mummy - just wanted to that you have brought losts of happiness to my week with your crochet owl pattern. Thank you. I have just written a post about it - Hope you like it. x

  23. I love your blog. Your drawings, and spesial your crocet. I have used your turorial in this day post on my blog. I just wanted to tell you.


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