Saturday 21 September 2013

♥ 52 weeks of happy♥ 38/52

Hello Lovelies,
Here are my happy things from a week when a bunch of home grown sunflowers have made me smile everyday. Thank you for all your sweet comments about them.
Here are four more happy things from my week.

1. Running somewhere different. On Wednesday morning I had some errands to do that took me a few miles from home. I went in my running gear in case I found a suitable  route.
This canal side path was delightful ...and flat :0)

It was great to do a short run here and realise my training is beginning to improve my running after just a few short weeks of serious miles.

2. As this wonderful summer begins to fade my thoughts are already turning to next spring. I have Tulip, Alium and Crocus bulbs at the ready ..........

Hopefully this weekend I will able to get out in the garden to plant them.

3. A car car picnic with Mum. These pictures are also from Wednesday. After a short shopping trip we decided to pick up a ready made sandwich and have a simple picnic lunch. We pulled over at the edge of some woodland.........

This Mexican chicken roll tasted sooo good and I was very hungry by this time..........

There was s stiff breeze and it was lovely to enjoy the view from the cosy car.......

I did hop out to capture a clear picture of the lovely late summer landscape and the gorgeous sky that day.......

and while I was out of the car I noticed a path leading into the woodland.........

There is something special about sunlight filtered through a canopy of leaves don't you think.

And the path looked very tempting , another day I will have to go back and explore properly........

4.The early morning sky. This was 7am yesterday. 
It's still light when we get up....... just. I'm not looking forward to getting out of bed in the dark again, but for now it's nice to glimpse that special light at sunrise. The full moon looked beautiful yesterday...........

Hope you all have a great weekend. We are forecast some warm sunshine so I'm going to try and get out and enjoy it as much as possible.
Jacquie x


  1. Hello...i have crochet your tutorial owl..and i want to thank you so much for these lovely owl~tutorial...big hug from Bianca (Holland)

    And i will follow you xxxxxxx

  2. Another happy week for you. I've got bulbs at the ready too - not sure when I will get round to planting them. It seems a good idea at the time to buy them, and less so, to actually do it!
    I loved the full moon earlier this week - but I didn't get round to getting my camera out! The mist rolling off the fields first thing in the morning was lovely too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Yarndale next week! :) x

  3. Clever thinking with your bulbs Jacquie, always living in the hope and knowledge that the seasons will change helps me get through the Winter. You live in a gorgeous part of the UK, I know I have the sea but I love the countryside so very much too xox Penny

  4. aqui é final de inverno,em alguns minutos estaremos na primavera, muito quente, amo fotos, adorei seu blog, preciso ter inspiração assim.

  5. Great pictures and always love a full moon. Nice to go for a drive with a picnic, happy times ☺

  6. Lovely canal tow path, how neat and tidy. I was thinking a while ago that a pretty cluster of spring bulbs would be nice to have in the garden... you have reminded me that I need to actually buy some bulbs and get on with planting them...

  7. Lovely happies jacqui. I loved all the photos of the glorious countryside and the picture of the full moon at. 7am is wonderful. I too love how light cascades through the treetops and leaves, it's so magical. I'm pleased to hear that your training is starting to pay off and that your feeling stronger. Lovely lunch with mum, afar a great spot for it. I'm joining you this weekend with planting bulbs, enjoy, it's like practicing a little magic ;-) xo

  8. Hi Jacqui what stunning photographs, the late summer time is so lovely. I love the chill in the evening when the day is over. Well done on your running Jacqui you are fantastic, want so much to get back into running again although I am not that good at it anymore, always found it energising and allowed me to think through problems in my mind. You are making fabulous progress Jacqui, we are behind you every step of the way. Loved this post as it reminded me of how beautiful our country it. Thanks so much, have a wonderful weekend.
    Lots of love and a big hug

  9. Lovely happies this week, especially the bulbs, hope you have/had fun planting them.


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