Monday 30 September 2013

Yarndale 2013:: part 2

Hello again Lovelies, 
ready for part 2 of my Yarndale report ? Great , I hope you are sitting comfortably .
After buying my ticket on the door.... a most reasonable £5 I thought..... I headed inside and was immediately greeted with this wonderful sight.....Isn't it stunning ! I joined the queue of people and stared at the fantastic display.

So much happy, colourful crochet in one place.....WOW

Then a kind lady ( who reads my blog...Hello, sorry I didn't get your name ) told me I was in the queue for food.........ooops....well it was a fantastic place to line up don't you think.

In the same area were some lovely displays of yarny food....this knitted picnic was my favourite...everything on this table was knitted or crocheted ........

On the other side of  this area you came to the main exhibitors hall. I'm sorry about the rubbish photo, it was very busy so difficult to get a picture without loads of people in ...........

 I loved this colourful crochet 

You can see that the individual stalls were set up in the pens used to hold the livestock on market day. It worked brilliantly and the whole space felt light and airy despite the press of people.

I met up with Heather and had a nice chat with her and her lovely mum. Heather kindly told me where Lucy was ( in the wooden structure you can see on the right in the above picture ) . She also told me to look out for her houses so I went off to investigate..........

 Aren't they stunning, just like the ones on Lucy's blog header and so big....they must have taken you ages Heather ....I love them.

Sure enough Lucy was here, chatting to so many people who were keen to say hello. While I waited for my turn I admired this display of bunting triangles arranged so beautifully on Lucy's ripple blanket......

They all had something special about them and the information sheet explained ( to anybody who didn't already know ) how they came to be created........

over 6000 triangles from 30 different countries....amazing.

It was lovely to see so much of Lucy's handiwork up close .....

 Sorry about the colours in this photo, they are not accurate.

This picture is a better likeness. It was a gorgeous display........

Chatting with Lucy was great. I met up with Heather and Lucy  for the first time last year, so it was nice to catch up a bit. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that they are just as lovely in real life as they are on their blogs.

This photo is Lucy showing Sara, Claire and I her Japanese flower really is beautifully soft.........

While we were there many other people came up to tell Lucy how much her blog meant to them, there were some touching stories and it was constant. I'm not sure how Lucy kept must be wonderful and exhausting in equal measure.

And in among everything Lucy even remembered to point out the bunny triangle I sent in as part of my donation....

Having seen Heather and Lucy I headed over to talk to Fiona.....her stall looked wonderful and it was lovely to meet her in person after reading her blog for so long and admiring her beautiful work..........

As well as buying all things related to yarn, you could do a workshop, I'm not sure what was going on here , but it looked very popular..........

I was happy to bump into a couple more lovely bloggers Gillian and Jo . Sadly I missed Heather. I was also very sorry not to bump into Jones....I did look for your stripes and strawberry bag Jones :0(

Happily I did find some cute angora rabbits and I was very tempted to buy some of their yarn , but I resisted as I'd already made a luxury yarn purchase...........

After a couple of hours indoors I was happy to head outside again and  was delighted to bag this spot under a yarn bombed tree.......

This was the view as I looked up..........

and here's the view to my right...........

 Everybody loved these crochet balls and many , many people stopped to get their photo taken next to them while I was there. I think they had "ball pool" type plastic balls inside them, aren't they great.....I would love to try and make my own........

I sat and got out my purchases to have another look at them.
A greetings card of Fiona's gorgeous felt field mouse and flowers.......

Some bargain fat quarters ( £1.50 each ) and I skein of yummy luxury yarn. I'm planning to make myself a scarf out of this. It's super soft and I couldn't resist the dip dyed effect....I've no idea how it will look when it's crocheted ,  exciting ...........

I was happy that I had popped my latest project in my bag. It was an idylic spot to sit and crochet like so many others were doing around me.........

Finally I decided I wanted to see a bit more of Skipton before it was time to leave so I tore myself away.

Whoever thought to hang this gorgeous, autumnal coloured bunting next to these fallen leaves was very clever....such a perfect seasonal display............

I headed back up the bunting decked steps.........

Past more truly stunning yarn work............

 The bunting and all the other yarn bombing really made this event stand out to me. It was so lovely that we all got chance to contribute in some small way , towards making the very first Yarndale Festival extra special......Just wish I'd done some bunting like this :0)

At the top of the hill I looked down on the Auction mart in the afternoon sun for one last time......

It's so steep around here that you don't need to run, just walking up hills is a great work out.........

Rather reluctantly I began to wander  away when  a sweet lady called to me "excuse me, are you Bunny Mummy? I recognized your bag ....I'm sorry but I just wanted to thank taught me to crochet" I hardly got chance to say anything back before this lady and her daughter were gone.........

I was very touched. Out of a day with so many special moments I think this stands out as one of  the highlights to me.
That and seeing all the hard work the Yarndale team have put into this event paying off.

I know I said I would do two Yarndale posts , but there is still more I want to share. So rather than making this the longest post in history, I'll do a separate post on my walk around Skipton ...please join me....I know you will love it.
Back soon with part three.
Jacquie x

P.S. thank you for your comments on my first Yarndale post.

For those of you who asked how my running was going ...
Running Update
the good...managing to run 16 miles in total in a week when I had a cold...thankfully it wasn't too horrendous
the bad...missing a 10k I was looking forward to last Sunday because of my cold.
Trying to do a 11 mile training run on Wednesday and giving up after 7 miles, and walking home the last mile.
Hey ho.Hopefully this week will be better....less than three weeks to go now !


  1. That last little bit about the lady coming up to you made my go all teary! What a lovely thing for her to have said to you. You must know that you are treasured by all that you have taught. Looking forward to part three!

  2. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time. Your bunny triangle was really sweet. I love the card you chose - such beautiful felt work. Although we used to visit when I was a child, as we lived in Lancashire, I haven't been to Skipton for well over 40 years (crikey!). Susie x

  3. Just wonderful, no more words needed :)

    Have a nice week!

    Lluisa xx

  4. Hi Jacquie
    Sorry, for the delay in getting back to you. We made a weekend of it as Claire and I had travelled so far. It was 9pm before we got home last night, so not much time to catch up with anything, and back to work this morning.
    Anyway, it was lovely to meet you in person, and share some time together at The Studio and Coopers. The Yarn walk was fantastic too. No doubt my photos, when I get round to uploading them will be quite similar!
    It was such a wonderful weekend, although I now don't know where to start with the purchases I made!
    I hope we can met up again some time.
    Sara x

  5. Wow! What a colour explosion! Lovely x

  6. Amazing! Now I can't wait for Part 3.

  7. Lovely post. Sorry I missed you, I was on the ticket desk at the Wharfdale end and you came in at the Littondale end. I had such a fantastic time there on both days and am definitely looking forward to attending next year. x

  8. How absolutely wonderful Jacquie....lots and lots of crochet loveliness. I've also seen my bunting triangles on Lucy's table and I feel so "chuffed" to see them there. I am so envious though .....there should be green ink dripping from these words. I am not missing it next year!!!
    Wonderful photos ...what a treat to be able to see all this even if in my case it is virtually.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  9. It all looks wonderful, thank you for sharing, it was lovely to see the pictures and imagine I was there. Well, like you said at least I was able to contribute a little with bunting... what a great idea.

  10. Thanks for this Jacquie, for those of us who didn't go your posts are a real treat. I think I might have even spotted some of my bunting triangles in one of your photo's :o) x Penny

    1. ps. Pip from Meet Me at Mikes has a pattern for those granny covered balls/Christmas baubles which can be found here :

  11. Oh Jacquie this is great - I wasn't able to make it this time but your post has given a real feel of the atmosphere. I can imagine the excitement - and to have the crochet set against those beautiful blue skies must have been such a bonus! Thanks for the journey around x Jane

  12. I could hardly sleep, waiting for your Yarndale part 2 post. Wow, I am spellbound. The colors are gorgeous. I particularly like your photo with the 'autumnal bunting with fallen leaves'. I think the play of light and shadow in the photo make the autumn colors pop. Thanks Jacquie for all the Yarndale posts and keep them coming. I am here and relishing it. Thanks a lot.

  13. Oh oh Sweetheart thank you for sharing, I really, really wanted to go but as I'm still getting my energy levels back I knew I couldn't....finger crossed for next year! It looks fab, both you and Lucy inspired me to learn to crochet and I'm so glad I did! Thank you! :) x

  14. How lovely to come back from work and see another post from you on Yarndale. It all looks so great and I wish I could have been there to see the people behind the blogs. x

  15. OH simply splendid!! you got one of Fiona's felt field mouse and flowers cards!.
    Such a HAPPY post!!

  16. There seems to something exciting to see around every corner. How nice for one of your readers to tell you how much you have helped her.
    Sarah x

  17. oh it was wonderful wasn't it! Can't wait for next year :)

  18. So that autumn photo the most.its magical. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these photos and beautiful words with us: for those like me that couldn't get there, this was the very next best thing x x x

  20. Thanks for sharing your experiences and photos. How fun to meet up with all those other bloggers. You've had a big impact on my crochet life too. :)

  21. I was delighted when I discovered your blog today with your brilliant pictures of Yarndale. I didn't get around to taking many photos, and so your blog has provided me with a brilliant memory and I was able to show my children what I was up to on Saturday! I think you have captured the spirit of what was an extraordinary day. Thank you!

  22. Stunning photos, it sounds like you had a really lovely time & I'm glad the weather was so nice for everyone :-)

  23. Thanks for showing those of us who couldn't go. I was trying to spot my bit of bunting!! Jo x

  24. Fabulous Jacqui thanks so much for sharing this with us all, makes me determined to go next year. It looks as if you had a fabulous time - well done with the running Jacqui - you are fab.
    Lots of love

  25. Fabulous and thankyou so much for sharing ♥

  26. Jacquie, part II is just as much fun to see and read as part I. Clearly, Yarndale was a complete success, and so many thanks should and will go to all the folks who contributed.

    Isn't it fabulous to realize how a wonderful community can arise from sharing the fun that can come from pulling one loop of yarn through another loop. Colors, textures, unlimited possibilities.

    Many thanks for your terrific reporting. xo

  27. my heart sings looking at this beautiful event!!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  28. So many thanks for sharing your experience and photos of Yarndale. It's sound as if it was wonderful.

  29. What a perfect description and post on Yarndale. I have been following Lucy for some time now, and it was actually her and her blog, that led me to crochet again. I have so enjoyed so many of the blogs and bloggers you mention. I will be following along now, and am eager to learn more about you.
    XO Kris

  30. Oh wow! Love the photos and all that scrummy yarn in one place. I'd love some yummy bunny yarn. So sweet!
    How nice that someone sought you out to thank you for teaching them to crochet! What a lovely feeling that must have been.
    Looking forward to the pics of the village.

  31. Thank you for sharing your Yarndale experience. I guess it was so enjoyable to read about it for those who could't attend; like me. Can2t wait to read more about it. Gaia.

  32. I went to Yarndale from Devon but had no camera. Thanks for your lovely blog (in general) and the photos here to remind me. What a stunning weekend :D

  33. Thank you for sharing this with us, it was so lovely to be able to see bits of it. It looked like you had a wonderful day. xoxo

  34. What a brilliantly colourful show! It's been so good to see your photos. I hope it will be on again next year as I'd love to visit:)

  35. Jacquie, it is lovely to see these things through your eyes! Such great shots! I love to see the studio, Lucy´s corner and all the buntings in the trees! What a gorgeous event! I´d love to visit it, but I live a "little bit" away from it... :) And I´d like to say that your blog has been a great source of pleasure and inspiration for my life (as I´ve told you before, I start to draw because of you and it has been great to me!). Thanks for sharing.

  36. Hi Jacquie
    So lovely to see all your photo's - it was just brilliant, wasn't it ? A really massive achievement for the Yarndale team.

  37. Thank you for taking the time to share your photos. It looked a great day. Love all the bunting and the Attic24 houses.

  38. Wow looks like you had a amazing time, thanks for sharing this, I've really enjoyed reading all the Yarndale posts.
    Clare x

  39. just amazing! so lovely to find you, now following x

  40. Jacquie, see your 12th photo? Zoom in, red seats, right hand side of the front row? That's Cuckoo, me and Emily!!! We were in the same room without realising it. How funny!

    You've written an absolutely perfect account of a fabulous weekend.

    Heather xx

  41. Jacquie thanks for this wonderful trip in which you led me with your photos and your story, places that probably would not have had the opportunity to see. You will do the drawings of these pictures? o

  42. What a wonderful event and your post of it Jacquie, has me right there.
    How much fun to meet up with so many bloggers.
    Can't believe it's the first time it's been held, looks like it's been going for years.
    Love all the bunting.......fantastic effort.

    Claire x

  43. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and for capturing a picture my bunting. So very happy to see it made it's way safely from Florida!

  44. Yay I found time to browse through Part2, thank you so much for sharing. It looks like the most awesome event and so many people. I noticed you said this is the first ever Yarndale, I do hope it is an annual event, it certainly deserves to be. I am new to blogging so I haven't really grasped how this event came to be 'born'. Am I right it was born from Bloggers? Awesome post .... over to part 3

  45. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing all the colorful works.

  46. Love, love, loving your yarndale posts. I'm delighted there will be more....!


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