Thursday 5 September 2013

Time to Run 2013:: part 2

Hello Lovelies, 
I'm not sure how interesting this post will be to many of you lovelies, but I want to record the downs as well as ups in my half marathon training. I've included some photos, mostly  taken on a hot, sunny walk to the shops yesterday morning, with my youngest son and my niece. The weather is glorious here at the moment.

I generally run in the morning. At the weekend that is  as soon as I wake up. It takes a bit of will power to get going but I love it once I'm out there. In the week it will  be once the boys are at school, that's nice too. I like to get it out of the way so I can then forget about it and get on with the rest of my day.
Yesterday my plan showed a 40 minute training run, but I knew that would be hard to fit in with my commitments so I decided to head out on Tuesday evening.

It was about 7pm once I got organised . A beautifully calm and sunny evening. The temperature was still pretty hot but the sun was low so there were plenty of shade. 
I was feeling rather sluggish, struggling with heavy legs and lack of energy. 

I tried to ignore my  running shadow , with it's odd, decidedly ungraceful gait.
I looked at my watch, only 5 minutes done.....I push on but it's a slog.
The groups of youths I pass are an unusual sight for someone who mostly runs in the morning. I feel self conscious and slightly intimidated.

I keep going and try to refocus. I force myself not miss out a steep hill,but it's grim.
I think, how will I manage to run for 13 miles in less than seven weeks?

I'm feeling tired and now other worries are crowding into my thoughts.
Just then a car slows down at the side of me. "Come on Jacquie , pick up the pace" shouts my friend from the drivers seat. It made me smile and  my legs felt a teeny bit lighter and my mood improved. I look at my watch 23 minutes gone...woohoo over half way.

I greet people I pass with a cheery " Evening" .
A bit further on I see a cat who is the double of my late cat Henry. He was such a character and loved by everybody.  This cat is siting quite still at the side of the path, we look straight at each other as I pass.
He ( or She ) looks so much like Henry that I get a lump in my throat.

Henry, photo taken in 1997

I'd like to tell you that the second half of my run was much faster, but the truth is it wasn't.
I whole run was pretty slow. I only covered 3 and 3/4 miles and it was at  a slower pace than my long run at the weekend.
But at least I completed it, and HOPEFULLY my next long run  ( 7 and a 1/2 miles....... yikes) will be easier because I did it. I certainly wont be attempting it in the evening :0)

I need to stay positive.I'm lucky I am have the health and the time to devote to this. The fact is running is hard and some days will always be tougher than others, but as they pain no gain.
thanks for reading my running ramblings lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. Well done for you!
    After pole conditioning for three months now, love it, I thought about maybe getting the running shoes back on...after 10 far I've downloaded a Couch to 5K, now I must find earphones!

    1. Hi Stel
      I live in Australia and I've just hit the treadmill after not seriously doing any exercise for over 20 years! I recently gave up smoking - been doing that off and on for about 10 years - but this time it is about my health!
      I found the NHS podcasts of the Couch to 5K as well and have just downloaded them this evening.
      I don't want to get any older without getting healthier.
      Good luck with C25K!

  2. I think the speed is not love running and that's good! :o) Keep on! :o)))

  3. Good for you to keep going. I am so impressed by anyone who does these sort of things. Good luck with the next run (as well of course with the actual marathon!). I am sure that you will do really well.

  4. Well done...
    you did it, perservered and got there!!
    I started running last winter, had to stop when the weather got too hot here. Got no idea how I'm going to be when I start again.
    I enjoy your running post, keep going!
    Take care

  5. I found this post very interesting, as I am about to start running next week. I m rather nervous about it, but I really need to get myself into some sort of physical shape. And I guess the beach is as good for running as it is for lounging.

    I loved reading about your comittment to your goal. I can see that I am going to have to push myself very hard indeed.

    Well done you!!

    Leanne xx

  6. Yay, well done you for pushing through it. It's the tough runs that give you the mental stamina required in distance running so think of it as character building! I always prefer to run first thing and often have a mental struggle if I have to run in the afternoon/evening. Susie x

  7. Today I also found it a bit of a slug. I walk and run on a treadmill. I've just started exercising again after more than 20 years.
    I think sometimes we are just out of sorts, so the best thing to do is plough on through it and do the time, even if the distance isn't achieved - or vice versa.
    Love the photos and sympathy on your kitty. They are members of the family, so why wouldn't you still miss him?

  8. Well done Jacqui you are doing fantastically well - I used to run many years ago and took it up again last year but didn't last long. I can remember the dreadful feeling of thinking that I have been running for hours only to find it was minutes! However I would still like to do it and your posts are really increasing my motivation levels Jacqui - it is nice to think that others feel the same about things. You have a wonderful blog which I love reading, thank you so much
    Lots of love

  9. My husband is taking on a similar "couch to 5k" - using a rowing machine. I have decided to just row - I really don't have the necessary competitive streak. Well done to you for keep on going. I'm sure the cooler weather forecast will help. x

  10. Well your level of tenacity is to be admired and cheered on!! so keep going and obviously you will reach your goal! Good Luck ! Love your blog !

  11. Well your level of tenacity is to be admired and cheered on!! so keep going and obviously you will reach your goal! Good Luck ! Love your blog !

  12. Oh, I know the feeling. Evening runs with leaden legs are the worst. I went this morning for the first time in about 7 weeks and it was tough. Don't worry too much about the half marathon - remember how much race adrenalin adds to your performance on the day. You'll ace it. And don't be too hard on yourself! xx

  13. Well done! I don't think the distance matters much. It's the fact that you just got out there and persevered with it. Tomorrow is another day and you may well feel more "with it". I've fallen off the fitness wagon. I have to get back on as I was actually enjoying it. Mustn't slip back into bad habits.

  14. Just keep going! Your will power is something to be proud of. You are probably more of a morning person! xx

  15. Good for you that you didn't give up! You have amazing will power. Keep up the hard work! You can do it :-)

  16. You kept going and that is the main thing! Do you run with music? Maybe some uplifting tunes will help keep the pace? I'm sure we can all help you put together a brilliant playlist - just shout if you want suggestions :)
    Jones x

    PS thanks for your comment over at mine - I would love to meet up with you at Yarndale! Not long to go!!! x

  17. Hi Jacquie,Well done for persevering!!! I really admire self discipline and willpower!!!Enjoy your running!!!At least it's a beautiful run!!!Have a great day!!!

  18. Well Done Jacquie!! My running thoughts are moving towards how to stay safe as the daylight hours are reducing! I don't want to stop running but I want to feel safe while I am out!

  19. Hi Jacquie, I love your running posts as much as your crochet/ crafty ones . Well done on your evening run in less than easy conditions.End of the day running ,plus heat = horrid combo in my book ! I'm quite new to running..I've just"graduated" from the amazing Couch25K plan (chuffed to bits and loving the running !).
    Good luck with all your training. Oh and what you wrote about Henry and his double brought a lump to my throat as well x

  20. I really admire you for taking on such a challenge. I used to run quite regularly but I've got out of the habit now. Goos luck with it all - I am sure you will do really well, and just think how pleased you will be when you cross the finish line! I also loved your photos - a lovely sunny walk. THank you for sharing them with us, and keep us updated on your training!

  21. Onya least you did it, whether it was like wading through treacle or not, you got out there and went for it.......No doubt the sense of satisfaction at having completed it makes the whole thing worthwhile.

    Claire X

  22. Good for you Jacquie, I know how it feels and I really must get my running shoes on again. It's amazing how invigorating it feels once you've accomplished your run.I have been so tired when I come home in the evenings after work, its no excuse really, running would ultimately give me more energy! Thanks for sharing your ups and downs xox Penny

  23. Good going jacquie, I wouldn't worry to much about speed just get your endurance sorted that is all that matters. The rest will all fall in place on the day. Good luck with it all xoxo

  24. I started trying to run last summer following diagnosis of a long list of health issues. I'm almost 58. I'm at it again this summer but its taken me all summer to accomplish a mere half hour every few days. I'm very stubborn and I just keep trying despite osteoarthritis.
    Even so it feels like a huge accomplishment and after reading an article in Runners mag, I've decided I can still call myself a runner despite my small accomplishment.
    There is improvement though as you are seeing. I enjoy reading about yours. Keep going!


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