Saturday 25 January 2014

Celebrating Home 2014 :: Part 3

Hello Lovelies, 
I'm currently trying to bring a bit more order to our home. On one of my many calendars I've noted down a different room each day to spend a bit of time tidying and de-cluttering. I often  feel a bit overwhelmed by the jobs that could do with my attention and then I get disheartened and just do the general, essential know Laundry, cooking, food shopping vacuuming  etc.

On work days I wont feel like doing a lot but just a little will help , I hope.

Having started this series of posts seems to be helping to motivate me at the moment. On Thusday my bedroom was on the list for a little TLC. 
I got organised...the computer stayed off and the bedding was in the washing machine by 8am.
Surfaces were cleared , drawers and cupboards tidied . The top of the wardrobe ( a big dumping ground ) even got thinned out and straightened up.
I love my sunny bedroom. It's got buttermilk walls and so many sentimental things in it. I took some photos when it was looking nice and tidy to share with you lovelies.

Above our bed there's some dried Lavender, a crochet heart and a scene painted by Mum back in the 80's.....

Here's a close up. It still looks so fresh all these years later........

Beckfoot bridge is in Bingley, West Yorkshire. It's where my Dad was born and my Mum spent a lot of her married life. HERE is a lovely photo of it in the snow.

The other picture you can see in the first photo is also by Mum. Again it's quite old and I love it........

Last week I finally bought myself a couple of sketching books as the old school art books that belonged to my boys are finally full.
 It makes me happy to see my neat little pile of drawing things on the old "lloyd loom" style furniture I picked up second-hand in my early twenties. I painted them pale pink and you might just be able to see a bit of vintage Laura Ashley fabric beneath the glass of this Laundry basket. I use it to hold craft things............

This chair had a lot of things piled on it. After I had tidied up it was so nice to be able to see it looking lovely again. The square throw is still my favourite ever crochet made, of course it's my version of THIS wonderful crochet......

On this chair is a little brown bear I also bought in my early I guess I've owned it for over half of my life.
 The Amigurumi Dog was made by me for middle son a few years ago. The pattern can be found in THIS great book..........

And the pattern for the little hexagons is in my side bar.

I can't say I really enjoyed the process of cleaning and tidying .....I had so much that needed to be tackled and I didn't manage to get it all done. I had to squeeze in the weekly shop and I was determined to go for a walk before  school was over as it's the only exercise I'm getting at the moment.

But I do enjoy the results. It was so nice to take a cup of tea upstairs when all my other jobs were done yesterday evening and sit  cosily in bed, to read a while.

I couldn't resist ordering Susans (via Amazon ) book and it arrived on Thursday

It's such a delight. This is the inside of the cover......

The whole book is hand written in beautiful script that's so easy to read and the photos are wonderful......

The paper is beautiful quality and Susan's illustrations are a delight...........

It's a hardback book with a red ribbon ( looks pink in this photo ) page marker.

I haven't even flicked through to take a peek at the whole, I'm taking my time and savouring every page. I just know this book will end up being one of those many sentimental things I can't let go of.

Right, I'm off to tackle the Kitchen cupboards :0)

"Where we love is home - home our feet may leave, but not our hearts" Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Jacquie x


  1. I love the paintings your mam did! And the book looks fab, might just have to invest in that one :) x

  2. Lovely post - so many beautiful things to look at.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. That's it! Time for me to stop whinging about the *exact* same tasks and get on with it! I've been moody all week, I had such big plans for clearing out this cupboard, sorting out that room, and lately I find just the daily dishes and weekly laundry enough to make me grumpy! I know it sounds odd, but I'm sort of glad you feel the same, so I know I'm not alone! But hey, if you can manage a bit of tidy every day, so can I. Your room looks so pretty and inviting, I think I'll do the same tidy up to mine today. Thank you for inspiring me, not just with the creativity but with the mundane stuff of life as well! ;-) Chrissie PS Your mother is one talented lady! I can see that artistic talent runs in your family!

  4. Well done on your new plan. I actually really enjoy tidying and organising but only if the stuff has somewhere to go. My problem lately is an overload of stuff that doesn't have a home. Thats where it gets tough as things have to be parted with! Your Mum's paintings are amazing. what a talented lady. Have a good weekend. xxx

  5. Your Mum's paintings are gorgeous, such a talented artist. Tidying and decluttering isn't my favourite job either but it does always feel good when it's done. My last bit tidying was the pantry and the plastic container drawer. Plastic containers breed like rabbits, I swear! :)
    Anne xx

  6. I did a lot of this type of de-cluttering before Christmas and I have to say I felt so satisfied. It is quite seasonal for me. I tend to have a sort of Freezer clear out in May ready for our new fruit and veg stocks from the allotment too. Good job! Don't stop now. Jo x

  7. Hi Jacquie, it is so lovely to read your blogs again. Land of Emma is no more for me but I decided to start again and of course yours had to be the first blog I follow again. Absolutely beautiful paintings and seeing your crochet again has brightened up my day. xx

  8. Great stuff Jacquie. I love your mum's paintings. Exquisite!
    As far as feeling a little guilty about not getting your exercise in, don't. Apparently housework counts - especially when it's activities that you don't do everyday, like overhauling a room.

  9. Thank goodness there is someone else like me. I try so hard to get motivated to do the clearing and de-cluttering, then go for the quicker option of just dusting and hoovering. So now you've motivated me to do a room a week, thank you :)
    I love your mums painting of the bridge and I looked at it in the snow, such a pretty bridge.
    Have a good weekend.
    Sally xxx

  10. What a talented lady your mum was, such beautiful artwork. I had a big de-clutter and clean from top to bottom before Christmas prior to the family descending upon me, I was pretty smug at the time. What a waste of time and effort within minutes of the family arriving it looked as if a tornado had hit and once Santa had visited it was all over for me. I have just got back on top of it all. Rant over.....

  11. I really need to have a sort out of my room too, I'm a bit too sentimental and horde all sorts of unnecessary items, I'd love to be able to come in and just relax in my room
    I really like the look of the book, so nice to see the handwriting throughout

  12. What a lovely post. I love your determination to declutter and tidy. I know it just makes things so much better but every time I open the door of my spare room of despair I birl round and come straight back out as it is just so heart sink. I need to develop your perseverance then I could make it look as lovely as your room does.

    Your Mum is so talented and these paintings are absolutely beautiful and so much more special as she made them. I'd never heard of Susan Branch but I think I'll have to get my hands on this but I think it will only help me procrastinate. Have a good weekend.

  13. Your Mum's paintings are beautiful! She is obviously a very talented artist - just like you! Hope that your plan goes well for you. xx

  14. Lovely Jacquie what a fantastic post, I have read it once and come back to it again as there is so much to read and take in. Your Mum's paintings are just wonderful, no wonder you love them. I am trying, very slowly, to get our home in order which is quite difficult at the moment the way I am feeling but your post has inspired me lovely Jacquie so I will be visiting often this week. Thank you for the links, I adore the book and am thinking of putting it on my birthday list as I love books like this which are personal and different. Have a fabulous weekend Jacquie sending you big hugs and cuddles

  15. Your house looks so cozy! Enjoy Susan's book! I was lucky enough to meet her at a book signing and she is as lovely in person as she is in her books and blog!

  16. What a lovely post. I find that what needs to be done can be overwhelming too, and hence I put it off. A great sense of satisfaction in the end for you though. Hope you all have a great weekend ( and you can run again soon). x

  17. Such a cozy bedroom :-) I just want to curl up in your chair to read and crochet. Your mother's paintings are beautiful.

  18. Oh you will enjoy Susan's book. I read it straight through and fell in love with England all over again- even being English! Personally It was one of the " Jubilee souvenirs " that I appreciated most!

  19. Your mum is a very talented artist :-) I too have trouble getting motivated to get the reorganising done-I think making a list and chipping away at it is the best approach!
    Your room looks lovely though :-)

  20. I totally relate to your post and am undergoing the same process in my home at the moment. I must admit the results are lovely and calming but the work to get there is draining !! Ahh... sometimes I just want to sit and crochet, or knit or read or write .. Your home is looking wonderful and I love your mums art work ... good luck with the kitchen ..

  21. Hi Jacquie, I really enjoyed reading your post. I like the way you are tackling tidying your house, my problem is keeping on track as I tend to get side tracked (reminiscing/not being able to throw anything out!). Your mum's paintings are lovely and I am very intrigued with your book! Eilidh :-) x

  22. Your Mum's such a talented artist, I have some serious decluttering to do, just need to fine the energy when I'm a bit better, although I did tidy both sewing boxes this week so that's a start
    Clare xx

  23. Great read and lots of lovely photos, your mums paintings look vey good...a good clean is so good

  24. Your chair looks lovely...I have a Lloyd Loom chair that my Mum has nabbed. Maybe I should get it back as a place to put some more crochet! I also have that very same bear, bought for one of my daughters!

  25. A lovely post and great photos. This time of year always makes you want to get out 'that new broom'!
    Jacqui x

  26. Wow, lovely photos! I like the amigurumi puppet so much! Kisses from Italy!

  27. Oooh now that's organised. Maybe I need to try this approach. My mum recommended the timer approach - just set the timer for whatever you want to give to tidying (or have available) and see how much you can get done in that time. It's amazing how even 10 minutes can be quite productive.
    Love your mum's paintings, she's a talented lady :)
    Jones x

  28. Just read your 'next' post and enjoyed your drawing of the heart you'd stitched, then came to your comment about this 'previous' post! Kudos on taking action to organize; I'm inspired to follow suit. I really enjoy when you share your mum's paintings - what wonderful keepsakes for future generations; and I especially perked up when I saw your copy of A Fine Romance! Isn't it just delightful? After thoroughly savoring each and every page, I had fun making a miniature copy for my dollhouse that was recently featured on another favorite blog, if you're interested: As always, thank you so much for taking the time to share.

    Sharon in Alabama

  29. The blue toy looks great! I'll be searching out that book I think. Very enjoyable post.


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