Sunday 26 January 2014

Images from my Week

Hello Lovelies, 
once again I seen to have a lot of photos from this past week that I've been  meaning to share with you. So here is a little round up of things I captured on my camera over the last seven days.

Last Sunday afternoon I was walking with my eldest. We braved the footpaths but forgot to wear wellies. I was a bit sad because I know how much my boy loves wading through puddles and we soon had to turn back because of all the mud..........

When we got home I sat quietly in the garden for a few moments , listening to the birdsong and watching Tom Tit pecking at the peanuts in my feeder............

On Monday we woke to frost and this was the view on my Journey to work......

It made me smile because it was so lovely and also because to was so blue ........on Blue Monday.

Another frosty morning on Tuesday but this time the early morning view from my car was pink......

With all the cold weather I've been making warming stews, chopping carrots two at a time , as I always do, and admiring their gorgeous colour.........

Again there has been plenty of sunshine, mixed in with heavy showers. On my way to the shops a bright spell tempted me to stop the car by a familiar gateway..........

A dash up this footpath a little way..........

To capture the wintry view towards the Church..........

In town I was looking up and noticing the view across the rooftops..........

Then popping into the charity shop and finding a sweet plate for my Spring display........

Regular readers may know of my love of  "The country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" books which this plate is based on.

I brought my bargain find home, carefully wrapped in newspaper and stored it in my basket of thrifted "spring things" on top of my dresser. In another month or so I'll get them all out and enjoy arranging them on the shelves of my Welsh Dresser.........

Yes, those granny squares are still patiently waiting to be sewn together.

On Thursday I headed out in my wellies, to go for a walk up the same path Eldest and I attempted on Sunday........

Ha, puddles don't scare me now :0)

But I didn't foresee the impending rain storm...........

It suddenly got very windy and sleety rain was blowing in my face as I walked across this field.........

at least my feet were dry!......

I squelched through the mud.......

And along the wooded path that is so pretty in spring........

I suppose if the world was leafy and sunny all the time we would not appreciate those days so much .

More comfort food seemed in order on Friday. A pan full of vegetables and some left-over potatoes......

mixed with eggs and cheese, made a hearty omelette........yuuuummmmmmm......

On the creative front, there has been a little crochet occurring......more on this soon.......

And I've been noticing a heart I made ( last year....I think )

It inspired me to do the first drawing in my new sketchbook.......

Want to see ?

here we are.......


This was such a fun little drawing to do after work on Friday evening, and the perfect way to unwind.

Hope you have a good week lovelies, thank you from both Mum and I  for all your lovely comments on my previous post.
Jacquie x


  1. As usual I just ADORE your drawings! Just love them. AND... the crochet flower looks super yummy - can't wait to read more about that!

  2. Reading your blog reminds me to take more pictures of my everyday life, I really enjoy taking pictures but often forget to take photos of things like cooking dinner, gentle walks and my tidy room,
    stew sounds perfect for the weather we've been having

  3. Lovely pictures as always. It makes me want to grab some wellies(I don't actually own any) and get out walking(presently am not able to walk hehe!) Cannot wait to see the crochet makes come together x

  4. That was a wonderful look through you're week, a lovely drawing as ever, today I spent a hour counting birds for the RSPB big garden bird watch I spotted 79 birds in total, 4 blue tits so pretty, it also inspired my drawing from last week
    Have a good week, look forward to seeing what you are making .
    Clare xx

  5. There is so much water everywhere isn't there, I do hope it starts to dry up soon. Super snippets of your week! :) x

  6. Your morning photos are beautiful.

  7. Thank you for the walk, and for sharing your beautiful countryside and thrift!
    ps your oldest looks almost as tall as you :)

  8. I like the fabric hearth so much! Kisses from Italy!

  9. I've always loved your country's landscapes, I've just recently started to follow your blog but each time you post some new photos I can't wait to see more, they're just great! :) Really like the heart and the granny flower too!

  10. I do love your new crochet flower and that sweet drawing of your heart!

  11. I love the fabric heart and drawing of it :)

  12. I love everything in this post Jacquie!! That plate was meant for you, you are certainly the right person to cherish it. Your heart drawing is, of course!, beautiful too. I hope that you have a good week. xx

  13. That heart drawing is gorgeous x

  14. Hi Jacquie I love your photographs they always make me feel better. There is something about a church in the distance which is so British and lovely, I wish we lived near one. Love your picture of the heart too Jacquie, you are one talented lady. Have a fabulous week, big hugs to you

  15. Love the little crochet flower and your drawing is brilliant. Like that you do 'volume' cutting like me with the veggies.

  16. Happy week! Fascinating photos of the ever-changing stormy the plate, so pretty! As is the crochet, the heart, the drawing, I could go on...Chrissie x

  17. Pretty pictures :-) I love your polka dot boots.

  18. Such a lovely drawing Jacquie, and some beautiful skies in your wonderful photographs. Lots of mud here too! I love the idea of a spring arrangement on your dresser - a really nice way to mark the change in the seasons.

  19. Oh it's so nice to read your blog, look at the nice photo's and the wonderfull drawings. I wish I had that talent too. Love it!

  20. Beautiful drawing and I LOVE all of your wonderful photo's xo

  21. Your new drawing would make a great card!! Have you ever thought of doing that?

  22. I enjoyed seeing all the photos; it is fun to see different areas of the world on blogs. I love walking out with fun boots!

  23. We had so much rain this week its been eellies for me too!

  24. I like your blog Ferry much. IT looks like i walk with You in england. Your story about THE thriftshop i like, because i do THE samen thing. I also like caremic thinks and i do like illustriation in Brooks and paintings. When i find Some at de thriftshop i also make a new arangement

  25. Thank you for the lovely ramble through your week!
    Pat - sunshine and a sewing basket in South Africa

  26. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for the share.

  27. Lovely photos again Jacquie - I love the one of the moody blue sky with the storm approaching. Great to see Tom Tit doing well - I've really enjoyed seeing and hearing the birds on the feeders this last week, makes me start to think of busying away in the garden again. Just off to chop some carrots myself - only one at a time mind you! Jane x

  28. Gorgeous photos again, and love your Home Is Where The Heart Is drawing. :)
    I have friends who live in the south of England and they have been posting photos of the lakes that have formed from the flooding. It is truly amazing.
    Today in Australia is a hot one in the southern parts of the country. We are waiting for a cool change, but I think the Bureau of Meteorology said it would be through towards evening. I hope so. I wasn't built for these temperatures. It was 35 on our front verandah a while ago and shall get warmer.
    I love the juxtaposition of your northern English winter and it's greenness, leaden skies and late sunrises with early sunsets. Here it is the reverse and the land is looking so parched.
    Stay warm and keep on with the stews. Yum. :)

  29. your photos have made me travel! lovely places, lovely pictures, lovely life... walking in nature is so great! .... looking forward to a life like this one... xxx from Greece. Evi

  30. Thank you so much for your posts. And your drawing is beautiful!!

  31. Great pictures. Loves the yellow clogs. I saw a similar planter at the grocery store today, but did not get it. I'm now regretting it :-(

  32. Oh my goodness, that sty! all that mud. One of my worst fears is sliding over in the mud!! I love the hand drawn gingham heart.


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