Sunday 5 January 2014

Slow Sunday

Hello Lovelies,
these January days are pretty short ,cold and dark. It doesn't inspire a lot of activity.

Today I woke just after eight am and headed out for a short walk as there was a beautiful sky.
This picture was taken at 8.45 am. The cloud patterns were amazing..........

By the time I got home the cloud had already thickened and blocked out the sun. I spent a happy hour browsing lovely blogs.

After a while , with freezing temperatures, baking seemed most appealing.
It was nice to take my time and notice the lovely colours of the egg shells.........

I also love the retro packaging on the margarine. For the first time I noticed the "by royal appointment" and the serving suggestion made me smile...........

The things that are significant to me  in this photo are the freshly ironed apron and tablecloth......lovely......

As well as baking I enjoyed  time in the warn kitchen making  a roast dinner for my little family. My Yorkshire puddings turned out pretty good............

While we ate that meal together middle son announced he was going to try and photograph some of the birds that we saw visiting the peanut feeder.

He wrapped up and sat outside quietly for about half an hour with my camera on a tripod and an umbrella to keep off the rain.
I was surprised and delighted when he showed me this picture of so many sweet little birds I hadn't seen there before..........

I had to get out my bird book to identify them...........

After I tided up a bit and  all the dishes were loaded in the dishwasher I used the last of the daylight ( about 4pm) to work on my latest drawing, a January scene. I'm pleased with how it's coming along and I always enjoy this gentle pastime.........

Then there was time to enjoy a piece of home made cake and a cup of tea.........

The weather may have been nasty but it meant a guilt free slow day and for that I was very grateful.

Tomorrow it's back to work and school, alarm clocks and packed lunches. The rush hour will be awful and there will be a lot of clock watching. I can't say I'm looking forward to it.

Jacquie x


  1. Yep, back to normal tomorrow, the holidays have been wonderful haven't they?


  2. Such a lovely, calming post! Can't wait to see your new drawing! :) Hope it goes well tomorrow, xxx

  3. We have had a lovely relaxing calm before the storm type of day too Jacquie. Your yorkies turned out brilliantly and seeing your cake reminds me that I have some bred and butter pudding waiting for me that Alice mad fro half a stale loaf, I think I will settle down to my portion with a cuppa and the next installment of Sherlock x I too am not looking forward to the alarm clocks going off, let's hope we get our rhythm right sooner rather than later x

  4. Love your morning walk photos - stunning.

  5. I hate that going back to school feeling, we have one more day until we have to do it. Great pictures of the birds on the feeder. It was only yesterday I noticed birds on our feeder that we put up a few months back, they have finally discovered it. Maybe the birds know something we don't and are feeding themselves up for a spell of cold weather.

  6. Looks like you had a lovely relaxed day, you're son capture quite a gaggle of long tail tits, it's lovely watching the birds feeding this time of year. Our's all sit in the holly tree chirping when the feeders run empty, so cheeky but I love it, it nice to help them through the winter.
    Clare xx

  7. We've had a lovely weekend celebrating my husbands birthday. Now we are relaxing before an early night - wondering where the last 2 weeks have gone, and not looking forward to the alarm clock and routine tomorrow. Roll on half term!
    Love the bird pictures - I saw long-tailed tits round here the other day, and I am sure the bird song (when it's not raining - which isn't often at the moment!) has become almost Springlike!
    Hope all goes well tomorrow for your family.

  8. Hello and happy new year.
    Love the photo of the long tailed tits there so cute!
    I always get excited when they visit our garden in there flocks such a lovely sight. Your drawing looks great! x

  9. wow that sky first thing in the morning was had a busy Sunday. Back to school here as well.........not looking forward to the cold dark early mornings!

  10. I love a slow day too. Your son got a great shot of those birds!

  11. What a wonderful day. Your son's photo is brilliant. Mine would like to see that, I am sure - he is an avid bird watcher and photographer, but his camera at the moment isn't great. The January painting is looking good so far. I love the idea of being inside in the cosy warm looking out of the window. Perfect for this time of year. I hope tomorrow isn't too horrible. I'm not looking forward to it either. It's so nice to have the little people at home. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  12. What a lovely slow day! Your son's photo is brilliant! He did a great job. I had no idea that the marg was by royal appointment! I must pay more attention at the supermarket. Mary Berry uses marg in her victoria sponge I seem to remember, so you are in very good company! Hope you have a great week. Oh, wonderful cloud picture by the way too! xx

  13. Sounds like a perfect day. Those Yorkshire puddings are amazing.

  14. Wow, that is a stunning sky, really beautiful. And I'm dead impressed with your Yorkshires too - one thing I just cannot cook properly, in spite of advice from pretty much everyone and umpteen different recipes... I don't even like them much but yours look tempting!! x

  15. Jacquie what a fabulous day, love all the photographs, you did so much even though it was 'slow' - this is just how life should be. Can't wait to see how your new drawing looks, am sure it will be fab just like all your other ones. Hope tomorrow goes well, I was in last week and broke the back of it but would still like a day off tomorrow if I could!! We are never satisfied are we, will be thinking of you tomorrow when I am on my way in to work. Big hugs

  16. What a perfect Sunday, just how they should be.

  17. Just beautiful! We here in Aus cannot appreciate how short the winter daylight hours are up there. Here it is now high summer. The solstice recently passed and we are enjoying up to about 16 hours of daylight at the moment. At the height of winter, we still get a good 10-1/2 hours between dawn and twilight in my neck of the woods. I do believe in the UK, it is not uncommon to have a lot more than 16 hours in high summer! I guess it all evens itself out in the end.
    I love your son's photograph of the little birds. So sweet, and his patience to get the shot is awesome. You've done a wonderful job there! :)

  18. The drawing is going to be precious - just like your others! I love seeing your photos from your walks. Thanks for sharing with us!

  19. That sky was amazing. Looking forward to your drawing.

  20. The sky picture is FAB. My in laws get those long tail tits and they are really beautiful. Good to catch up. Jo x

  21. What a gorgeous sunrise. Never again will I whinge about our winter sunrise being 7.30am, 8.45am is just a tad late in the day isn't it! I'm glad you had a lovely cosy day doing lovely warming things like baking. The birds are so sweet on the bird feeder, I really love the photo. Wishing you all the best as work goes back and the routine begins again.
    Anne xx

  22. Hope you have a fabulous 2014 filled with love and light! I love your photo of the skies and clouds, and your drawing is beautiful. I am looking forward to following you this year .. xx Pat -

  23. Hi... Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Please tell your son that the picture is simply superb. That half hour that we waited was worthwhile.

    Waiting to see your Jan pic. Why don't you design a 2014 calender?

    Have a wonderful week ahead

  24. What a beautiful sky photo. I really do love cloud formations. You are so right too, baking really does cosy up a house....and what fab yorkshires! Puts me to shame, Aunt Bessies is all i'm good for! Must try harder!

    Have a super day!

    Vanessa xxx

  25. The sky first thing in the morning was beautiful!

  26. Your sky looked amazing! The wind has been blowing the clouds so quickly that I don't think my camera would pick them up :-) I hope your day went well and everyone got up and ready on time. It was certainly a shock to the system for me this morning! Have a great week. xx

  27. Slow Sundays are the best.

    I adore Long Tailed Tits. They sometimes visit my garden. I see them before I hear them because they are always in a gabbling crowd. They make me smile. And your Yorkies are fabulous. I cheat and buy them frozen. eeing yours, I'm going to have a crack at them this weekend.

    Happy New Year Jacquie!!

    Leanne xx

    Oh - I would have admired the pressed tablecloth and apron too. I did in fact ;)

  28. What a lovely way to pass a winter Sunday - Happy New Year to you xxxxxxx

  29. I always love seeing what you have to share. You are creative in so many different ways!


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