Saturday 3 May 2014

Out and About Again

Hello lovelies,
we were blessed with yet another sunny evening yesterday and I grasped the chance of another short walk after work with Eldest ( I do ask his brothers too, but they are sadly not keen on walking at the moment )
We head out down the street.........

Past cats waiting to be let in...........

And soon come to the sheep field with it's cute spring residents.......

The Cherry Blossom is already beginning to fall........

And the Clematis Montana is just coming into flower......

We walk our usual route, past glimpses of pretty gardens..........

And glimpses of Bunnies too..........

It's actually rather chilly, but the world is just so pretty at the moment it seems a shame to stay inside and miss these fleeting beauties.........

The Horse Chestnut trees are just stunning.........

And in the Churchyard we find a clump of Wild Garlic..........

And oh the Bluebells...........

Oh the Bluebells.........

The setting sun makes red bricks and tiles glow.........

And the horse, safely in his stable for the night, looks like he is saying "it's too early to go the bed"..........

 May is my favourite month and it's lovely to see the May ( Hawthorn Blossom ) is out........

Guess I can cast a clout now :0)

The yellow fields are truly golden...........

And the highland Cattle have a new calf that we haven't seen before.........

Now we are nearly home, heading towards the sun...........

We are both surprised by this mass of dandelion clocks glowing in the evening light.........

They really looked like they had light bulbs in them............

Then we spot a Hare........not a great photo .........those things are fast.........

This companionable walk was such a tonic at the end of a busy day.

and now we have a three day Bank Holiday weekend to enjoy......lovely.
I hope your weekend is a happy one.
Jacquie x 


  1. Lovely pictures Jacquie and always enjoy your walks ☺

  2. Lovely virtual walk thank you
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Thanks you so much for taking us on your walks! Looking at your pictures is like a little holiday in my head!

    I especially like the picture of the highland cows. I saw some in Scotland some years ago and there is picture of one hanging in our living room. They are really beautiful and so different from the "normal" black-white cows we have here in Germany.

    Take care,


  4. Great photos, love all the flowers and cute animals you manage to spot during your walks, thanks for sharing! Hope you have a nice weekend! : )

  5. I'm so jealous. We are about one month behind UK here in Canada. Your photos are awesome.

  6. What a gorgeous place you live in, I am glad you got to spend time with your eldest, those moments are so special.

  7. What lovely photo's, you must live in the country like me. I am with you about grabbing time with the children especially as they get older as they grow up all too quickly x

  8. I hope that you have a great long weekend. It is so lovely to see the candles on the horse chestnuts isn't it. xx

  9. Thanks for sharing the stunning views around your neck of the woods, Jacquie. I feel like we were on the walk with you! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful long weekend. Chris x

  10. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing. x

  11. Your photos are glorious! The garlic reminded me of a happy walk I had once down to Mother Shipton's Well and the valley was full of this heady aroma. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  12. I do so love your photos. Where I live in upstate New York, we are so far behind you and it has still been so chilly and wet. Can't wait for the warmer weather. Thank you for sharing!

  13. You live in a beautiful part of the country! Thank you so much for taking us with you!!

  14. Lovely walk thanks Jacquie with gorgeous photos :-) It took me a while to spot the bunny!
    Have a fab weekend,
    Tracey xx

  15. How wonderful - what a sweet wee lamb, gorgeous carpet of cherry blossom, bluebells, hawthorn blossom, that beautiful calf waiting to grow hair like his Mum - so much loveliness to see and enjoy, and I have, every bit of it! Thank you so much once again Jacquie, for a delightful walk in the countryside - you sure do live in a very lovely area! Joy xo

  16. What a lovely walk, so much better been out than sat watching TV....

  17. How lovely. It is so nice that your eldest enjoys walking with you as well. You live in a gorgeous part of the world. Thank you so much for sharing.

  18. I really enjoy sharing your walks and your photos capture them so brilliantly. Thanks for sharing, x

  19. Jacquie I always love to call over to see you as I do enjoy all your photographs of the countryside. May is my favourite month as so much is going on and this was reflected in your fabulous views. Have a fantastic weekend Jacquie, sending you lots of hugs

  20. What a splendid area you live in! I simply love taking walks with you - the sheep, the horses, those gorgeous Highland cattle again (with a baby!)...if only I could offer you a cup of tea and a piece of cake after our stroll! ;-) Chrissie x

  21. Lovely pictures. you can't cast a clout 'til May is out though :) xx

  22. What absolutely beautiful country!! The photos are stunning. They expressions on the animals faces makes me laugh. It is like a Beatrix Potter story. !

  23. How lovely! I'm very envious of your hare photo too :)


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