Saturday 2 August 2014

♥ Summertime Moments ♥ Gentle Walks

Hello Lovelies,
most evenings have been gorgeous this week and I've taken the opportunity to go for a gentle walk before dusk falls.

The geraniums in the roadside planters positively glow in the fading light......

The allotments are full of produce..........

and the fields bare after the harvest.............

The days are getting shorter once more and the sun peeps through a low gap in the trees..........

A Robin hops along the bottom of the hedge, looking for his supper............

And I pass the old church with it's patchwork of different stone work...............

A local history book I found in the library this week tells me it was built in the 11th century.

 We may still have some lovely long weeks of school holidays stretching out before us, and seaside jolly's to look forward to, but mother nature is already moving from flowers to fruit..............

How fast this year is speeding past.
Best make the most of August.

Jacquie x


  1. Simply gorgeous Jacquie, enjoy every moment of this wonderful season and thank you for sharing it with us:) xoJoy

  2. Lovely pics of your walk, love the sweet robin x

  3. A beautiful post - lovely photos capturing that late summer light. And yes, I too, have noticed that there's a tinge of autumn about now. Such a special time of year.
    Cathy x

  4. It is interesting to watch the seasons transition. Where you are, the harvest is in; here it is just growing. We still have the coldest of mornings and days ahead of us, but at least it is still daylight at 5.30 now! It even snowed for 1 August! It was a very cold day. Normally, the snow falls at around 3000 feet or above, but it was down around 1000 feet above sea level that was copping it, including my village for a while. Sadly, it didn't hang around. Some enterprising people built snowmen and posted them online before the melt. The little children get so excited by it. :)
    Spring is coming, but not quickly enough.

  5. :( makes me feel sad....I don't like to let go of summer until the end of September, still eight weeks left in my Summer Book!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Beautiful photos as always!!!!!! The geraniums are truly beautiful!!!! Such a deep color!!!! Enjoy your lovely summer!!!!!!!
    AMarie xxx

  7. Isn't it just?! I would just like to put time into a bit of a freeze frame sometimes - feels like the year is racing past. Lovely photos Jacquie x

  8. You take beautiful pictures of your walk. It is still warm but cooler then most Augest's here. I guess I should feel fortunate because Auguest is usually blazing for us.

  9. Love summer a lot, but I also love Autumn, especially the sunny still warm enough to sit out with a coffee days xxx

  10. You're right, it's fruit everywhere now. What a lovely walk, and an amazing old church. I like to try and imagine what it's been like over the centuries, and what dramas have been played out. I love the light shining over the war memorial, quite stunning. CJ xx

  11. You're right, the season is just starting to change, it just feels different. I spied a few sweet gum leaves yellow and on the ground today. The old church is still lovely! Enjoy while we can!

  12. Love your photos. We have our own blackberries this year but as its their first 'proper' year the crop is relatively small. However, the local lanes are festooned with the brambles so hubby and I intend to take a bowl when we go dog walking. Fingers crossed no-one beats us to it, x

  13. We have our own blackberries too this year, there are about 6 of them LOL The bramble is growing out over the footpath though so I can't let it go wild :( You have reminded me that we must go blackberry picking over the next few weeks :)

  14. Lots of blackberries here too. Love your walks!
    Jacqui x

  15. It's so hard to believe how quickly this year is passing.

  16. Been hanging from a wire at an aerial assault course with family today so I'm achey & tired- tour lovely photos are a lovely way to unwind with a glass of wine!


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