Thursday 7 August 2014

♥ Summertime Moments ♥ A Tranquil Evening

Hello Lovelies,
the days are already getting shorter and this year we haven't spent any evenings at the country park.
Yesterday we finally managed a visit, though it was about half past eight when we arrived and the sun was nearly setting...........

It was one of those beautiful still and pleasantly warm evenings. Hardly anybody else was around and it felt so tranquil.......

I loved the clouds reflected in the lake.............

and the golden glow from the setting sun............

We walked around the waters edge..........

To the huge open space where the boys could fly their model planes.

Home made ones you just throw............

and a battery powered one that soars and swoops with a little buzz through the still evening air..........

It's just above the moon.

Sadly the home made one took a heavy landing and got broken.........that shattered the tranquillity for a while.

Time to head to the play park.........just us here too, lovely............

After the boys ( and their dad)  had finished climbing,  sliding and swinging we walked back past the lake.

Where Swans glided gracefully through the dusk...............

By now the lights had come on at the visitor centre and I loved the way they illuminated these Teasels...........

Time to go home.
It was a perfect summers evening and I'm so glad we got outdoors as a family to enjoy it.
Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful photos! We also have fairly regular model plane tragedies. Sigh :-D

  2. A beautiful evening well spent.

  3. What lovely picture, Jacquie - I feel like I was there with you! Thanks for sharing. Chris xx

  4. What a beautiful evening! Love the colour of the pictures - hasn't twilight the most wonderful colours and light?

    Take care

  5. Such lovely photos, what a stunning sky! Thanks for sharing!

    Ingrid xx

  6. I remember those evenings when my children were small. We use to take walks like that. You've really caught the peacefulness of the moment.

  7. It looks like a great evening. I was out for supper with a friend last night, and suddenly realised that the nights are drawing in. x

  8. What a beautiful evening spent by the lake
    Jackie x

  9. Beautiful to see your photo's and read your post. :-) Now you have to craft a new plane...
    Greetings from Marijke

  10. Many thanks to you, Jacquie, for sharing this tranquility with us. Your photographs are very evocative, very timeless.


  11. Beautiful evening and it's worth spending it like that!!! Have a beautiful weekend!!!
    AMarie xxx

  12. What a lovely bit of family time. :) It's something worth cherishing so much.

  13. Lovely photos of the setting sun, x

  14. I love your posts. This is probably the only chance I will get to see your part of the world. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  15. Beautiful pictures of a perfect way to end a summer day. Thank you for sharing.

  16. What a beautiful spot. These summer evenings are so precious, especially when they're shared with children. Wonderful. CJ xx

  17. We love that country park. So many interesting things to see. We spend hours there. Thank you for sharing your visit. xx

  18. Lovely photos, the sunset and clouds over the water are stunning x

  19. How wonderful to do such things at that time of evening as a family, and how lovely your pics are again Jacquie - I also love the light cast on the teasels:) xoJoy

  20. They sure are some stunning photo's and enjoyed coming along for the evening with you all (in my head of course lol ) ☺

  21. i love the summers evening light, we had such a beautiful peachey red sky here last night just b4 sunset ;0)...i love your river pictures x

  22. So nice to have it all to yourselves. I love times like that, and of course the late summer evenings. Those wild carrots look like what we here in the States call Queen Anne's lace.

  23. How lucky to have that on your doorstep and still visit-able at that time!


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