Monday 16 February 2015

February Half Term :: part 1

Hello again Lovelies, 
yesterday morning I had arranged to go for a walk with my friend. It was rather foggy as I parked the car and these shades of terracotta and red shone out in a muted world........

I had planned out a five mile route, parts of which I hadn't walked before.
 Out on the footpaths the world seemed small, and the horizon disappeared into the mist........

Along the roadside verges  the wild snowdrops bloomed.........

In Villages I smiled at glimpses of pretty gardens. I loved this one  with a stream and a sweet little bridge..........

Then it was back out into the misty countryside.........

In this Hamlet the Witch Hazel was flowering..........

Such unusual blooms. Now I read that it has a spicy fragrance, but I can't say I noticed it at the time.

I was with my friend who has many troubles in her life right now. Again I was listening and trying to offer advice. Hoping it helps.

But also hoping the countryside could heal her a little too. Its always such a calming and restorative place for me.

As we came out into this field and  gazed at the hazy view I wondered if these sheep were all laying down because they were feeling tried from  growing their babies.............

It's s shame the sun didn't shine, but there was still a wintry beauty to the landscape.........

In the end we only got a little lost a couple of times, and I was quite pleased with my route planning attempts. Got to love OS maps

Afterwards I came home to my boys and headed straight to the kitchen to make our roast dinner. I find it's best not to stop on these's so hard to get going again if I do.

Straight after Dinner youngest wanted me to go out with him. "Yes, lets go now"........

I held my breath as I watched him speeding downhill on his scooter a few times, then noticed something across the road.

What was that in the little sheep field?.......

Oh  yes, a lamb!.........

the first one we have seen this year.

Such a happy spring sight. I bought some Daffodils to celebrate.....

oh and I relaxed my " mum doesn't buy sweets" rule especially for the occasion :0)

How I love the reassuring rhythm of the seasons and the anticipation of the spring and summer stretching out before us.

Jacquie x


  1. Well it is official then Jacquie, spring has sprung! You can't have lambs without it being spring, and the yellow daffodils have given the seal of approval. What a wonderful way to start the half term - and yes, I agree with you, sweets are needed on occasions such as these. Enjoy your week x

  2. Calming and restorative - exactly! I always find walking out in the fields and woods works wonders for my state of mind.
    S x

  3. I hope your friend enjoyed the walk. I am sure it helped for her to share her problems with you and that getting out in the fresh air and beautiful countryside has had a calming effect. Enjoy the rest of half term. xx

  4. Jacquie, our extremely cold weather is keeping me indoors, except for quick errand rounds. And was so welcome to see the spring preview that you've given us with this post.

    Many thanks! xo

  5. Our greatest joys, and fears can be found with our children. Love seeing the baby lamb, something we don't see much of here. Daffodils! My favorite spring flower, I have one small bunch blooming in the garden. Hoping the expected snow/freezing rain/sleet doesn't bother them too much.

  6. your photos are beautiful, as well as little stories to go with. you live in a beautiful place :)

  7. I do love your walks - fab photos, especially the Witch Hazel.

  8. I'm sure your friend felt better after the walk with you - as you say being outside often helps.
    I've not seen any lambs yet - it seems a bit early, but it's always lovely to see them in the fields. I can't wait. xx

  9. ITS so great to have these British walks with you!!

  10. Looks like a beautiful walk, hope it made your friend feel a little better.
    Not much chance of seeing a lamb here as we are still up to our eyes in snow but I did manage to find some daffs at the supermarket the other day.
    Enjoy half term - we are into our second week of school hols over here.

  11. Thank you for the beautiful walk through the countryside. The lamb is so sweet.
    Enjoy your half term,

  12. The first lamb of spring, how lovely. I find a walk very restorative and a good mood improver too. I really need to walk more! I love your witch hazel photo, such an extraordinary flower, and an excellent name. Enjoy your week Jacquie, I hope there are some more good walks for you. CJ xx

  13. I enjoyed following along on your walk and seeing the misty fields and the sheep and lamb. We have a lot of sheep in our valleys here in Oregon and I love to see the little white tufts of lambs in the fields this time of year. We're having record-breaking warm temps and sunshine.. I'll take it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. A lovely walk. The trees look so beautiful against the grey sky, and the sheep look extremely relaxed! I have heard that cows lie down in cloudy or rainy weather (don't know if it's true) - I wonder if it's the same for the sheep?

    How fun to see the first lamb of spring. :)

  15. Sounds like a good day! I am sure that just being with your friend helped her and getting out and walking and talking is always good isn't it. xx

  16. What great pictures, I have daffadils too now!, roll on spring, and bless the little lamb!

  17. I loved seeing your beautiful photos. You live in such a nature lovely place.

  18. What a lovely post such great photos. I'm sure it must have helped your friend. Oren just having someone to listen is good.

  19. precioso, precios post y blog, cada vez que paso por él, me quedo un rato leyendo y contemplando tus fotos, besos


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