Monday 9 February 2015

Weekend Views

Hello Lovelies, how was your weekend?
Mine started with a trip into the city on Friday evening. I loved the brightly lit wheel that stands in the market square at the's the same spot that hosts the Christmas market in December.

Mr BM and I were there to enjoy a retirement lovely friend and manager is leaving work and I will miss her sooo much. I know I will still see her outside work, but not as much and she was a great manager.

We danced to live music till the early hours and had a brilliant time.

On Saturday afternoon  it all caught up with me and I sneaked upstairs with my crochet and some magazines to read.

I'm such a lightweight these days. Just a little alcohol and a late night leaves me shattered the next day.

As I sat on the bed, snacking on something healthy to hopefully make me feel better, I smiled at my polished apple. I can't eat an Apple without shining it on my clothes. It's something my late Dad always did...........

My reading material was walking related. I've treated myself to another issue of Country Walking magazine and loved this feature on the Pennine Way..........

I grew up right on the doorstep of this long distance walking route....Britain's first....and often wandered along the bits near home as a child.
It's only now I realise it's short history....well 50 this year, it's only a couple of years older than me.

I'm really hoping to get out on the moors sometime this year, and say hello to the Pennine way on it's special Birthday, but on Saturday I was happy to be snuggled up indoors. In fact I may have had a little nap.
 Mr BM says it was 2 hours, but I'm sure it was only 20 minutes :0)..........

On Sunday I was glad to feel my energy return. The sunny morning was perfect for a family walk...........

Eldest is growing so quickly, I think he may even be taller than me now.

We were visiting my most favourite place to walk locally..... Beacon Hill Country park.

I love the easy wander through woodland on wide, mud free trails..........

Then the steep climb through thinning trees...........

To the spot where the jagged rocks begin to burst out of the ground..........

and little patches of snow can still be seen amongst the dead bracken............

The far reaching view is wonderful...........

and looking south, into the sun, you can see the top of  Bradgate park....another great place to walk in the Charnwood forest..........

I like the view to the West best, over the undulating countryside............

My little photographer had a great time lining up his shots............

and we all loved exploring this rugged place...........

The light was amazing, highlighting every crevice in the rocks of this long since extinct volcano...........

and creating dramatic shadows............

Despite how it may look in my photos this place is very accessible. There's a car park at the summit and wheelchair friendly paths too.........

So every one can enjoy the far reaching views...........

We took a different route back down to the bottom car park, through the super tall pine trees..........

Where you feel tiny as you gaze up at the sky through their green tops...........

and you come across amazing sculptures made from tree stumps...........

This corner of the car park always delights me. It's a wonderful bird feeding station...........

where dozens of wild birds flit about. I wasn't quick enough to photograph the gorgeous Nuthatches .
But I did snap this little Robin...........

and lots of Blue Tits............

I'm sure they were enjoying the February sunshine as much as we were.
Jacquie x


  1. What a beautiful day you had for a walk! We had a damp and foggy weekend so it's nice to see your sunshine and lovely photos. I do like the man sculpted from the tree stump. He looks like he's waiting for the spring to arrive. My eldest is nearly taller than me now, and several friends' children actually are. It's most disconcerting! xx

  2. What a lovely walk and fantastic photos once again Jacquie. It really is great to read about your walks, I can imagine myself there and see places I might not otherwise be able to see. Thanks, Sharon

  3. What a beautiful walk! I wish I could get my boys out for walks with me, but they really don't like it. We try geocaching, which encourages them a bit more, but I do miss long walks with my hubby!

  4. Lovely.....I'm sure Charnwood Forest was on Countryfile last night, think I might need to have a visit there :) xxx

  5. I am the same with going out at night time these days, a couple of glasses of wine it's enough for me to make me feel poorly next day.
    Your Sunday walk looks fantastic :)

    Happy week!

    Lluisa xx

  6. Fabulous! So great to have some decent weather to get out and enjoy. We had a weekend of lovely weather too, 18C here, the honeybees were out collecting pollen already. Thankfully all the hives have survived the winter (so far). The pine tree walk looks very much like my daily walks, except more trees here but less of a trail. What lovely birds, and love the wood carving. Have a great day! x

  7. What a beautiful walk. we had sunshine yesterday too - it made me feel really good to be outside in it.
    I'm with you these days - a couple of glasses of wine, and a late night, and I suffer the next day! At least you managed a little nap! :) x

  8. What a lovely walk that park looks a great place to explore.
    We had a lively day yesterday too and today hasn't been too bad either

    Jackie x

  9. Sun and some sleeping sounds good to me!

  10. Thank you for taking us along on this walk - showing us areas we would NEVER get to see...Living across the pond and being old enough to realize I probably will never get to make that trip, I do so enjoy when others share so willingly! And you show us areas that 'tour groups' would NEVER see! Even Better!
    Love sharing walks like this with you and with Lucy (over a Attic 24). I'm such a fan.
    And you both inspire with your beautiful crochet.
    Thank you!

  11. You certainly have some stunning countryside around where you live and what beautiful weather you had with gorgeous light for photography. I love the photo you took looking up into the tree tops. x

  12. What a lovely bird feeding station, and a beautiful walk. I'm laughing about the nap. I'm certain it wouldn't have been two hours, you were probably reading for most of it I'm sure... Glad you had a good night out though. Enjoy your week Jacquie. CJ xx

  13. A simply beautiful walk and thank you xo

  14. Jacquie, fun to see how you gave your manager a great evening out, then how you suffered with a bit of a late start the day after. And then...that walk in the magnificent sunlight countryside. What beautiful places you do take us. How grand to have your son on the walk with you. His photos are very fine. Beautiful birds, too.


  15. What a great place to walk. The views are brilliant. Your crochet is looking very lovely.

  16. What a pretty walk. I love the idea of the bird feeding station. And I love the Robins. They are so photogenic and always seem to pose for cameras! :)
    Even this late in the season, it must still be chilly in your neck of the woods.
    And as for an afternoon nap on a lazy Saturday, best plan ever! :)

  17. Lovely shots! The first is especially stunning!
    Kate :}

  18. I'm the same Jacquie - more than a couple of drinks and the next day is a write off, I just have no energy! It was never this way when I was younger... Some crochet and a snooze sounds like the perfect respite. xx

  19. I've only just discovered your blog Jacquie and love the photos of your walk. I grew up in a village about 3 miles from the Beacon and spent many happy times there and in Bradgate park in all the seasons. I agree it's such a fabulous place. I live in Wiltshire now which is also very beautiful but after seeing your photos, I'm glad I'm heading back your way soon for a few days with my ma and pa :-)

  20. Found this and as a bird lover thought you would enjoy. It's an owl cam of owlets hatching. (We have this breed nesting in the woods next to us and can hear them most nights calling to one other.)

  21. Lovely views in english countryside lovely family walk!!Ando so pretty birds...kiss

  22. I've popped over from Kazzys' blog, she has featured you today as one of her 'Fav 5's'.
    I must live fairly near to you, I live in Ratby.
    Love Bradgate Park, Beacon Hill etc too. Have you been to Spence Park in Ibstock? They have all kinds of events going off year-round.
    Let's hope we have some sunshine this weekend! We had some about an hour ago........

  23. Great pictures as always. I finished my quilt jacqui, go and take a peek. Jox

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  25. LINDAS FOTOS!!!!


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