Sunday 1 February 2015

The North Wind Doth Blow

Hello Lovelies,
THANK YOU  ♥ ♥ ♥ for all your kind comments on my Springtime blanket. I feel very blessed to have this space to share my crochet creations with like minded folk. Your encouragement along the creative journey and your appreciation of the finished project adds SO MUCH to my enjoyment of this gentle hobby.

On Thursday we were, once again, treated to a few flurries of the white stuff. My poor garden is so messy, but it still managed to look pretty with added snowflakes...........

This winter is turning out to be properly wintry right now. It's quiet a contrast to the unusually mild "non winter" we had last year. I'm happy to have defined seasons and a little snow is what winter is all about.

But, oh the poor's no fun for them.

This picture of a Blackbird makes me looks like this bird is saying to the jolly Buddha  " I don't know you're so happy about"...........

As it snowed heavily I looked out on the garden.....and the hungry birds........

There are two in this photo.

Soon the shower had passed and I ventured outside to put some sunflower seeds on our garden bench.  A sweet little Dunnock caught my eye as it rested in the Buddlia bush...........

And soon another bird had discovered the newly scattered seeds........Was it a Dunnock too?......

I couldn't see clearly, but looking at my zoomed in photos afterwards I was surprised to see this cutie had a red spot on his head..........

Time to get out my Bird Identification books...........

I was delighted to discover my sighting was a new bird to me....a little Lesser Redpoll

Feeding the birds is one of my favourite things about winter.

 Mum bought me this Derbyshire calendar and how I've loved looking at this stunning snowy photo of Owler Tor throughout January..........

And all  month I've been recording my miles walked on this calendar.

How happy it makes me to see that my total distance for January is 80 miles.

 As I mentioned before I'm attempting to walk 1000 miles this year...which means I need to walk 83 miles a month. So this month I'm just a little short on miles...but I hope to catch up in the spring.
 I'm including all outdoor walking of 1/2 a mile and over.
Parking half a mile from work means I clock up a mile on work days ( I actually do a lot of walking about indoors at work but I'm not including that) and I'm happy to see there are only two blank days on my calendar, despite the lurgy visiting youngest and myself.

There's always something new to see on a walk, and this family of wellies  made me smile yesterday...........

But gosh it is chilly....I need to walk fast, then come home to a hot drink and some cosy craft :0)

I'm loving these Ripples....and setting into the rhythm.
Indoor colour, especially in winter, is such a happy thing.

I'm feeling totally inspired by THIS lady's wonderfully colourful paintings at the moment

Enjoy your Sunday lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely post. We haven't really seen any snow yet but gosh it has been cold. I admire your walking challenge - great idea. And loving the colourful ripples - have been a bit off crochet of late in favour of sick knitting but have seen some lovely projects recently that are making me want to dig out my hook! Xx

  2. Jakiż czas mnie nie było ale lubię zaglądać do Ciebie.:)
    Wyzwanie chodzenia bardzo mi się podoba....będzie przyjemne z pożytecznym:)
    Ogniste kolory w szydełkowej pracy cudnie rozgrzewają w zimowe wieczory.
    Pozdrawiam Kasia.

  3. I loved all the pictures, your garden looks lovely in the snow. The wellies are great! And well done on all the walking :)

  4. Your ripples look lovely! I wish I had the patience to make a blanket!

  5. A great selection of photos. Your garden looks pretty in the snow and I'm sure the birds are glad of the food you provide for them. What a lovely bright and cheerful ripple blanket you are making

    Jackie x

  6. Crikey Jacquie - eighty miles! Well done - especially considering the lack of daylight hours at this time of the year. Love your little redpoll - I've been putting out all sorts of stuff lately and noticed the cold has birds coming a lot closer to the house for their food. Keep warm x Jane

  7. I do like the snow but only on days when I don't have to drive :-)

    Your new blanket is getting off to a super start, I have never tried the ripple pattern before but it is definitely on my list of thing to do.


  8. The Derbyshire Calendar looks lovely - there are some fine view from Owler Tor and that area :)
    I'm been really enjoying the proper winter weather too - but I do feel for the birds. We had a snow day on Friday so I made some more fat cake for them but it's all gone now... need to make more, but have to buy more ingredients first! We've only done one walk this month. I've been suffering a cold for about three weeks - not bad, but I haven't felt great and not really felt like walking with it - I'm impressed how you've managed to walk so much!

  9. It does look so very cold with the snow in your back yard. Poor little birds, they must have been very happy when they discovered the seed you put out for them.
    Anne xx

  10. Your so lucky that you have some snow. Your gasrden looks very pretty. We just have rain, that's really awful in winter. And your ripple blanket looks wonderful, I also started one but I haven't finished it yet. Maybe I should place the basket next to my armchair. Have a lovely Sunday, Viola

  11. It is lovely to see different species of birds isn't it. We used to get redpolls in winter when we lived in our previous house, lovely little birds. Your ripple is looking great - very colourful. We have had hardly any snow here, just a scant covering one evening and gone by morning. Jan xx

  12. Loved your post and photos, Jacquie!

  13. Love a ripple, I'm doing one myself at the moment xx

  14. How lovely to see a Lesser Redpoll in the garden. I have been wearing a Fit bit for some years now and have just got last years mileage back I had walked 1425 miles ! and have just about finished my biggest crochet blanket, all ready planing the next one, would love to do a ripple blanket like yours but never seem to get the end right when I am tuning.....!
    Amanda xx

  15. Good luck with your walking challenge......just keep posting them pictures for me! The birds really rely on us at this time of year don't they :) xxx

  16. Lovely snowy garden photos! As always, I'm very impressed with your bird photos. I can never seem to get a good one. Perhaps I'm too impatient :) The ripple blanket is looking good already :)
    Cathy x

  17. Looks like your Winter's more snowy than mine...
    Lovely ripples, can't wait to see the finished project! ; )
    Wish you a nice week! xx

  18. Very wintry photos! I love the birds; I'm useless at recognising birds, never can see them and beyond the obvious know no names!
    And how lovely to come back home to some warm beverage and colourful hooking!

  19. I do feel for the birds at this time of year and we all have a routine now for feeding them, which they seem to know. The snow came down for us too and that wind cut us to the bone. Hot chocolate is always welcome on days like these! Take care x

  20. The snow looks lovely, we were hoping for some this weekend but it missed us. 80 miles wow way to go! The ripple is looking lovely too. Those painted type trays are beautiful, very inspiring. Stay warm!

  21. Another fab post,love the snowy pic,those lil birds are soooo beautiful,they certainly remember when they are fed regularly,and of course rely on that source.Love the welly pic too make a good card.Beautiful calendar, and lovely ripple colours.Happy Week xx

  22. It does look chilly with you, but how lovely to have seen a lesser redpoll. Well done on all your walking so far, you are well on track. It's so nice to come back to a warm home and a hot drink and a little crafting after isn't it, it makes it all so much nicer. CJ xx

  23. Oh, I love seeing all of the winter birds about your place! I feel that same delight when I spy I a newcomer to the feathered friends of our garden. Your ripple is so pretty!

  24. We have snow falling today too, looking very similar to yours. Your blanket is looking very pretty and I want to say well done on the walking. I need to be better about that myself.

  25. No snow here in Oregon where I live. I love the tea-lights by that artist you showed. Nice! I love all your pretty birds.. very good of you to feed them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  26. How wonderful, it's beautiful! I really love the aneve and the magic moment of the snowfall, back child. I hope it gets here by me. Good evening and enjoy so much snow!


  28. That selection of wellies made me smile too:) We've had some snow too- I have to say I love it when all mky family are nearby, but would rather they didn't have to travel in it. Keep warm.x

  29. Yes, we're getting it cold this winter but that's good.

  30. LOve that blanket. The colours are gorgeous.

    Lovely photos of the birds, so clear.


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