Monday 15 June 2015

Long Summer Days

This past week the early morning sun has been shining right into the kitchen while I make my breakfast........

The Stocks on my kitchen windowsill have smelt fantastic.........

I was enchanted by the owls on display at Patchings last Sunday........

Eagle was huge.

How I loved the lazy Sunday atmosphere at this great event. The Big band played such happy tunes and the music drifted around the marquees full of inspiring art and craft......

Eldest accompanied mum and I . He seemed to enjoy most of the displays....and was very impressed with this huge chain saw ..........

Feeling inspired he sat in the sunshine to do a little whittling with his birthday gift, while we waited for mum...........

And I admired the yarn bombing.......

Down by the river, later in the day we loved the Goslings .......

And the long days  are perfect for strolling in the evening light...........

It's not a time of year to dash about when you walk. I've been walking most days and I'm still recording all my miles for the 1000 mile challenge.

On Wednesday I took Mum to see my friends garden............

It's full of beautiful flowers at the moment. We did love the Roses..........

But we adored the wild flower meadow.........

The Ox-Eye Daisies were at their beautiful best..........

Makes me want an area like this in my own garden too. So inspiring.
How I love the long Summer days.
Jacquie x


  1. Oh yes, the wildflower meadow is gorgeous, and I bet it's absolutely full of little creatures. It sounds like an excellent weekend, the event looks really interesting. We had a slow summer wander yesterday as well. This time of year is blissful isn't it. I hope you have a good week. CJ xx

  2. The owls are gorgeous, the eagle owl looks so majestic. The flower meadow is beautiful, there is something special about nature's gardens. Have a great week, I hope you get some good walking weather :-)

  3. I too love the long summer days and we are starting to have some warmth now too which is lovely. Your friends garden is beautiful I'd love a wild flower meadow like that.
    Have a good week
    Jackie x

  4. How lovely, what a great day out. I used to go to patchings when we lived in Nottinghamshire. Sounds like its really taken off as a place to visit now. The daisy photo is stunning. Enjoy your long days :)

  5. Beautiful photos, Jacquie! We have fields full of daisies here on our little farm. I love them!

  6. I love the photo of the ox-eye daises - stunning. As you say perfect weather for an amble around the countryside, taking in the bird song and flowers. x

  7. Looks like a great place to go. We have a small area for wild flowers in our garden - especially for our bees.

  8. Sounds like a great time of it! We usually do a big section in our field for wildflowers, mainly thinking of the honey bees. They really gather from the goldenrod that blooms late summer/ fall. We have to cut in regularly though or the trees that sprout up would take over. Just taking a break from the veggie garden (hilling potatoes) to visit with you, then back at it. Enjoy your day! x

  9. Sounds like a great event that you went to. Your friends garden is looking wonderful. I love on-eye daisies and this seems a very good year for them, they are growing all over the place near me and it is lovely to drive by roadside verges and seeing them growing on the banks. xx

  10. Aw, those owls look cute! And what beautiful flowers, I love daisies too, I think they should have a place in every garden! : )

  11. Warm sunshine here too but work is calling! Jo x

  12. I keep toying with the idea of planting wildflower seeds in the (small) lawn at our new house. It looks lovely doesn't it?
    And you can't beat the smell of stocks - gorgeous.

  13. I want a wildflower meadow! Unfortunately, the only thing that will grow in the paddocks - before it gets too dry - around here is cape weed. The daisies are great for stringing together for garlands, but the sap makes me itchy. But I would love all the pretty little flowers! Variety is the spice of life.
    Thanks for sharing another day out.

  14. Hi Jacquie, I'm sorry I've not been around for a while, I'm hopeless with keeping up with blogs at the moment. I love your late summer evening walk photo, it's gorgeous. I love ox eye daisies too, you quite often get them alongside the train track here and they just make me think of summer. Lovely! Xxxxx Heather

  15. Ox eye daisies - a word of warning! They spread everywhere and are extremely prolific! This is not so good if you just have an average size garden and only want a small patch of them.... I bought a packet of seeds after a visit to Scotland and being entranced by them all along the verges, ...I did actually regret introducing them to my garden.


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