Sunday 3 January 2016

Gentle Early January Days

Hello Lovelies,
I'm beginning to wonder if this winter will be like the one the year before last....when I kept waiting for it to get cold and it never really did.
Mother nature is confused, yesterday I even saw a snowdrop.....

Today was dull and damp, but hubby and I braved a little walk round the avoid the muddy footpaths near home......

by the lake you could see the Daffodil leaves emerging.......

This is my favouite part of this walk. Love these safe stepping stones........

The waterfall here is man made and pumped, but I still love it. Last time we were here is turned on at 10am. This was 9.58, we waited........

Chatted to the locals.....Lovely weather isn't it Mr and Mrs Duck........

Then, the sound of running water....yay.......

only a couple of minutes late :0)

The Heron looked a bit fed up really, maybe it's not good fishing weather......

We carried on a bit further.......

I liked the reflections and the dried grasses..........

and the plump looking squirrels, who enjoy lots of nuts left by visitors........

one loop of the lake is a mile and I though hubby would want to leave when we got back to the beginning, but happily he agreed to go round again..."as long as you don't keep stopping to take photos". OK , it wasn't really photogenic weather anyway.......

I just sneaked one shot of the Chinese Lions :0).......

Today's coffee had no view.........

 but the banana loaf was yummy.

Back home my Amaryllis is nearly flowering.......

It's huge and a bit unsteady so some support has been added.......

I'm a little disappointed as I bought a Red Lion..........

 But maybe a white flower is appropriate for the fresh new year.

It makes a change I suppose, and I have been painting with red....sketching that sweet Robin from our new years day walk.........

Thank you all so much for the congratulations and kind comments on my latest posts.
If you are returning to the work / school routine tomorrow I hope it goes well.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely walk again Jacquie and is raining way over here in OZ even though is meant to be HOT visiting your blog ♥

  2. How lovely you have that park close by to walk in when the footpaths are all so muddy and slippery. The weather is certainly confused, we have daffodils out in the local park and when we went for a Boxing Day walk there were celandines and wild primroses out. Give me some sunny frosty days please. xx

  3. Lovely virtual walk. You have a very pretty windowsill.
    I love your painting
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. That looks like a great park for a walk. I love your journal too! I'd love to do something similar but I can't draw anything more complicated than a stick man, haha!

  5. The weather seems to be the same here too, I have phlox blooming and daffodils half way up, even a blueberry bush in full leaf! A fabulous place to walk how lovely. My family say the same to me whenever they walk with me.(Or if you leave your camera behind.)lol Love your sketch! Trying to finish WIP's here.

  6. Jacquie, it's grand to see you are continuing those fabulous walks through lovely areas as the New Year begins. Here in NYC it's suddenly turned very cold and tomorrow will actually remain below the freezing point. What a change!

  7. A lovely post, full of good things. Happy New Year to you!

  8. A lovely start to the year, especially your beautiful painting! xx

  9. Looks like your year started really well, and that's nice to read. Wishing you a great 2016! xx

  10. I too love banana bread! What a beautiful place for walks, the presence of water makes it so peaceful. You have a lovely blog! May you have a marvelous year in 2016!

  11. Hi Jacquie
    I love your deep window sill for putting your pot plants on. It is such a useful space. I wish we had them in our house.
    I read your other blogs as well and well done on making it through the 1000 mark. That is an impressive effort.
    Have a wonderful year.

  12. Always lots to see if you get outside. Great pictures. Cool plant idea too, I didn't get one this year. It has poured down today so I have been sewing a blouse, very nice it is too. Love Jo x

  13. That's a lovely park. Great pictures.


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