Sunday 31 January 2016

Reasons to be Cheerful

Hello again Lovelies,
I think I'm the sort of person who generally feels blessed. I've written it here often enough. I'm blessed to have my family, blessed my own mum is still well, blessed I can work part time, blessed I'm healthy (touch wood).
These are the big things I am thankful for.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I feel annoyed and upset by stuff.  When that happens getting outdoors generally lifts my mood.
This week my walking group were blessed with the best day of the week weather wise. Thursday morning was cold but sunny and I loved walking through the winter woodland.......

Then stopping for a coffee from my flask in this sunlit glade.... and being given home made cake by our walk leader.

 I'd never heard of Porter cake but it was yummy. A moist and tasty fruit cake. I've found a recipe HERE. I might try and make it myself.

As we walked further through the woods one of our group noticed this Red Admiral butterfly.... such an amazing sight in January. I felt sorry for the poor, confused thing..........

The colours of the woodland and the green fir trees did make it look like somewhere continental rather than Blighty in January ...........

as we came out into open countryside the fields were full of free range pigs, each with it's own shelter it seemed. "Is that what they call Glamping?" one of the group asked....and we all laughed......

Lunch was in a very neat little churchyard...that even had a sweet model of the church in the lawn........

I do love my walking group...but I also like to explore a little on my own. So while they were still eating I wandered off to look a little further..........

and came across this strange ruin in the cemetery.........

and I loved the far reaching  views, both back towards those glamping pigs........

and across rolling fields of green...........

Here's the ruin from the other side. I couldn't weigh it up...thankfully the internet provided the answers. It was made from parts of a ruined Saxon church that stood on this they are over 1000 years old.......

and this spot is alleged to be the resting place of Will Scarlet. How interesting. I love discovering things like this.

In the afternoon the clouds and wind built, but we tramped on and  smiled at the pigs.........

and these cute cottages..........

this cottage even had a famous character looking out of the window........

 Did you spot Tintin?

It was a whole day walking...well you can see on my phone it was from 10am till about 4pm. We covered 12 miles ( and that's my longest walk since last July)..........

yay...a great reason to feel cheerful.

This weekend my growing collection of cheerful Log Cabin granny squares were arranged to make diagonal stripes......

Ummmm, that reminded me of something.

I got out my old photo album and found this snap from 1984. I know exactly what year it was, as this new fangled "Continental Quilt " was my 18th birthday present...and look what cover I chose for it :0)............

 a replacement for my green candlewick bedspread and blankets :0)

 We had some lovely sunshine again yesterday and I even hung out some washing, then noticed my neighbour had done the same...........

Indoors I love that this batch of mini daffs are not so leggy ...a sign the light levels are improving?

 The droplets on the glass were courtesy of eldest who was outside with the hose washing my car...and kitchen window ( his idea...bless him).

My third lot of Hyacinths are also flowering.......

I accidentally knocked of one of the I popped it on bird's head...

 Cute hat :0)

A good book is certainly a reason to feel cheerful. I picked up this book in the library last week........

Another book called walking home ( I read THIS one last winter).  It's very different to Simon's book.....but happily just as good. Clare writes in a easy to read style and this book wont last me much longer. It's funny and touching and full of emotion. It's also introduced me to Clare's Radio 4 programme called had I never heard of this?...well quiet easily I suppose as I'm not a radio 4 listener. I love the format of walking and talking to interesting people in some of the most wonderful parts of the U.K. ..........

 Happily there are podcasts......yes yes, I can listen to them at my leisure. I've already enjoyed 3 of the 156 programmes currently available. Listening to them on my phone while I'm cooking is great...but I could do with some plug in speakers to make the sound quality better.

 They are so inspiring. I now want to walk Kinder Scout (preferably with Mike Harding alongside to sing I'm a rambler as he does at the start of THIS episode). Oh and the Mourne Mountains sound amazing. Oh and Windsor Great Park.....and the South Downs. I could go on.
As I said...very inspiring :0)

 I'm looking forward to walking in some new places this year....but I'm always happy to walk familiar paths too.

 Saturday afternoon Was prefect for a quick blast of fresh air..........

The Snowdrops are flowering by the church...........

Such cheerful harbingers of spring.....but be careful if you crouch down to get a low angle shot of these little you may get stung on the bottom for your effort.........

 Like I did .

I'll finish this long and somewhat rambling post ( get it ) with a photo of the cheerful pink house I often pass never usually shows up as pink in my photos....but this time it did........

Well done if you made it this far. Wishing you all a cheerful week Lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. Just lovely to read... Thank you!

  2. Hi Jackie! I love so much those hills and valleys views... I am in love with English landscape, seriously! :) And nature is beautiful there too!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  3. Wonderful I love looking at your pics, xxx

  4. Wonderful post, and lovely photos.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. A lovely post! I really enjoyed seeing your walk this week and the ruins. I loved the little model of the church!

  6. Quite a walk...amazing to see a butterfly. And I need to check out that church - so it's been added to the list (thank you!). Great photos.

  7. Ooh, piglets! I love your log cabin squares too, they're very sweet. Glad you've managed to get out and about, it was lovely to see the sunshine on your photos! xx

  8. Lovely walks, especially the group one, that looks wonderful. I love that you used to have a log cabin duvet cover, brilliant! CJ xx

  9. What a glorious day for a winter walk and lovely pics too. x

  10. What a lovely uplifting post! Exactly what I needed so thank you.

  11. What a lovely walk
    Today is day 1 of our house move so just sat browsing while the removal men are busy packing around us
    Jackie x

  12. What a lovely post as always, the pictures on your walks always look amazingx

  13. Oh WOW,what a brilliant post,just love your pics always so interesting,love those piggys so cute.Those Granny squares are so unusual,clever you.Happy Week.xx

  14. I loved the rambled post! The mini church, the 1000 year old remains, the lovely sunshine (does seem brighter) the confused butterfly, and of course the pigs. A whole day walking, what a treat! My outdoor daffy's are starting to bud. Lovely granny cabins. At the moment I have a candlewick (chenille here) spread on our bed, a sky blue one. Sadly I've not added many more miles for the last of January(continued head cold) about the total of your one day walk.Hope it's a sun filled week!x

  15. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures, bits of your days and peeks of your memories! As always, this was such an enjoyable read. Have a blessed week.

  16. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures, bits of your days and peeks of your memories! As always, this was such an enjoyable read. Have a blessed week.

  17. Another lovely walk, I am so jealous! It's so lovely to see the springbulbs and the wildlife (along with the farm life) to keep you going with this mammoth walk. I can't wait to get my walking shoes on again. Keep safe in these high winds x

  18. I am glad that you have much to be thankful and grateful for! xx

  19. A great place for a walk. Nature is very generous around there. It's still a bit too cold around here for walks. It is good to be a thankful and positive person. Thank you for this great post.

  20. I loved sharing your long walk with you, such beautiful countryside. Walking Home is a great book. Clare's book was very special to me as she grew up in my home village and I have met her on several occasions. Also the area that she walked with her brother and family is very familiar territory for me so I was pleased to hear that you are enjoying the book too. xx

  21. Great post. I too got into the podcasts after reading Clare's book😊

  22. Hi Jacquie, I enjoy reading your blog, especially the record of your walks and your crochet projects, although this is the first time I have commented. I love the miniature church and the ruin - we live at the coast and have spectacular scenery close by but it's always intriguing to see new (to me) locations. We can't venture very far these days as my mother is becoming increasingly needy, so possible areas to explore whilst staying in our caravan are an imaginative escape for me at the moment. I'm also taking part in the 1000 mile challenge (on Ilona's blog) and am getting a bit obsessive about it! Your log cabin granny squares have re-ignited my crafting mojo and I hope I'll be able to reduce my stash on someting similar. Thanks again for taking the time to share - it is appreciated! Vicki

  23. Dear Jacquie, thank you for such an amazing inspirational post! The pink house, and the snowdrops, and the pigs, and the cottage, and everything!!! Oh my God, it's just feast for my eyes! Thanks for making my day.
    Bless you and yours,
    Jane Bredberry(from Fred's essay writing place account)

  24. Such an interesting and varied post, Jacquie! Apart from the lovely pics you always take I enjoyed your choice and suggestion of books. Can't wait to get my hands on them! x

  25. I really enjoyed this post - and your blog too. I like coming along on your walks with you. You make a great guide!
    Fingers crossed for more spring-like weather. Today was so cheering; it didn't rain til teatime! x

  26. Love the gate and the path to the pink house! Also the glamping pigs and the bit of vine growing on Will Scarlet's grave. Thank you for letting us tag along on your lovely walks. Looks like Spring is just around the corner for you :)

  27. I've enjoyed your most so very much Jacquie.
    Thank You!
    My Mom made me a Statue of Liberty log cabin when I came back from studying in the States in 1985
    I never miss an episode of Clare Balding on BBC4

  28. Reasons To Be Cheerful ... and I feel so cheerful after reading and looking at your lovely post.
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan


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