Friday 8 January 2016

Rainy Days

Hello Lovelies,
I'm not loving these short, wet days. But I'm feeling lucky we have not suffered the terrible flooding that some parts of the U.K. are enduring, and I'm cheering myself up with pretty flowers on my kitchen windowsill.........

 The first bunch of Daffodils of the year are always something to smile about ....especially when they are a kind gift from my mum in law.........

But yesterday I didn't want to stay inside all day. It was walking group day, so I pulled on my waterproofs and walked past my favourite garden to the meeting place..........

Just a small group of mad keen people had gathered, and we set off hoping the promised dry weather would materialise........

The poor countryside is not looking it's best and the conditions were pretty awful really.........

I've never seen the stream so full........

Everywhere was a sea of slippery mud and greyness. I'm very lucky my kind friend lent me a walking pole for this walk....otherwise I'm almost certain I would have ended up on my bottom ( or worse)......

This stream was even bigger....I've never seen it look like this before..........

On the way home we had a strong head wind to add to the fun....but thankfully I wasn't cold or wet, and I did rather enjoy the walk despite the conditions.  It would not have been so pleasant alone I'm sure.....

 Back home I paused to look at my flowering Amaryllis .......

white is ok....but I miss the red.

It's been a while since I did and rippling , but yesterday afternoon the colourful yarn called to me.........

There are things to like in all the seasons, and I'm so enjoying  my seasonal diary.........

This weeks illustration is a delight, a beautiful, dream like image , with amazing detail..........

 You can read a bit about the artists inspiration HERE

And I love the short poem to accompany it......Yes, how often does that happen in winter. The sun appears fleetingly at the end of a grey, wet day.......

I was taking these photos in my bed room to try and get the best light, and as I turned around....there it was..........

A beautiful and serene end to the windy, soggy day. 

And six more miles for me to tick off this years 1000 mile challenge :0)
I love Thursdays.
Jacquie x


  1. Well done for braving the rain and mud to join the group walk. I am sure you felt good after you had completed it. I love your seasonal diary and this week's illustration is beautiful. xx

  2. Yje virtual walk looks lovely despite the weather. I love the lovely warm blanket, and the pretty amaryllis
    Julie xxxx

    1. Sorry didn't read before publishing, someone moved the keys on the keyboard! Meant to read The virtual walk........
      Julie xxxxxx

  3. It's a bit depressing all this wet weather but like you I'm counting my blessings that we are not flooded like some poor people! Even tho it is muddy it's good to get outside. Those daffodils definitely bring in a little sunshine!

  4. I love the thought of a windy walk, any walk in fact would be great but I love 'joining' you on your rambles :-) Eldest is sat outside now, all bundled up, reading a book and making the most of the sunshine! I have ripples calling me too, I must get to it soon as youngest is wanting a blanket on his bed :-)

  5. Hello Jacquie, may I ask what part of England you take these walks in? We are planning a trip to the UK this summer and I am interested in talking some country walks with my family. Your pictures are very lovely. Thanks, Paulette

  6. Seems most everyone is having lots of rain this winter. The window of flowers are so cheery. Love the art in the journal. Clocked about half as many miles yesterday. Under the Christmas tree I found a new pedometer from my girls, which have more functions than my last. A motivator to keep me moving on those grey wet days. Here's to sunny walks in our future!

  7. Jacquie, it's grand that your walking group members encourage each other to brave less than perfect weather to go out and explore the countryside.

    That diary looks quite lovely against the colors of your ripply crocheting...and wow, what a gorgeous sunset!


  8. I've decided to do the 1000 mile challenge this year as well. As of today I've walked 33.5 miles in damp wet muddy weather. I'm grateful it hasn’t been in snow & ice yet but I expect we'll get some before our winter is over here. I have to do most of my walking alone...I just can't find a dependable walking companion. Though my husband has walked a lot with me around his work schedule.

    I look forward to following your walks again this year!

  9. Lovely photos, it's always good to go on a walk, even when the weather isn't great. The land is absolutely saturated at the moment isn't it. Good luck with this year's 1000 miles. Lots of lovely walks ahead I think. CJ xx

  10. Outside is certainly very soggy at the moment, but you did well to go for a wintry walk. I love your seasonal diary - the picture is perfect for January.
    Cathy x

  11. I must say I admire that you suited up and headed out on that walk. We have full sunshine here in my part of Oregon, USA today! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. You were brave to be out in the cold and the muck! It is hard being stuck inside all day when it is so dreary outside.

  13. I love your pictures and your dedication to walking no matter the weather. While you're having rain we're having snow. I honestly think I would rather have rain. Driving terrifies me with all the snow in our mountains. Lovely flowers and the lovely card. Thank you for sharing everything with us today and I'm glad you didn't have any slips or falls on your walk. :-)
    Blessings, Betsy

  14. Honestly... Walking in the rain is my favourite in a way. It feels so good to be out in it instead of indoors looking at a grey day!

  15. Beautiful post as always,love all the gorgeous pics.I am used to walking in the rain,being a dog walker,I don't mind it,it's the wind I don't like.That's the thing with waterproofs,you are all snuggly hee hee.It has been a bit of a challenge what with the knee deep mud in all the fields,not to mention the water.That stream does look very full.I must get out and take pics with my new camera that my husband bought me.Hugs x

  16. Even though it is so muddy, it looks like a wonderful walk! The ripple blanket is truly amazing! You are very clever to make it!!xx

  17. I think the sodden fields are beautiful!
    Granted, I'm sweltering through 45*C heat right now, and I'd happily trade for some grey days and a bit of rain!


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