Monday 13 February 2017

A Slow Monday

Hello Lovelies,
having worked the weekend I had a day off today. I needed to pop to the shops but the good weather tempted me to put on my boots and take the long route.

As you can see it's been pretty wet here lately.

I wandered down the lane enjoying the sunshine.

and noticing a buzzard soaring in the blue sky.

The colours of winter. Faded green grass, brown hedgerows and bleached grass.

There were not many birds around, possibly because of that buzzard. I did spot a pretty chaffinch .

Eventually I got back to the village streets. This householder always plants flowers in these little drains. It's such a simple thing that always makes me smile.

Peeking in the yarn shop window I noticed it's Valentines theme.

And there's a notice outside the florist about ordering your Valentines day flowers.

In the local shop there are cards and chocolate and some very expensive roses.

As we are trying to be thrifty at the moment I certainly wasn't tempted by any of that. In fact hubby and I  have agreed not to buy anything for Valentines this year.
 I haven't even bought any Daffodils for a few weeks. But a £1 bunch did make it's way into my basket today.

 And they seemed like more of a treat than usual.

Walking home I smiled at the snowdrops by the church.

And once home I realised it was a great drying day...woohoo. This is the first time this year my north facing garden has had enough sun.

 For our tea I made a stir fry and added left over beef ( brisket) from yesterday's roast dinner. It was a big hit and I was happy to have found another thrifty success.

There was also time for some crochet. I'm enjoying using up scraps of yarn and hope to  turn them into another blanket

I was inspired by  THIS wonderful blanket  and I've already made all 36 centres required. Now I just need to turn them all into 11 round squares like this, before joining as I go with the 12th round.

I do love a slow day with sunshine, flowers and yarn.
Jacquie x


  1. Great seasonal post, Jacquie, Lovely diverse photos! Never seen so many snowdrops in one place, they are a wonderful sight. And, you know what, my partner and I are not going to bother with Valentine's day either this year, for a first time in 17 years. Nothing has changed in the way we feel about each other, it just got to a point when we realize the extra expense is not necessary on this day.
    Love your crochet, btw xx

  2. I enjoyed going along with you today.. except that muddy spot.. you're brave! It was fun to see the yarn heart. Good job on your scrappy granny! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a lovely day. I like the winter countryside a lot, all those bleached colours and stark trees, beautiful. Hope you have a good day Jacquie. CJ xx

  4. A lovely walk as always, the florists looks like a really good one. Enjoy your new crochet project!

  5. I would love to have the ice here all melted, so I will not mind the mud at all for it's better than walking over dangerous ice. Beautiful flowers!! I love the snowdrops by the church. It looks magical! Pretty crochet!

  6. Lovely pictures, spring is on it's way! I love the crochet blocks, so nice and colorful, have a nice Wednesday!

  7. A beautiful day and beautiful pictures. The snowdrops and the polyanthus are so cheery with faces in the sunshine. I love your crocheted squares and the rhythm of the colours, so pretty.

  8. Sounds like my kind of day! Lovely colors to your granny square.


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