Thursday 9 February 2017

Is Winter over Soon?

Hello Lovelies,
thank you so much for your comments on my thrifty post. It's nice to see there are plenty of you who feel interested in frugal living too.
Here's a catch up post which includes walking and homely things. I hope you find something to make you smile.

We have had typical winter weather I suppose. The grey days are the hardest for me. So uninteresting and demotivating.

Even fog is more fact it's quite a nice change occasionally. It adds a mysterious air to familiar scenes.

 I do like a bit of fog.

The world is monochrome except for the closest objects. Viburnum blossom. Lovely.

Here's the hidden valley....more hidden than usual on this walk :0)

It's looking rather eerie in these photos, but I didn't find it so.

This favourite view was very atmospheric on my Sunday morning walk at the end of January.

I could just make out the farmhouse and it's smoking chimney.

and the church tower in the other direction.

Nearing home I passed a steaming manure heap.

It's always a magnet for the birds.


I was happy to get home before the fog turned to rain.

The bad weather does put me off getting on with stuff. I tend to curl up with some crochet and a movie. THIS one was great for a Sunday afternoon sob.

Happily the following weekend had at least had one bright day. And the sunlight is beginning to reach a little further into our north facing garden as the year progresses.

 There are spring flowers in the churchyard.

 And crocuses in my own front garden.

The sunshine even tempted me out into the garden for the first time this year.
I found some sprouting tulips in the shed that I forgot to plant in the I planted them in the raised bed and I'm hoping they will forgive me.

Clearing away the dead foliage I found green shoots. What a happy sight.

By Sunday the greyness had returned and we forced ourselves out for a chilly whizz around the boating lake. It  was all a bit depressing , but this sighting of a Great Crested Grebe cheered me up a bit.

In the spirit of thriftiness I have decided to use up all the little bits of yarn I have laying about. I'm making a happy, scrappy blanket. No planning, just start making granny squares and see where they take me :0)

 How lovely it is to work with a full spectrum of colours again...such rainbow therapy to combat the winter blues.

As you can see my professed love of winter is waning somewhat. But I do love that we have changing seasons. I'm just ready for the season to change to spring now :0)

Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful photos. I love the fog, it looks cozy and mysterious. We are covered in snow and thick ice so it will be awhile yet till I can think of gardening in here but it's sweet to plan. Have a great weekend!

  2. Lovely. I love walking in the fog, I find it magical. I too have found signs of spring, my daffodils are starting to bloom and the bees are gearing up for the spring flow.

  3. Lovely photos and FLOWERS! In February! We have about four feet of snow in our yard right now and are experiencing an ice storm today. All schools and a lot of businesses are closed because the roads are so bad. I'm ready for some spring color.

  4. Lovely 'foggy' photos and I always enjoy looking for those first green shoots too.

  5. Do you want a few inches of snow? We just had a nice snowstorm here in northern NJ, and I'm happy to donate some of it to anyone who asks.

    And no flowers anywhere here, but then it's too soon. I am enjoying yours.

  6. England is so GREEN in the winter! Where I live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula we've received 210 inches of snow so far this winter! Stay cozy!

  7. I too find walking Baz the collie in the fog and sea mist magical,mind you we can hardly see where we are going lol so no cliff walks.Freezing cold today.Love you photos as always,I really love your posts always so interesting.We have green shoots coming up,the cows are munching our grass on the wall,one of them let me scratch her nose the other day,they are so beautiful.Wintery huggles.xx

  8. Lovely to see the allotments in the mist. And what gorgeous flowers in the churchyard. Brilliant grebe photo, they're such beautiful birds. I've been enjoying the indoor winter time a lot, I think it's my lazy side - I don't want to have to go outside and do gardening! CJ xx

  9. So lovely to see spring flowers, especially in the sunlight and the birds busy finding food. Beautiful atmospheric photos in the mist, but I prefer bright skies as the damp just makes bones ache even more than usual!

  10. Wonderful post with all those moody photos. How nice to have the sun break through. Spring is always so welcome after a bleak winter. Hope your have a lovely weekend.


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