Thursday 16 February 2017

Snowdrop Time


 This morning eldest and I set off on a Snowdrop finding mission, because I just can't get enough of these little flowers and he is happy to come along.

We headed to Calke Abbey as we have done THIS walk before.

Eldest seems to be getting broader across the shoulders...and skinnier everywhere else.

Dimminsdale nature reserve was formerly a  stone quarry.

From the pools you climb up.

and further up.

before descending down a wooden path. I was so happy that the sun had come out that I may have run down these boards.

because I knew we were very close to this, and I wanted to see them in the sunshine.

This little hollow did not disappoint.

 I love the natural setting and the backdrop of the fallen tree.

A carpet of white.

Happily the sun continued to shine and we walked a little further.

 More sweet little snowdrops greeted us. They looked so pristine and perfect.

Ha, I took loads of failed attempts to get a snails eye view.

But it was worth it to get this.

 There was one more area with a mass of flowers to swoon over.

Then, as quickly as they started, they ended.

Further along the footpath we did see little shoots and wondered if they might be a later variety of Snowdrop?

Here we crossed a road and climbed uphill.

 Through more sunlit winter woodland,

 We loved this view

Lovely Oak trees

If I walk this way again I may well recall the conversation we were having as we walked along. The view reminding me of a forgotten memory. Does that happen to anybody else?

 The young oak trees here were still clinging to a few leaves.

and the catkins were a jolly sight.

Here our walk took us back into the Calke Parkland.

The house looked pretty in the sunshine and as we still have National Trust membership we decided to take a look in the gardens. Happily they are open again after the winter closure.

This sheet in the stable block made me smile. It was a good day for drying ... but as my washing machine is broken at the moment there will be none of that :0(

It's a lovely approach to Calke Abbey.

but the gardens are situated away from the house.

How perfect is this.

I suppose there were formal gardens close to the house in the past, and this area was part of the kitchen gardens.

We loved this display of snowdrops.

 Each with a label, as they are all different types.

Who knew there were so many?

The tiniest...awww.

There were several different glass houses.

So, despite the lack of flowers, there was plenty of interest.

We loved all the old tools and equipment on display here, not to mention the blue walls.

 Eldest loved the tunnel we found.

which led to more snowdrops :0)

But it was time we headed home.

I hope you enjoyed our four mile walk today. Thank you for coming along.
Jacquie x


  1. I'm swooning at all those sweet snowdrops you found on your walk. That's great that eldest will enjoy a walk with you. I'm wondering why I haven't planted snowdrops at this old house. I'm thinking our climate is right for them, too.

  2. I had a jolly good time tagging along with you and your handsome son! It was neat to see that garden at this point, groomed to plant for Spring and *LOVE* all the SnowDrops.. mine are in bloom here in Oregon, USA too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a lovely outing and all those marvellous snowdrops! I photographed my first snowdrops of the year yesterday too, down by the lake!

  4. Thank you for the preview of the area around Calke Abbey, especially as the snowdrops have now appeared. We go there regularly but there were none in bloom on our last trip in January but we're looking forward to seeing them as we will be visiting again on Sunday. We never tire of the walks from the NT car park. We take a picnic for lunch, take a stroll and then a pot of tea for 2 in the cafe (free as we have several vouchers at the moment).
    Thanks again for sharing and the lovely photos, Vicki.

  5. You took us on a beautiful stroll. I didn't realise there is so many varieties of the humble yet beautiful snowdrop.

  6. Gorgeous snowdrops, and I absolutely love those glasshouses and the kitchen garden. Fantastic. CJ xx

  7. I just found your blog....It is full of my favorite things...especially enjoyed the walk this morning...we don't have raindrops in Southern Texas..they are lovely..a sight for sore eyes...I'll be back...💗

  8. Every now and again, there seems to be a year when Snowdrops do extremely well - and it seems as though this is one of those years. There are villages around here where they are also blooming very well and smothering gardens and grassy verges.
    I have just two patches of Snowdrops in my small front garden but they are 2 different varieties, I'm happy to say. Beautiful little flowers which always cheer me up.

  9. Snowdrop heaven. Zillions of them. I'm still struggling to get my little clump to expand. At least they flowered this year so something to be grateful for after last year's single bud.

  10. Amazing!Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Ah, Jacquie, I love your walking posts. The English countryside is so beautiful and I have been waiting for snowdrop photos. I do have a question. What are the bell shaped clay pots in the kitchen garden Photos? Are they protecting young plants or warming the ground for later Plantings? Just curious. Hugs, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon, they are Rhubarb forcers. Keeping the shoots in the dark and making them grow tall reaching for the light that gets in through a small hole in the top. Thank s for your lovely comment.
      Jacquie x

  12. Wow! I just love this place! So cute snowdrops and LOVELY pictures...
    Always so nice visiting your blog :)
    Warm hug from Titti

  13. Like a white magic carpet, of snowdrops! So very lovely to see, thanks for sharing it all. Has me itching to dig in the

  14. Walks like this are so magical, especially when the temperatures are just a touch warmer! I'll have to look out for more this week!! Have a wonderful week ahead xx

  15. This is a glorious collection of snowdrops- just like a carpet! I am amazed by their abundance and beauty!! Thank you for sharing these!x

  16. The snowdrops seem particularly beautiful this year. You have made a wonderful job of capturing them. Thank you for sharing these. x

  17. I love coming along on your walks!

  18. I Love your blog and photos :)

  19. Beautiful photoes from your trip...and I love snowdrops!!!happy week end


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