Friday 3 March 2017

Hike While You Can

Hello Lovelies,
The title of this post comes from a comment I saw on  Instagram. It accompanied a beautiful mountainous view ( I can't recall where it was of exactly).
It's just a simple phrase but it really struck a chord with me. Hopefully I've lots more years of walking still ahead of me...but who knows. 
Yes, I love walking so much that I'll take every opportunity to Hike while I can.

A lot of the walking in the Midlands I wouldn't really class as hiking because it's so flat...but head to the peak district and that all changes.
OK it's not the Alps but Matlock Bath is known as Little Switzerland, and not without reason.

Yesterday I was happy to get the chance to walk on these hills. We set off from the village of Tansley, and immediately it felt like a hike.

 A steep path led us up into fields above the houses.

Once up high we had a lovely view towards Riber castle ( you might need to enlarge this photo to see it nestled among the trees)

We were in the land of stone walls and stone stiles.

 as we headed through quiet fields.

towards the little Hamlet of Dethick.

Which has an interesting church, with a tower on it's tower.

After descending across fields and through woodland we climbed again. Up stone steps.

Then along the pretty streets of Lea.

I loved this view.

The next footpath was more like a stream.

And it led to some tricky, partly submerged, stepping stones.

Thankfully nobody got wet and were soon walking more through pretty woodland.

 Look at all those green shoots among the fallen leaves. There will be bluebells here in April/May.

Next our route climbed steeply up through fields. Time to go steady and stop frequently to catch our breath admire the views.

Of course the view from the top is best...and a great reward for all that hard work.

A little further along Riber castle came into view again.

How I loved it up here. The sky was blue with little fluffy clouds, and the views were gorgeous.

There was plenty of mud and puddles to negotiate but that just added to the fun.

Ooooh, lovely mossy walls.

and pretty stone cottages.

Here we had arrived at the gates to Riber Castle ( not a really old castle, but built in the 19th century as a family home, by a wealthy industrialist)

I loved the views here.

And the village of Riber.

By this stage we had been walking for about 3 hours. Time for a sit down and a sandwich.

It was  a stunning picnic spot (looking down on Matlock) but a bit exposed, so we soon got going again.

This part of the walk was the most challenging. Super steep, slippery paths. I was so glad of the trees to hang onto.

More steep descent followed....thankfully not as slippery.

Still the sun shone and we felt so lucky with the weather.

Zooming in on Matlock as we got lower.

Another slippery section.

Finally we got to the road and it was a relief to walk on tarmac for a while.

In the valley bottom I loved this Mill conversion.

Then...what goes down...must go up again. Past a still ruined mill we climbed.

 To a steep sided valley, with a gushing stream.

And waterfalls :0)

How I loved the low sun shining on the water and rock. All the recent rain...which had made that slippery mud... also made the falls extra impressive.

More steps led to..

More waterfalls...

The Lumsdale valley has  interesting ruins too.

Above the falls we came to the mill pond.

Such an idyllic spot.

By this point we had only walked about 6 and a half miles, but with all the climbing up, and slip sliding down hills I will admit to feeling tired.
Oooh look a level path.

or maybe not.

Here we stopped to take in the view again. To gaze at where we had come from. Look our lunch spot by the castle.

and the steep woodland we descended through.

You can't get that wonderful " look how far we have come" view on a flat walk...nor the same sense of achievement I feel.

Then it was just a mile or so back to Tansley.

 Who's streets looked even nicer in the sunshine.

 How I loved this Derbyshire hike. It totally tired me out but it was so worth it for the amazing views, the exercise and the great company.

I feel blessed to be able to enjoy days like this.
Jacquie x


  1. What a beautiful post. I loved each and every photo. It's wise to never take a day for granted. Two years ago I never would have guessed the health issues I've had. I'm hoping with all of my heart that this spring/summer will be much better.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous day! Loved all the photos too. I was thinking somewhat like Betsy. My body would never be able to do all this hiking. Now that I have the time to hike, the joints can't. Thank you for a lovely day outside!

  3. Beautiful hike/walk....each photo had something special to enjoy.

  4. What a gorgeous day you had! Thanks for the photos and narrative. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Wow. That was amazing. Thanks for sharing! A wonderful treat!

  6. Oh my goodness.. you sure did cover some miles, missy! I enjoyed each and every photo.. thanks for taking us along. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. What a glorious walk! We are so lucky in this country - the variety of terrain and views never ceases to amaze me. As always, thanks so much for taking the time to share. Regards, Vicki

  8. A glorious walk indeed, all that beautiful spring sunshine as well. It's a beautiful part of the world, I've walked there a bit and you've reminded me how much I enjoyed it. The mill pond looks blissful. I love a walk with a view as well, and it's amazing to see the route you've taken from up high. Glad you had such a good day. Enjoy the weekend Jacquie. CJ xx

  9. Awesome walk! Thanks for taking us along. It looked taxing, but I'm sure the views, the experience and the exhilaration were worth it.

  10. Wow, what a fabulous hike! That's the kind you know you've hiked that day. lol The title strikes a note with me as well, after last autumn when I took a nasty fall. I'm still not back to my normal hikes, so yes, hike while you can. A five mile hike recently has taken me several days to recoup from, but it's getting better. Here's to our next hike!x

  11. Beautiful countryside to walk through. And yes, you are so right - have been feeling slightly maudlin this weekend and reminding myself that whilst we have health and reasonable fitness we have lots to be thankful for and should make the most of every moment. xx

  12. Lovely post about a lovely area. I had a holiday a few years ago there and while there took the chance to try and find where one of my ancestors lived, a little house in Holloway. Well done, that was some hike, I'm very impressed xxx

  13. It is such a pleasure to share in your walks through your beautiful photos. I would echo your title and am so glad I walked so much in the Yorkshire Dales when I could. Your walking posts always bring back lovely memories of time spent outdoors in the hills.

  14. LOVELY post, thank you for taking me along with you!
    Hike while you can, I like that. x

  15. beautiful as usual Jacquie! Thank you x

  16. MANY thanks, I needed that! Your photos are stunning.

  17. Hello! I shall add you to my blog feed, as this is a beautiful post and hike. I dpn't have a blog, but found yours through a link on Mr Micawber's Recipe for Happiness (which also was a recent discovery). I live in rural Wyoming USA, and the pictures of your walk seem like a beautiful fairy tale. I hope to see it in person sometime!

  18. Hello Jacquie, I love reading your blog and joining you on your walks in the beautiful English countryside. Inspired by your walks, my husband and I decided that this years holiday will be in the peak district. Could you give us inside advice on places to visit en walks to make? Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do hope you enjoy your Peak District visit.
      If you click on the lables in my side bar to "Derbyshire" or "Peak District" you can see the parts I have explored so far.
      There's a great visitor guide here
      That I may have to study myself :0)
      Jacquie x

  19. Lovely pictures, you did a lot of "up and down" but the views made it worthwhile! We do a lot of canal towpath walking which means it's mostly flat, sometimes I long for a bit of an incline to mix it up. I lived near there until I was about 10. Riber Castle used to be a zoo of sorts - it was the standard "end of year" primary school outing when I was a little girl - I remember holding an owl on one occasion and watching some sort of tiny deer (muntjac maybe) being bottle-fed on another.

  20. Thank you for sharing your walk with us and all of the photos!!


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