Wednesday 22 March 2017

A Little bit of Drawing

 Hello Lovelies,
On Saturday Mum and I enjoyed an outing to Melbourne in Derbyshire to visit an art exhibition.

 We had a pleasant look around and (as usual) mum got chatting to somebody....and chatting...and chatting. I was happy she was having a conversation with a fellow artist and decided to sneak out and have a quick look around the streets of this pretty and characterful town.

 I stumbled upon a courtyard of shops called Potters Yard

 and took  this photo.

I loved all the interesting angles and wealth of chimney pots, the old bricks and the pretty windows.
The next day, Sunday, was cold and windy and looked like rain. We stayed home and I decided to attempt a drawing of my photo.

First pencil, then pen. Then the really fun part, coloured pencil.

By the evening the picture was almost complete.

Then work got in the way.

 Happily today I found the time to add the finishing touches..Ta-Dah.

I added some people and the cat, as I like to see a bit of life in a picture. I think it turned out quiet well to say I don't practice my drawing skills very often. I have to wait for inspiration, and this spot provided me with just that. I'm sure the exhibition contributed too.

Jacquie x

P.S. I'm not sure about the strange pigeon on the looks like s fish to me :0)
P.P.S. Anybody spot Tom Tit?


  1. A lovely drawing! I too like it better with the additions. I've not drawn in an age, funny when a child/teen I drew everyday. Have a good one!x

  2. lovely drawing.Melbourne is just down the road from me. Try the Welcome Cafe. Home made dinners and cakes.

  3. I like it. I've never thought of trying to draw a picture of a photo I've taken.

  4. Love you photo and then so clever making it into your own the addition of the cat lol xo

  5. Ow! You are SO talented. What a perfect, picturesque town. You captured it beautifully in your drawing.

  6. The view of the houses reminded me the ones in the latest Beauty and The Beast :) I love Europe!
    Your sketch turned out lovely and much more bright than the original view.

  7. Un lugar precioso al que has sabido captar su esencia. Me gusta mucho.

  8. Oh it's lovely, I haven't seen one of your drawings for ages, it's such a pleasure. Drawing is something I'd love to have a go at, but there never seems to be quite enough time. Must make time! Glad you had a good day out, it looks like a lovely little town. CJ xx

  9. What a lovely picture. I am going to take up drawing, you always inspire me

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  10. Your drawings are delightful. Always fun. I learned a few days ago that the birds called "tit" there are called chickadees in the U.S. Cute birds(!), but I've never encountered one. I think they must be farther outside the capital. Alexine in Maryland

  11. Beautiful! You are very artistic (just like your Mum). It looks like a very pretty place to visit.

  12. What a sweet picture! Your photos showing it from start to finish were perfect! and inspiring! Makes me want to try drawing! Thank you!

  13. You did a great job, you really captured the feeling of the place, I think. :)


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