Saturday 11 March 2017

Baking for a Good Cause

I'm a big fan of baking, and there's always a feel good factor when you bake for a charity bake sale, or to give to friends.
While we were out shopping this morning Eldest told me about a baking campaign to raise money for the very worthy charity Comic Relief. It's called "Bake a Million".

He explained we just had to bake something using Maltesers and then share a photo of the results on any social media platform and  Maltesers will donate £5 to the charity. It sounded too good to be true, but I happily agreed we should join in.

So after putting the weekly shop away I put on my apron and got baking. I decided to keep things simple by using my favourite (fool proof) Cake Recipe 

It's an all-in-one method... bung all the ingredients in a bowl.......

And whizz with an electric mixer......

 I've had this old Philips hand mixer since I was 21 years's almost vintage :0)

I found some old chocolate chips in the cupboard, they went in too.

I do hate to see food wasted, and here's a tip I learnt from Mum. Use a soft spatula to get all the mixture out of the bowl. It's amazing how much more you can get out compared with using a spoon.

As you can see we decided to make fairy cakes.

We bought a Malteser Easter Egg especially to use for this project. Just a small one, it only cost £1. 

Once the cakes were cool we melted the chocolate egg.
 It's very easy using a pan with some water, then placing the chocolate in a heatproof container that fits snugly inside the pan. Simmer slowly and stir till the chocolate is runny.

And here are our finished cakes...Ta-Dah :0)

 Not the most professional looking creations but they were a big hit here.

Youngest came into the kitchen when they were baking and I told him they were for Comic Relief. "Oh well" he said looking rather disappointed. I had to explain that they would raise money AND he could still eat some. How great is that!
I shared these on Instagram earlier today and within an hour Maltesers had left a friendly comment to say they had donated £5 on our behalf.

Woohoo. That felt great.

So why not joint in lovelies? They will donate up to one million pounds to this amazing charity that does good work across the world. It's such an easy, fun way to join in. Just remember to share a picture of your finished cakes on any social media (like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) and use the hash tag #bakeamillion

Happy Baking
Jacquie x


  1. Wow, brilliant, I hadn't heard about that, well done Maltesers. No shortage of cake eaters in this house either. I am a great fan of the spatula, hardly need to wash the bowl when I've finished. Enjoy your delicious cakes. I am sadly cake free during Lent. Surely not much longer now..? Have a good Sunday Jacquie. CJ xx

  2. That's brilliant - having your cake, eating it and raising money for a great charity too! I need to get some eggs in the morning so shall add Maltesers to the list and get baking. I love silicone spatulas too and always use one to get the last drop of homemade soup out of the pan.

  3. This is a great idea and I am glad that you participated. Those cakes look terrific, what a win/win deal!

  4. Good for you to make your cake and eat it too and earn money for a great project! Those cupcakes look yummy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Raising money AND eating cake - sounds good to me!
    Your handheld mixer story is similar to mine. I was given one in 1989-90 or thereabouts so it is about 27 years old now. It isn't badged with a major well-known brand but a was made by a local manufacturer who sold them cheaply through discount shops and you know what? It has never skipped a beat in all these years. Ever reliable, simple and easy to clean. I love it. That was in the days when electric and electronic goods were meant to last and manufacturer's still had pride in their products. (Nowadays they scrimp with cheap materials and build in obsolescence so people have to keep buying new ones). Hang onto that mixer Jacqui because
    "they don't make things like they used to" and that's the truth!
    What a lovely baking day. :-)

  6. What a wonderful way to raise money for charity. Well done.

  7. Fab cause and yummy cakes, xxx

  8. I loved this post, especially the off-hand way you bung things into the mix, and find some old chocolate chips to add the batter. And your mention of the spatula made me laugh--long ago those were called "child cheaters," since they deprived children of the great pleasure of licking the bowl! Best regards from Kate in Oregon

  9. Wow - your cakes are great. I hadn't heard about this so well done you and well done Maltesers!

  10. Hi, your cakes look delicious and what a great idea. We are off to buy some Maltesers and make something with them. Well done to them as well £5 is a good donation. I love to read your blog and smiled about your hand mixer. I am 66 years old and when I was 21 my best friend (we have known one another since school and are still best buddies) bought me a small Kenwood hand mixer which looked a lot like yours. I used that until last year (45 years)when it finally gave up the ghost. I was very upset. I now have a new much larger Kenwood but I don't like it so much as my old one. My sister laughingly said when I told her "Is it still under guarantee" ha ha. I hope you all enjoyed your scrummy looking cakes. Regards Sue H.

  11. The cup cakes look great! And so Springy with the dotty pinks,blues, yellows and green cup cake liners.

  12. Can't go wrong with cocoa! I used to have a hand mixer that my parents bought me that had a snap on spatula attachment. I used it all the time until I burnt the motor trying to make some sugar patties for my bees. I sure do miss that mixer. They don't make things as well as they used to.


  13. Wow! Your cupcakes look so... yummy! Can I have one?

  14. I love chocolate cake, my favourite.

  15. oh they do look delicious and eating cake for a good cause....its a win win situation!

  16. WOW,those Do look sooooo good.What a good cause too.xx

  17. If there's one charity that I enjoy and love to give to, it's Comic Relief! They know how to bring out the fun in all of us, and I LOVE seeing everyone dressed up on the day in all shapes and forms. I will certainly be joining in with this bake off! After giving up chocolate as a New Year's Resolution and keeping to it, I feel that this is the perfect time to slip off the wagon!! Take care xx


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