Sunday 25 February 2018

Simply Seasonal........ 25th of February

Hello Lovelies,
Oh dear, I seem to have run out of time to my planned post of seasonal things from my week. I hope you don't mind if  I simply share a seasonal delight from today instead.
 This afternnon we enjoyed visit to Holme Pierrepont Hall, a historic family home in Nottinghamshire. 

I do hope you enjoy the pictures.

We came to see the gardens and walk through the snowdrop woods. I will let the pictures do the talking...but try and label any  plants that I am familiar with.

 Snowdrops ...good start :0)

 Witch Hazel

  Daphne...the scent of this was so strong and beautiful.

 Beautiful delicate Blossom tree...I'm not sure what sort though.


 Green Hellebore


 Shoots of Wild Tulips emerging


 Sunlit Hellebores


 I loved the amount of colour there was for so early in the year. The topiary and the mature trees are beautiful too.
 Many of the snowdrops were of an extra large variety that certainly had impact. They were still at their best and I felt happy that we got a sunny day to see then....though it was bitterly cold.

I'd love to come back in a month or so when the Wild Tulips are in bloom.

Jacquie x


  1. You took us on a wonderful stroll, it was a joy to see all the beauty of the changing season.

  2. What a wonderful place, and utterly glorious weather. Snowdrop displays always feel like the start of a new season to me. Your mystery blossom looks a little like peach, but it's early, mine's not out yet, so maybe it's something different. Hope you have a lovely week. CJ xx

  3. I've been to more open gardens already this year, than ever before! It's a wonderful way to enjoy an afternoon, isn't it? Our snowdrops are almost over down here in Hampshire - soon it will be daffs, then bluebells! Roll on Spring!!

  4. That looks like a lovely place to visit and the weather was just perfect for it! I can't believe how many snowdrops have appeared along the lanes whilst I've been off school for the week. My journey this morning was beautiful!

  5. Beautiful photos. I could 'see' how cold it was! I love to wander around places like this. I love the simple style of the house :)

  6. Seasonally wonderful! Jo x

  7. lol, I was going to say you'll have to go back to see the Tulips in flower Jacquie. Love the Witch Hazel and the Daphne, what a wonderful place to visit and it does look rather chilly.......xx


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