Sunday 4 February 2018

Simply Seasonal......4th of February

Hello Lovelies,
 February already? I didn't find January a slow month and I'm still ok with winter at the moment. How about you?
I do have a feeling I wrote a very similar comment this time last year...then quickly got fed up with the cold and and mud and started wishing February away. 

Spring is my favourite season, but I know once it is here it will seem to be gone in a flash, so I'm trying not to hurry the year along.
Besides, there are signs of spring and it's only the 5th week of the year. How lucky are we. Here are my simply seasonal moments from the past seven days.

1 ♥ New growth. My tulips look like they are going to be good again this spring. I planted these in late 2016 and the were fab last spring, but I'm not sure they will keep being so good. Time will tell.

2 ♥ Indoor Flowers. While you are waiting for the garden to burst back into life it's so cheering to enjoy spring's beauty indoors. A £1 bunch of Daffodils and a 50p primula give me so much pleasure for so little.

3 ♥ A midweek walk. The day was gloomy to begin with on Wednesday. I pottered in the kitchen preparing the evening meal and thought about skipping walking. Eventually I decided a walk at the country park would be ok in the gloom. At least there is no mud :0)

There were big puddles, but look, blue sky too

I loved the way the sun illuminated these reeds. They danced and sparkled in the cold wind.

Yay, the colours of winter are beautiful with added sunshine.

I walked up this steep hill (well it is steep for around here) and turned around to admire the view...I'm always looking for hills, have you noticed :0)

Happy with my 4 mile walk I headed back to the car park. This was my last shot of the outing...and the best I thought. How often does that happen. Lots in my case it seems.

4 ♥ A thrifty meal prepared in advance. Here's what I had made on Wednesday morning. Potato, leek and Bacon bake. The recipe is HERE. I added a few sad looking mushrooms to mine. It was very easy to make, refrigerate, then cook in the evening.... and thankfully it was a hit.

5 ♥ A sunny group walk. Though gosh the wind was cold. I had a hat, scarf and neck warmer on to keep that chill out. Nevertheless I was glad I went. There were pretty views along the canal.

 and Friendly locals.

and Snowdrops :0)

6 ♥ Virtual Walking. I'm not a big telly watcher these days but I do enjoy some factual programmes.
  I really enjoyed ITV's programme highlighting Britain's favourite walks. In the U.K. you can still watch it on catch up. It was interesting for anybody who likes hearing inspiring stories and looking at beautiful scenery.
 Ordnance survey maps have listed all the walks HERE if you would like to see them. I do hope I can walk a few of those which are new to me someday.

I'm now in my 4th year of doing the challenge to walk 1000 miles over the course of the year and this year I have joined Ilona's virtual walking group HERE. You check in on the first of each month with your's another way to keep myself motivated.

7 ♥ New Yarn. I received a small Sylecraft delivery through the post this week (My LYS does not sell it, sadly)  Turquoise, cloud blue and Duck Egg for my Giant Granny square White and Stone to replenish my stocks. I do love these colours together.

 We are forecast another cold week ahead so I'm happy that this blanket is getting big enough to snuggle under as I work.

Stay cosy if you are in the northern hemisphere lovelies.
Chat next week ♥
Jacquie x


  1. Hellooo! We have been forecast snow here in Shropshire over the next few days so we will wait and see. I am fed up with January because I am a gardener and my garden looks sadder than ever and it is either too wet or too hard frosty to get outside and dig. Never mind more quilt sewing to bide my time. Great post.

  2. I'm still loving the winter, I shall be sad to see it go. I do like an excuse not to go anywhere and to stay at home. Gorgeous photos, the catkins are beautiful in the winter sunshine. I love a view as well, we often walk on the high ridge that runs along above the river, you can see for miles and there is a series of iron age hill forts up there, obviously chosen because of the good vantage point. I always feel that a big view makes me breathe deeply. Good for the soul. Glad you've had a couple of good walks, and wishing you a lovely week Jacquie. CJ xx

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos you shared.. especially the catkins in the sun and the snowdrops with the old gravestones behind them. Your baked dish also looked delicious! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. You took us on a beautiful stroll, the locals made me smile.

  5. Your blog is beautiful. Loving the photographs - especially the catkins on this post. I shall put you on my reading list :)

  6. Another Beautiful and as always,interesting post.I am going to make that Bake yum yum.i watched the Britains Favourite Walks Programme too.Love the crochet.xx


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