Saturday 11 September 2010

Giveaway Winner

Hello Lovelies ,hope you are having a great weekend.

Well ,it's a day late ,but today I got my youngest to pick out a winner .

I put all 57 ( yes names in his cowboy hat ......

and the lucky winner is ........

Congratulations to Heather at - The Patchwork Heart

That's quite a coincidence,Heather winning my cushion in heather tones !

THANK YOU all for your lovely comments, this has been a great way to find some gorgeous new blogs to read, Heathers included, do visit hers and see for yourself.

My comment about being self conscious, crocheting in front of friends and colleagues certainly seems to be a common feeling, and as I said before ,that's why having blog friends who share your passion is so special.

I don't mind crocheting public ,if no one knows me! When I posted this picture,taken on Cromer Beach ...

Paisley Jade asked me to add it to the Craft Nerds Go Public Flickr group,what a great idea!

Another great idea I discovered recently and wanted to share with you lovely lot is i crochet . All the pictures are links to blogs,or flickr . You might spot mine there too. It's easy to add your own link,just follow the simple instructions.

I'm still enjoying my colourful crochet circles,they really are addictive.
I even did a couple in the car, when I arrived a little early for work yesterday...

Congratulations again Heather,I'm off to contact you right now.

Hope you all have a great Sunday,whatever you are up too .I'm hoping to do some baking,flapjacks and biscuits have been requested :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Jaquie this is a lovely blog, congrats to heather i think she will cherish her gift,just lovely.57 entries that is wonderful.Thanks for a lovely blog Carole xx

  2. Fifty-seven? Awesome! Congrats to Heather...and you!

  3. Congrats to Heather, how lucky she is getting your lovely cushion :)
    I noticed your circles have their ends sewn in, I sew all my ends in as I go and I have to say for me it makes it less addictive as it takes much longer. My friend at Knit and natter was laughing the other day when I mentioned that I could never make a blanket and not do the ends as I went and she pulled out a blanket with all the ends still to do!!!
    Have a great Sunday xxx

  4. Ha ha, that group is a great idea! I just joined and added two pics of my own - times when I was brave enough to crochet in public. Here's to more of it! :-)
    Caz from Never Knew :)

  5. Oh WOW I am so excited thank you Jacquie. I never win anything! I was so interested in your crocheted flowers on the cushions Ive been looking at books in craft shops and now Im going to have one. You have made my day! HUGS
    Heather xxx

  6. Congrats to Heather
    thanks for all the links it's nice to see other peoples work
    Cate x

  7. Congratulations Heather! What a lovely surprise for you. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  8. Hi,
    I've just discovered your lovely blog via The Patchwork Heart. (big congrats Heather).
    Anyways I shall be keeping up with your crochet exploits from now on.
    Em xx

  9. Just had to say I love your cushions too!!!


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